Tuesday, 21 June 2011

First post!


So this is my very first post on my 'Want, Buy, Blog'...blog. I'm very excited, mainly because I can't wait to start showing off my fancy new purchases and waffling about things I love! I will say now that I think a good 50% of these posts will be about what colour/style I've painted my nails as I seem to have a bit of an obsession with that!

Right, on with the first post! Here are a few of my purchases from yesterday. I got a whole outfit - jeans, a top, a cardigan, some underwear, some shoes and a new watch! This is unheard of for me! I go clothes shopping and I always come back with jeans and maybe a hoody (ok since starting my new job in Ann Summers I do have a bit of an obsession with lovely underwear...expect lots of posts on that!)

This is the beautiful set that I've had my eye on for a while but now there's a sale on (also with my work friends urging me on) I decided to just go for it and get it finally! I love the colours of it and the style really suits me. I'm a massive fan of good underwear and this one gets my seal of approval! Get it here: Leading Lady Bra (Bra: £16.50 Thong: £6)

The jeans are a tad too long for me (the joys of being short enough that regular is too long, but tall enough that short is just that bit too short!) Luckily my mum is fab and has no problem turning them up for me. She has said she'll teach me how to do it this time so that when I eventually move out, I won't always have to pop round just to get my jeans sorted! They are really soft though so I clearly needed to get them. Ignore the fact that I already own 2 pairs of grey skinny jeans.... The t-shirt is probably going to be used for work or for when I'm just chilling. It's quite see through so it needs a top underneath it. I wore it with a white strap top today and that worked well. I'm tempted to try it with coloured tops underneath - I welcome any ideas! Jeans: Red Herring £12.50 (in the 50% sale in Debenhams) Top: Red Herring Basic Tee £8.50

Again got this cardigan to wear at work but it'll also make a cute little top for casual outfits and also for when I go out for the night. I always wear my black cardigan whenever I go out at night so it'll make a change for me to wear something else! Cardigan: Red Herring £12 (in the 50% sale in Debenhams)

I've been wanting some new heels for AGES! I only really have one pair but they are peep toe and my feet end up being squished by them. Now then I know these are also peep toe but they aren't as small as my other ones, so hopefully won't hurt (that was my justification and I'm sicking to it!) They're a bit of effort to get into but once on they are really comfy! Shoes: Red Herring "Shoe-Licious" £8.40 (in the 50% sale in Debenhams)

I've been looking for a new watch for ages too. I really love the Swatch Watch one called "Colour The Sky" but it's too expensive for me at the moment, so when I saw this one in Debenhams (again!) I had to have it! It comes in loads of colours but the blue just instantly caught my eