Thursday, 30 June 2016

Swatches: Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette


So yesterday I was on my lunch break with another one of the girls on the beauty floor and some how ended up ordering the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette from Beauty Bay. The reason I ended up buying it from Beauty Bay was purely for the fact that they have free next day delivery and it's my day off today so I thought I'd order it to have something new to play with today! (I might have a slight makeup addiction.....)

Firstly, let's just discuss this packaging shall we? The outer case is suede which means I spent a good 5 minutes just stroking the outside of the palette like some sort of weirdo. It's sturdy without being too heavy. It's not the sleekest palette I've got in my collection but it's also not the bulkiest either.

In my haste to want to touch it I took a quick photo of it untouched....before realising I'd left the plastic protecting bit on it....oops! Each of the 14 shadows is 0.7g (for comparison the shadows in the Urban Decay Naked Palettes are 1.3g for 12 shadows) and you get a double ended brush with a flat end and a blending end, which is actually pretty good quality and I would happily use unlike most brushes that come with palettes.

Post-swatchfest! I was surprised by the lack of fallout with these shadows until I looked at the ingredients and saw that they are talc free. I was incredibly happy to see this as I hate that talc is in so many powders as it's just a filler and does nothing other than annoy the crap out of me by causing all my palettes to become super messy with the fallout of the shadows! This is why I love bareMinerals so much and now I can add ABH to this love apparently! I've not looked into their other powder products yet but this means I definitely will be (sorry purse!!!) ABH are also cruelty free too, which is a HUGE bonus in my books. The only thing I will say is that the use by is "once open use within 6 months" which seems to be an incredibly short shelf life for an eyeshadow palette I think. Most are at least 12 months if not more so I'm not sure why this is.

From top to bottom: (all swatches in natural light) (all colour descriptions are from how I see them blended on my hand)

Cyprus Umber - A deep matte brown, which is always welcome in any palette for me as it's so multi-use. From defining your crease to using as liner, it's always handy to have.
Love Letter - A matte cranberry shade. I was literally saying yesterday that I don't really enjoy matte colours generally but I think this is the colour to change my mind! What a beauty!
Antique Bronze - A pinky bronze shimmer. A beautiful colour that I can see myself using all over the lid or as an outer colour shade.
Buon Fresco - A pinky nude shade. This one almost has a hint of lavender in it, which would make it a perfect colour for a nude eye without using all brown shades like I usually do.
Golden Ochre - A (mostly) matte golden yellow shade. This is one that I'm very excited to use! It's the perfect yellow shade without being too bright or too pastel. As you blend this out there is a very subtle shimmer in it that gives it depth.
Tempera - A nude shimmer shade. This is probably the shade I was least excited about as I own this shade several times over I think....however it is a welcome addition to this palette as a fantastic highlight shade for sure.

From top to bottom: (all swatches in natural light)

Realgar - A Matte burnt orange shade. I really love this colour and will be using it a lot come Autumn I think.
Warm Taupe - A matte.....warm taupe shade. There really isn't much to say about this shade other than I think it'll make a great transition shade for most looks.
Venetian Red - A shimmer cranberry shade - This is the main reason most people want this palette I think! It really is a beautiful shade that is very buildable but not overly shimmery.
Red Ochre - A (mostly) matte burnt red shade. This is the red counter part to Golden Ochre with it's very subtle shimmer when blended. It's definitely a burnt red shade with a more orange tone to it. This would make a lovely transition shade for a more dramatic eye I think.
Primavera - An intense shimmer champagne shade. I love this shade as I think it'll add a really nice intense shimmer in the inner corner but looks like it could also be used as a highlighter too....
Burnt Orange - A...urm...burnt Orange sheen shade. Most of these shades are pretty much what you expect when you read the colour name, and this one is no exception. It's definitely a subtle sheen that isn't as noticeable as the colour before but has a glow to it, which is very nice and makes me think of Autumn bonfires for some reason.
Raw Sienna - A matte mustard colour. I really like this colour! It's like a twist on a nude shade and will look pretty awesome on I think.

As you can tell, I've not actually played about with it on my eyes yet and my next day off isn't until Monday so I won't know how it actually works on the eye until then, but so far I'm very impressed and will be looking at more ABH stuff in the future for sure! I like how some of the matte shades actually blend out with a very subtle sheen to them and I like the range of colours in this palette as you can do a very natural eye look or you can really go to town with an Autumnal look too, which is possibly a bit ridiculous to say since it's technically Summer in the UK right now, but's definitely Autumn weather outside right now and I prefer Autumn/Winter anyway so anything that gets me excited for that time of year is a bonus for me! Although that's not to say that this palette isn't good for Summer too though...I will be taking this palette with me when I got away to London in August for sure!

I was incredibly impressed with Beauty Bays delivery as well and the ease of use when ordering this palette and I will definitely be using them again....perhaps for one of the ABH Glow Palettes?? Who knows??

Have any of you guys tried this palette yet or anything else by ABH that you can recommend for me?

Until next time,

Monday, 27 June 2016

A Few of My Favourite Things: Serums and Face Oils


Anyone who knows me, knows I'm a little a bit obsessed with skincare! So today I bring you the first in a new blog series called "A few of my favourite things" where I will discuss a few of my favourite things in each category explaining why I like them so much and why I would recommend them.

So, serums and face oils....why do I love them so much? Basically a serum has more potent ingredients and will ultimately do more than your regular moisturiser. For a slightly more in depth look at what a serum is the lovely people over at Into The Gloss have put together a little FAQ that's definitely worth a read!

First up is the bareMinerals Skinlongevity*. This is the newest serum by bareMinerals and I bloody love it! I was worried when they announced that they were discontinuing all their serums for this "vital power infusion" as I had no idea what that meant and I loved the old serums. Basically, this infusion can be used alone or with another serum on top to boost what that other serum does. It also has skinmimetic technology in it, which effectively means it'll make your skin act how it should do at your age. It helps to get rid of visible signs of ageing and stops environmental stressers from making your skin look older than it is. With ingredients like long life herb and California poppy in it (and no parabens, fillers or binders), it's designed to keep your skin looking younger for longer. Plus it smells AMAZING so, you know, there's that too....! You can see my one is getting rather low despite only having had it for 2 and a half turns out my Mum is also a fan of this product!!!

bareMinerals Multi-Wrinkle Repair was my absolute favourite serum before Skinlongevity came out. It smelt like lavender and just sunk into my skin so quickly whilst hydrating it quickly too. I won't go on about this too much as it has been discontinued and I don't want to make anyone feel like they want to try it only to be disappointed when it's difficult to find!!

Nip+Fab Dragon's Blood Plumping Serum - I got this as a 10 day sachet sample set when I got the face mask on their website a while back. Firstly, if these sachets only last you 10 days, what are you doing with the serum?? There is SO much in each sachet!! I really enjoy this serum and it's a cheaper version of the Rodial Dragon's Blood Serum, which I've not tried as it's rather expensive! This one is slightly thicker and stickier than the other serums and oils in this post which does put me off buying the full size to be honest. I don't mind using this at night but it takes way too long to sink in for me to use during the day. It does have hyaluronic acid in it though, so if you have excessively dry skin this might be good during the day too.

Clarins Pore Minimizing Serum - I got this as a sample from my local Clarins counter and although I'm not a huge fan of it all over my face, I do like how it does minimise the appearance of my pores and helps to mattify my face during the day. My makeup sits nicer and stays for a bit lonoger too I have noticed. This serum is for more combination to oily skin, which is probably why I don't like it all over my skin but it has alpine willow herb in it which helps slow the production of sebum resulting in a matte finish.

AD Skin Synergy Nourishing Night Treatment - I got this in a beauty box a while back and I love it! It's seriously nourishing and smells amazing. The brand is also paraben free which is always a good thing I think. It contains a lot of natural, organic oils which will help to hydrate your skin and repair it overnight. Highly recommend! (Plus a tiny bit goes a REALLY long way so it lasts ages too!)

Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concerntrate - I got this when it was on a huge discount on the Debenhams website (it is still on a slight discount here) as I'd always heard such good things about it. To start off with, I wasn't really sure it was doing much. Sure it smelt good but really....was my skin looking any different? Then someone mentioned that my skin looked really glowy and I realised that the subtle changes weren't noticable by myself so much, but it was obviously doing something! This is another paraben free item which I love to put on after my bareMinerals Skinlongevity to really give my skin an overnight boost!

Fresh Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil - This was part of a Sephora gift set my brother got for me a while ago and it's the only face oil I've ever been able to use in the morning under my makeup! It's a blend of pure oils and is a lot thinner in consistency meaning it will sink in quicker. Seaberry is known for its moisturising properties and helps to heal skin too. I've loved all the Fresh skincare I have used but it's a little expensive....although totally worth it!

Nude Rescue Oil - This was another sample in the Sephora set that my brother got for me. This serum has a product in it called bakuchiol which Nude claims has the same effect as retinol "without negative side effects." I like this one as another overnight treatment as it refines the texture of my skin which means I wake up with epically smooth skin in the morning! This serum is suitably for Vegans too, which is pretty awesome!

Nude Firming Youth Oil - This one has a really nice plumping effect which helps to fight the visible signs of ageing in the form of fine lines and wrinkles. I'm not super fussed about wrinkles at the moment so I'm not sure I could justify the price tag but I'm enjoying the sample I got! Again, this serum is suitable for Vegans so if fine lines and wrinkles are a concern for you it might be worth looking into this one!

Superdrug Coconut Oil - Now then, I'm not adverse to cheaper skincare brands by any means, but for serums and oils I've just never found one on the high street that is something to rave about you know? Most serums on high street have silicone in them, which is what most primers contain to make your skin feel soft and smooth and I would never recommend putting a primer on at night to sleep in, so I'm not about to recommend a serum that has that ingredient in! However, this coconut oil from Superdrug is absolutely amazing and is only £2.50!! I use it in my hair as well as on my face when it gets excessively dry during Winter and I love it! My hair is dyed frequently so it's a good overnight treatment to help it from getting dry and horrible and when my face gets dry and flaky during Winter it's fab for re-hydrating it. If I use this over one of my other intense serums it's even better! If you don't have a huge skincare budget, then this is the product for you for sure! Maybe not a great day time option, especially for oily skin types, but as an overnight option it's the bomb!

So there are my serum and face oil picks for the moment! How do you guys feel about serums and oils? Do you have any recommendations for me to add to my list once I use some of these up? (or before I use these ones up knowing me!!!)

Until next time,

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

A Peek Into My Makeup Drawers


So today I thought I'd give you all a brief little tour of my makeup storage as it is at the moment. Now then, a little disclaimer of "I'm well aware that this is too much makeup for one human being to get through in a life time but we all have hobbies right?" I also got a lot of this stuff with my staff discount at work, which kind of helps me justify the amount....! You may also note that I don't have a lot of bareMinerals stuff in here, which may seem quite strange considering that I work for them....why is this you ask? Well, it's because I recently decided to move pretty much all my bareMinerals stuff onto my desk where I get ready in the morning. Now then, this isn't set up in an ideal way at all but it's made my morning so much easy! I've also got a few other products on my desk like my Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray, some lip liners and mascaras too. Right, let's get on with it!

So like most bloggers, I have the Ikea Alex 9 Drawer Unit to house most of my makeup. There is a reason this range is popular with people with a lot of beauty as it houses most items very well and you can divide the drawers how you want to (after you've brought dividers or re-purposed something - I chose to use empty beauty boxes for the time being as they work well and have a lot of space too.) The one complaint I have about these drawers is that they don't actually come out all the way, which isn't the end of the world but is a minor annoyance every now and then. Just something to consider if you're thinking of getting this unit.  

I have my perfumes sat on top of my drawers in the hopes that it'll remind me to use them more frequently and not just use the ones at work! Post coming soon on my current perfume collection. 

So here is the first photo of the top drawer. It houses some fancy jewellery at the back (some real pearls that my Mum got me and a Stella and Dot bracelet I won from work) then my limited edition bits and backups. So you can see the limited Christmas edition deluxe Mineral Veil by bareMinerals, which I definitely did not need at all as I have more mineral veil than I will ever get through I think....buuuuut.....the pot was so so pretty I couldn't resist!! The black thing at the front is a brush roll that i use whenever I have to take any brushes anywhere as I HATE putting them into makeup bags for some reason! I think this was part of a Lancome brush set a few years back...

Underneath my Mineral Veil I have some gift with purchase bits from Estee Lauder that I've not tried yet (I think I may have tried to mattifying one once maybe?) Then a mini Urban Decay Setting Spray, a limited edition slogan Touche Eclat (the one that says "I am not a morning person"), a few bareMinerals foundations that I've won from work but don't need to open yet (although that Complexion Rescue is probably coming out soon!!) and a couple of sample bits from when I've ordered stuff from the bareMinerals boutique/Online and they've been included in my order (surprisingly the primer sachets are really handy when I'm away as I don't have to carry my full primer and can just throw them away afterwards. The lip products are all backups of products I really like and don't want to be without!

Underneath the brush roll are some perfume samples that I've partially used and just don't know where to put. Most people would have them in their bag but when we get searched at work, it's hard enough trying to explain that, no, you haven't in fact stolen that lipstick from your counter, you tend to have bareMinerals products in your bag because you bloody well work for the company and want to top your lipstick up after lunch without doing it on counter! that you tend to not want to have to also explain about a perfume sample too.

To the right of the picture are two beautiful Burberry limited edition items that I just don't have the heart to use. I know I should do but.....the Rain of Shine blusher is just so beautiful that I don't want to ruin it and the bronzer is also beautiful to look at! First world beauty blogger problems right?

Next up is the face products drawer. Now then, I'm not one of those people that has tonnes of foundations or primers etc because when you work for a beauty brand, you wear their products 5 days out of 7 and, honestly, I love the bareMinerals foundations (well....most of them anyway!) so I don't see the point in buying other foundations as I know I won't use them within the time frame they have before going a bit manky. I'm definitely a bit more flexible with colour products when on days off or holiday. So in here we have a whole bunch of highlighters (the Estee Lauder Sultry Glow one is a favourite at the moment!!), Blushers, a few cream products and maybe about 2 bronzers...I'm clearly not a bronzer fan I guess! The mini bareMinerals one was from a boutique purchase and has been relegated to the drawer because I now have the full size one.

Next up is the eye drawer! This doesn't include big palettes as they are in a drawer further down due to space requirements. So in here we have a bunch of single shadows by NARS, Estee lauder, Urban Decay and some single ones by No7, Burberry and random other brands. I have a couple of Colour Tattoos but other than those I don't have a lot of cream shadows. I also have my lovely Tom Ford palette in here in the shade Silvered Topaz, which was the last one on my list to get after all the other ones i wanted were sold out on my friends's still beautiful but a tad....dull for my liking (I mean.....I have a lot of neutral eyeshadows so I wanted something a bit bolder if I was buying Tom Ford you know??) I also have the only Dior Eyeshadow palette that I've ever been impressed with quality wise. I mostly find their 5 colour palettes a bit lacking in pigmentation vs their individual shadows which are amazing!

On the right hand side of the picture are my eyeliners. I have a few Clinique ones that were free as well as a couple of Urban Decay sample ones. I brought a fair few of the Estee Lauder Doublewear pencils because they had some really pretty different colours (the Teal one is my personal favourite I think!) I also have my YSL sparkly mascara in there too.

Onto my favourite drawer....the lipstick drawer! A lot of highend lip products reside in here as I am an absolute sucker for packaging and have no shame about it! You might be able to tell that I have a little bit of a love in going on with Estee Lauder lipsticks right now! The envy range is amazing and I love all the finishes and the colour selection is amazing too. I've got a few of my highstreet lipsticks in here too, which are the ones that survived my extreme cull that I did a while back. At the back are all the Sleek Pout Paints as I love the way you can mix them to make your own colour, along with my collection of bareMinerals Pretty Amazing Liquid Lipsticks which I still miss so much! They were my favourites on counter before being discontinued!

We then have lipsticks in pencil form and my collection of Estee Lauder Liquid Lipsticks (two of which I found in TKMaxx recently! Score!) You can see I also really love the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils too! I found out that I get discount through my job recently and went a little bit mental with it!! They really are worth the money though as they stay on all day and are so comfortable to wear too!

The lipgloss drawer. Not a huge amount in here....but that's mainly because most of the lipglosses I own are by bareMinerals and are therefore on my desk and not in here. The Buxom ones are from years ago when we used to sell them on counter alongside bareMinerals stuff. I miss them! I then have a few random ones by various brands but overall I'm not a huge lipgloss fan....which is why this drawer is a bit empty looking! The Fresh Sugar Legends set is a present my brother got me a while back. They are nice enough but not something I would rush out to by again as I just don't like lip balm enough. The Dior box contains a mini lip maximizer and a mini lipstick. It was a gift with purchase ages ago and I think I've used the lip maximizer once? I should try to use that more often as some people swear by it! 

Aaaaand the big eyeshadow palettes drawer! Ok, so here we see that I have a bit of an Urban Decay obsession....what can I say? They do some really good eyeshadows!! It only slightly bothers me that my Naked 1 palette is in the really old packaging and doesn't match my other ones....

Underneath my Vice 3 palette is my Make Up For Ever Studio Case that has 12 shadows in and a full size liner. I love love love the MUFE eyeshadows! I would own all of them if I could I think! In here I also have the Chocolate Bar and Semi Sweet palette by Too Faced, a YSL limited edition palette, a Buxom palette that i chose the colours for that my brother got me when he went to America, another MUFE mini palette and the rest are all Urban Decay.

Finally, at the back of my eyeshadow palette drawer, I have my small selection of false lashes. I used to have more and need to get some more less extreme ones, but I barely ever have an excuse to wear false lashes these days so I just haven't bothered picking any more up since I had my purge of unused or out of date stuff. The main reason for keeping the Lancome ones is because of the box. I have no shame over this! The Illamasqua ones I got from TKMaxx a while back because I'd been wanting them for ages but couldn't justify the price for something that I'd really never wear... And the We Are Faux ones came in a beauty box I think a looooong while ago... Chuck in some never opened No7 eyelash glue and that's my makeup drawers done!

I hope you enjoyed this brief look in my makeup drawers and don't think that I'm using this post to brag etc. I really love reading these kinds of posts and watching them on YouTube and have been meaning to do one for a while. I might do a post on my currently desk set up so you can see the ridiculous amount of bareMinerals stuff I own ('s ridiculous!) or maybe a more in depth look in my makeup drawers? Let me know what you guys think and let me know if there's anything you want a more detailed review of with any of the products in my stash! Feel free to link your makeup drawer posts too as I do love having a nose round someone else's stash (and not just to get ideas as to what to buy next!!!)

Until next time,

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Empties and Misses - 2016 Part 1


So today I'm taking you through a few bits I've used up and some that I haven't for various reasons....

  • bareMinerals Combination Skin Moisturiser - Love this moisturiser but it's been discontinued and replaced with their AMAZING new skincare range instead. I'm currently using their oil free moisturiser called True Oasis instead and I'm in love. Would I repurchase? I can't and there is something better by bareMinerals now instead!
  • B. Makeup Brush Cleanser - Man, I've used a lot of brush cleaners in my time. I have this habit of just weirdly wanting to try them all apparently! This is hands down my favourite that I've used so far. Cleans my brushes quickly, is anti-bacterial and doesn't smell like it'll be killing my lungs when I breathe it, win, win! Would I repurchase? Yes and I already have! Plus Superdrug had it on offer so that was handy!
  • bareMinerals Multi-Wrinkle Repair Serum - Love this serum....but see above with the moisturiser. Currently discontinued but I've switched to SkinLongevity, which is the new serum by bareMinerals so it's all good. Would I repurchase? No because I can't.
  • bareMinerals Blemish Remedy Foundation in 01 Porcelain - This is my absolute favourite bareMinerals foundation EVER. I genuinely didn't think I'd actually use this as I don't have blemish prone skin but I tried it as I think it's important to know what each foundation looks and feels like when serving customers....and you know what? I bloody loved it!! I have super combination skin and it kept my oily oily forehead shine free and my dry skin didn't look dry at all during the day! Love, love, LOVE! Would I repurchase? YES! I actually ran out of this one before my new one arrived and I was distraught!! I have my new one now and I'm seriously considering buying a back up so I never run out again....
  • bareMinerals Original Foundation in Fairly Light - This was my go to foundation before using Blemish Remedy and I loved it.....not so much now. I just feel shiny with it on now and in order to get the same effect that the Blemish Remedy one gives me I have to top up my translucent powder half way through the day. Basically, I'm really lazy so way do two things when I can do one and get the same result? Would I repurchase? Probably not. Unless my skin suddenly changes and Blemish Remedy isn't right for me. That being said, I have a full pot after getting a back up before trying the Blemish Remedy one....

  • bareMinerals Universal Dark Eyebrow Pencil - It feels like I've had this pencil for years....and it turns out I have! Because it's so pigmented it's taken ages to use up! Also I do tend to use powder by itself some days, which means this pencil lasted even longer. I like how thin the nib is so it's really easy to have a very delicate brow or I can build it up too if I want. Would I repurchase? Yep....and you guessed it, I already have!
  • bareMinerals Thrilled Lipliner - This is by far my favourite lipliner colour for me. It's like a "my lips but better" shade which means I can actually just use it alone to define my lips if I want. I have quite a thing for lipliners at the moment but this is the only one I've ever managed to use up (it's a twist up one too, which makes me happy!) Would I repurchase? I'm going to go out on a limb here and say you can probably guess my answer to this one....(Yes....and i already have....!)

And now the misses...
  • Boots Botanics Cleansing Toner - I got this in the hopes that it would be similar to the Pixi Glow Tonic...and it just isn't really. I think if you were on a really tight budget then this isn't bad and is brightening to some extent but for me personally, I just ended up going and buying the Pixi Glow Tonic anyway. 
  • Garnier Micellar Oil-infused Cleansing Water - This wasn't a bad cleanser and I got it to try it as my "quick cleanser" for lazy days as I hoped it might be a bit better than the standard micellar waters that I've tried but a) the smell of this makes me want to heave and it lingers on my skin for too long so I want to wash my face anyway and b) nothing seems to beat my Bioderma for a quick lazy day cleanser (or pre-cleanser if I'm feeling fancy or had really heavy makeup on). Bioderma just seems to get more off and leave my face feeling cleaner. Plus the smell.....just no.
  • Clarins One-Step Cleanser - I've used this before and didn't mind it (it smells a bit weird but it doesn't linger) but it just didn't agree with my skin this time. Again, I felt my Bioderma is better. luckily this was a deluxe sample so I didn't waste any money on it!
  • Clarins Instant Eye Make-up Remover - What is it with Clarins and the smell of their products?! There's bloody Lily in everything apparently. I'd heard really good things about this eye makeup remover and my L'Oreal one is running out so I wanted to try a new one and thought this would be a good idea. Again, luckily it was a deluxe sample and I'm so so glad I didn't just get the full size one on a whim as the smell makes me feel physically sick and although it doesn't linger for ages afterwards as I sweep over my eyes with my other cleanser afterwards, just opening the bottle makes me feel pretty sick. I tried the Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover in a tiny sample too as the one on counter didn't smell too bad but when I tried it at home it was a real NOPE moment for me. I HATE the smell of lilies anyway (plus the are poisonous to cats (of which I have 3) so I dislike them for this reason too....) so to have it in a skincare product just bothers me a lot apparently!

  • Nip+Fab Viper Venom Eye Roll On (no idea what it's actually called as the writing has rubbed off and I'm too lazy to Google it....) and Viper Venom Wrinkle Fix - Both of these products kind of smell like Sudocrem, which I don't actually mind, but I'm pretty sure these both actually caused an allergic reaction so they have been taken out of my routine as I used to have pretty bad skin and never like to risk it if I think a reaction is happening. It's not worth messing my skin up again because I feel I should use a product up so it's not a waste of money!
  • Lancome Energie De Vie Smoothing and Glow Boosting Liquid Care and Sleeping Mask samples - These are currently available at most Lancome counters as free samples when you ask and is their new skincare range. Now then, this is really my own fault because I had a really bad reaction to the HydraZen samples I had a while back but I decide to try these and see what they were like. Guess what happened? Yeah that's right...I had a god damn allergic reaction to it. How annoying!! I really like the idea of this range but my skin really really does not. I basically smothered my skin in Sudocrem the night after my reaction, which really helped my skin. Guess I'll be sticking to my bareMinerals skincare then!

So there are my hits and misses for 2016 so far! I don't seem to go through a lot of stuff like other people do (or it's just the same stuff every time....(hello Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes Shampoo and Conditioner!) which would probably get very boring very quickly....) but when I do I'll share it with you guys as I really enjoying reading these kinds of posts! Let me know if you have any hits or misses so far this year, or if any of my hits are your misses or my misses are your hits! As always, just because they are misses for me, doesn't mean they won't suit some of you guys! (also you may love the smell of lilies!!haha!)

Until next time,

Monday, 18 April 2016

Review: bareMinerals Lash Domination Ink Liner


So today I have the joy of bringing you a review of the brand new, not out yet bareMinerals Ink Liner!! This is bareMinerals first liquid eyeliner to hit stores and it's all very exciting! There was a QVC exclusive "smoke and define" liner which I think was liquid but it was never released in stores. Now then, I've not used a liquid eyeliner in years. Gel, yes. Pencil, yes. But liquid? I think the last time I used it was for my birthday night out about 2 years ago... I was a bit wary of having to use one on counter as well as I've not needed to put liquid eye liner on somebody else in about 4 years. Basically, it's been a while since using liquid eyeliner on anyone at all!

The packaging is nice and sleek. As you can see this liner is tied into the Lash Domination range which includes the Lash Domination mascara, and the new Petite Lash Domination mascara (same formula, smaller wand!) I think the thinking behind it is that they are all a bit more dramatic so all go together.

The ingredients list for those who are interested. Having just done a bit of research on some other top selling liquid liners, the bareMinerals ingredients list is much much smaller than others. I'm not saying this is a good or bad thing, but I'm all for less ingredients near my eyes!

The actual eyeliner. I love this packaging as it's sleek but feels nice to hold as it's not too thick or thin, almost the size of a typical Bic pen. The lid has a spring in it, so when you click it back into place it seems pretty impossible to damage the nib (fingers crossed anyway!) It has a more upmarket feel to it than some of the old bareMinerals packaging. They're really focusing on making the packaging as good as the products now, which is great in my opinion! (Spoiler alert: the new skincare packaging is beautiful!!)

As all of our makeup artists say "shake it to wake it!" Can't say I'm going to be able to say that on counter without feeling like a cheesy fool, but it's true. You have to give this eyeliner a good few shakes to get it working. When you shake it you can hear something inside that is designed to keep the liquid mixed but also to stop it from all coming out the nib at once (hello goth phase eyeliner....!) 

Now the important bit....the nib! It's a very thin tipped nib that can give you a very thin, tight line or you can use it on it's side to give you a thicker line. I'm personally a big fan of pen style liners, but I know this won't be for everyone. It's water resistant, so although it will dry in seconds and stay on all day, it's also very easier to take off. I've tried it over the last 3 days and had zero issues with it smudging or flaking, which I'm very pleased with. I'm a glasses and contact lenses wearer so I have sensitive eyes but I also tend to touch my eyes a lot too and I didn't have an issues with it. It was a bit strange putting liquid liner on for the first time in ages, but it was so easy to do and I didn't feel like I was dragging it across my eyelid either. It was super easy to fix any mistakes too (let's face it, there were always going to be mistakes the first time I used it!!) It has an almost slightly wet look finish I think as well. It doesn't dry down matte but it doesn't stay super shiny either. As I'd been used to pencil liner, I was wary about using it and also how quickly it might transfer onto the top of my eyelid (near the brow bone) I was pleasantly surprised that it was just as easy to use as a pencil and that there was absolutely no transfer at all as it dries almost instantly and stays put. Win, win, win for me! 

Now then, considering I'm terrible at calligraphy, I'm impressed by how easy it was to write my name in a semi-fancy way with this eyeliner! Below my own vanity is a selection of lines for you to see. All were done with the same liner and are to show you how easy it is to vary between a thick and thin line. The third line down was when the liner needed a shake, so it's slightly drier than the others. I will say that if you have any lines on your eyelid you will need to stretch your eye a bit to get a fluid line that doesn't miss the gaps, but I think this is true with all liners really.

The main points that I love about this liner are:

  • Easy to use for beginners and experts alike.
  • Thin and thick lines achievable
  • Dries super quick
  • Stays all day, but easy to remove
  • No transfer
  • Solid black colour
  • Pen is easy to grip
  • Packaging is shiny!Haha!
The main points I don't like about this liner:

  • Only comes in black (at the moment....I guess it could come in more colours in the future)
That's literally it for my cons list for this liner. I've had a bunch of compliments when I've worn this liner and it was incredibly easy to do cat eye flicks, despite thinking I could never do them with my eye shape. I messed up a few times the first time I tried it, but it was very easy to remove and start again without messing up all my eye makeup. All in all, this is an absolute win for me and I now understand people who wear liquid eyeliner every day!!

I was lucky enough to be gifted this by bareMinerals at my latest training session but it is currently available as a duo set on QVC for £27 (with £2.95 postage) and will be available on counters in May for £17 each. 

Until next time,

Whilst I may work for bareMinerals, all opinions are my own and I have not been asked to supply this review at all.

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Review: bareMinerals Lovescape Collection


So as some of you may know, I work for bareMinerals on one of their counters. I'm a Counter Manager and I bloody love my job! I've been with them for almost 4 years and I wouldn't change a thing right now. Having said that, I will now point out that I've not been paid for this post, all opinions are my own and I brought all of this with my own money. Disclaimer over, let's get on with it!

So, as I said, I've been with bareMinerals for almost 4 and every February/March they have a different collection come out. The first year it was the most beautiful blue packaging with bright colours in, the second year was a lovely rose gold collection and last year was the modern pop collection and then this year it's the Lovescape collection. All the previous years have had hits and misses for me personally but this years collection is just purely beautiful all round I think! From the boxes to the gold packaging to the actual colours, it's all just one hit to another for me! So let's have a little look shall we...

You can't tell me you don't love that ombre outer packaging! 
Side note: the bareSkin bronzer is a deluxe sample and not the full size product! (obviously...)

So the collection consists of: 
A limited edition version of bareMinerals best selling Perfecting Face Brush in gold (also the number one brush in the UK!)
Marvellous Moxie Lipstick in Chase Your Dreams.
Colour boost palette in The Stolen Heart.
Eyeshadow Quad in The Instant Attraction. 
Also in the collection is the bareSkin serum bronzer, but unlike the others this item isn't limited edition so will be available from now on as a full line product.

First up is the brush. I definitely didn't need this brush as I have the original one and, well....who really needs two of the same brush right? It turns out the I need two of the same brush!

As you can see from the picture above, the gold version of the Perfecting Face Brush is a big longer and the handle is actually slightly wider all the way to the bottom of the brush. For some reason this feels slightly weightier and nice to use for me personally. This meant that I could totally justify buying myself the gold one. Also it came in that pretty you know....there's that too... In terms of usage, it's the same as the normal brush, pop a bit of whatever liquid product in the dip and then buff away! I tend to actually use mine to put my Complexion Rescue and Primer on together in the morning but it can be used for the bareSkin foundation or bronzer or any other liquid foundation or product. 

Marvellous Moxie lipstick in Chase Your Dreams - If I had to pick one items that isn't quite me out of this collection, it would be this one. I like it but it's a bit too "my lips but a bit frosted" for me. I prefer a brighter colour generally but I do like this for a nude that isn't too nude look. The slight frost to it does enhance your lips with that slight glow and is in keeping with the glowing look created by this collection.

Chase Your Dreams swatch. This is one swipe of the lipstick and you can see it's pretty pigmented in just that one swipe!

Ah, my favourite of the whole bunch! Eyeshadow Quad in The Instant Attraction. Colours from top left (left to right) are: Whirlwind, Happenstance, Anticipation and Meant to be. You can see I've used this palette a lot since buying it a week or so ago! It's my one of my favourite palettes ever I think. This is mainly because it's almost like the loose eyeshadows but in a compact form, so easier to use but just as sparkly! As usual it comes with a double ended sponge applicator and a large mirror (covered with the box in this photo so I don't scare you all!)

A new thing that bareMinerals have introduced in the last few months is this handy guide on the box for the eyeshadows. I think this is such a good idea for customers who don't have time to sit down and try stuff on and also for people who love makeup but might be stuck in a rut and need ideas.

Swatches of the eyeshadows in natural lighting.
From top to bottom:
Meant to be - Sparkly brown
Anticipation - rose toned sparkle with gold flecks
Happenstance - champagne sparkle
Whirlwind - (my favourite out of them all) it looks like a fairly nondescript matte peach shade...but.... actually has a lilac shift to it in certain lighting (you made need to move your monitor a bit to see it well!) I love this as a cheekbone highlighter too as it gives a new dimension to my cheekbones. Basically the more you blend it, the more of a lilac shift it gets. Love it!

The Stolen Heart Colour Boost - This duo blush and highlight is gorgeous and can be swirled together for a sheer highlighted blush or used individually for a more intense blush and sheer pearl highlight. I like the latter and really wish this highlight would come out separately. They did a limited edition highlighter in Turn On a while ago and this is like that one, but in a compact form. 

Top - swirled together
Left - Highlighter alone
Right - Blush alone

The final addition to the collection is the only one that is staying as a permanent piece, and that is the bareSkin Sheer Sun Serum Bronzer. This is the deluxe sample size that I had to try whilst I waited for my free full size one (perks of the job!) and it actually lasted me quite a long time actually. The idea behind this is that you can either a) use it alone for a healthy glow with minimal coverage b) use underneath foundation for a lit from within glow c) mix with foundation to make it a tad darker (perfect for Summer!) or d) use as an actual bronzer over your foundation.

It looks very dark when it first comes out of the bottle!

It's always quite runny so a brush is probably best to put it on with (hence the gold Perfecting Face Brush in this collection) If any of you have tried the bareSkin foundation, you'll find this easy to use despite it being a bit runnier than the foundation is, for those of you who haven't used the foundation it's really easy - just shake, drop and buff into your skin!

Once blended out on my very pale hand, you can see it just gives a healthy glow without looking obscenely dark on me. I was worried about how tanned I would look but actually, one drop just makes me look a bit healthier. I like to wear this under my foundation for a healthy glow from within look but that's only because I'm not a huge fan of bronzer in general as I feel like I'm very tanned very quickly and the very pale girl in me finds this odd!Haha! I've used it in various ways on customers and it's proved to be most popular (on my counter anyway) as a product to mix with customers current foundation to take it up a tone as Summer is round the corner (apparently....!) You can really see the glow on my hand in this picture!

Here is another picture of the bareSkin Bronzer in a different light. It's less glowy but you can see how it's got that subtle healthy glow about it.

So round up time:

  • Pretty collection all round.
  • Everything is very pigmented and lends itself to a very pretty sunkissed look.
  • Packaging is cute.
  • Bronzer suits all skin types
  • Limited edition - once it's gone, it's gone (except the liquid bronzer thankfully!)
  • Lipstick may not be universal for people who don't like frosted finishes.

Prices of items are (of March 2016):

Eyeshadow quad - £29
Colour Boost palette - £24
Brush - £24
Lipstick - £17
Bronzer - £25

I love that the prices of these items is the same as the non-limited edition versions - ie normal quads are £29 anyway.

I'm a big fan of this collection and this it might be one of the prettiest and most universal collections we've ever launched as a company. I just really want that highlighter colour to come out full size and full line!! So what do you guys think? Anything take your fancy from this collection? As always, leave me your thoughts below!

Until next time,

Monday, 13 October 2014

Current Cleanser Collection


So I have this little obsession with cleansers at the moment so I thought it might be a good idea to share which ones I'm using with you guys....also to shame me into not buying anymore for a little while too! Haha! I think when you go to take photos and realise you have FIFTEEN cleansers, you kinda go..."oh....oops....maybe I don't NEED that one by Trilogy that we've just got in at work..." so really this blog post is for me as much as it is for you guys too!

Ok let's start of with my "lazy day" cleansers. These are my replacement for face wipes as the alcohol in those things really dries my skin out and hurts my face a lot. 

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water - Brought this on special's ok but I wouldn't buy it again to be honest. It leaves me face feeling like I need to put moisturiser on and I don't like that feeling. (Sorry for the bubbles in the picture....I have a habit of automatically shaking my micellar waters as soon as I pick them up!)

B.Pure Micellar Water - Love this lazy day cleanser! It cleans my skin quite well but does leave a few traces of mascara on unless I'm a bit harsher with my cleansing (which I'm not around my eye area...) It's a good cheap micellar water and is good for all skin types. I'm quite a fan of the B. range in Superdrug as a cheaper brand of skincare. This is my second bottle and I've recommended it to friends and family members who are pretty bad at taking their makeup off as a good alternative to face wipes!

Nivea Sensitive 3 in 1 Micellar Water - I actually got this in a recent Glossybox so didn't buy it. It's ok I guess but feels like it leaves a film on my face, which I think is the moisturising bit to it. I wouldn't re-purchase.

White Rabbit Skincare Lime and Coconut Cleansing Water - Ok...firstly, we need to discuss how amazing this smells!! The first time I smelt it I honestly thought "I kinda want to try this as a cocktail!" it smells THAT good! As a cleanser it is fab for breaking down all makeup and leaving my skin refreshed and smelling nice. Despite having lime in it, it doesn't leave my skin feeling tight or dry. I would repurchase this in the bigger size too!

No7 Cleansing Oil - This was a impluse purchase after trying it in a sample. I didn't need it but I did have a voucher and Steph, who works on my local counter, is very persausive!Haha! This is a nice cleanser and does leave my skin really soft afterwards, it just takes quite a while to get all traces off and the smell might be a bit too much for some people. I don't think I'd buy it again as, unfortunately, the bottle does leak if it falls over.

White Rabbit Comfort Cleansing Balm - Again, I freaking love the smell of this! It's just so...comforting! This is a great hot cloth cleanser that leaves my skin incredibly soft and smooth afterwards. I tend to use a Micellar water first to take off most of my makeup and then allow my skin to dry before using this as a nice deep cleanse. I will buy this one again once my tub runs out....but that might be some time away as a small amount goes a really long way! (This came with a flannel too so I didn't have to worry about finding one to use it the first time which was a bonus!)

The Body Shop Camoile Cleansing Butter - I got this in a beauty box a while back and it's ok. I wouldn't rush out and buy it as I don't think it does as good a job as the White Rabbit Skincare one and as they are the same price I'd rather get an extra 10ml and a better cleanser for my £12!

B.Clean Melting Gel Cleanser - This is my go to quick "luxury" cleanser....if that makes sense? It works in a quicker way to the others but doesn't clean my skin quite as deep down I don't think. It removes all makeup but the others feel richer and deeper cleaning. It's a good one for when I'm not feeling too lazy but am not feeling up for a hardcore cleansing session! I would buy again but, again, a little bit goes a long way so it'll take a while to use up!

bareMinerals Exfoliating Treatment Cleanser - I'm not sure if I'll be able to express how much I freaking love this powder exfoliator from bareMinerals! It give my skin a nice scrubbing without feeling like I'm rubbing sand on my face. I know some people prefer that feeling, but my skin hates it and looks quite red afterwards. I wouldn't use this one to take off my makeup personally but I like that you can double it as face mask as well which I like to do once a week. I would definitely get this again and am waiting on one to arrive right now!

bareMinerals Purifying Cleanser - This is my daily cleanser. I use it in the morning in the shower to wash my face, one to two pumps is enough and I like how it leaves my skin feel refreshed afterwards. You can use this one to wash off all your makeup too (including eye makeup) but I tend to opt for more intense cleansers in the evening due to where I work (makeup everyday and lots of dust/running around means I want a deeper clean in the evenings!) I would never be without this cleanser as I love it as my morning fix!

bareMinerals Deep Cleansing Foam - This cleanser has natural foaming agents in it so doesn't leave my skin feeling dry like other foaming cleansers can do. This is really for oily skin types so I don't use it much. I tend to use it after I've been to London for training or if I've been really ill as it really cleans down deep and drags out any impurities! I wouldn't necessarily buy this one for myself again as I don't use it much so would rather get one of the other two bM cleansers instead, but it is nice to have for when my skin is feeling particularly crappy!

md formulations Facial Cleanser for sensitive skin - I got this from work as part of a little try me kit as I liked the idea of it being a bit more hardcore for my skin. I went with the sensitive skin version to start with but think I might try the normal one next time. This kind of tingles on my skin a little, but in a good way! It eats away at dead skin cells instead of buffing them off like other exfoliators. You put it on dry skin and then wipe it off with a hot flannel and I really like how smooth my skin is afterwards! You do have to use a moisturiser with SPF in it if you use it in the morning though as it has AHAs in it to chemically exfoliate. 

White Rabbit Skincare Rosy Dew Creamy Cleanser and Basking Rose Soothing Toner - I got these in a small try me kit with the day cream too so I could see if I'd get on with a toner as most have so much alcohol in that my skin has never seemed to like them. I really like this duo together as they seem to remove all traces of makeup, including waterproof eye makeup! A little goes a long way too and my skin hasn't reacted at all! Both of these are for sensitive skin as I thought it'd be better to try the sensitive skin version although you can get these for other skin types too. I will be buying the full size versions when these run out.

[comfort zone] Cleasning Milk - This was another beauty box special and it does work quite nicely but I do feel like I always need something else afterwards to take off the residue. I'm not a fan of the somewhat flowery scent either so wouldn't buy again.

Phew!! That's all my cleansers gone through....hopefully this might help if you need a new cleanser for Winter or if you just want to see that you're not the only one with a ridiculous amount of cleansers!haha! Have you guys tried any of these or any that you fancy trying? I have recently invested in the No7 Cleansing Brush which works nicely with most of these cleasers but I will be doing a full review of that once I've had it for a little while so I can fully report on any changes in my skin for better or for worse (fingers crossed for better and not for worse!!) 

Until next time,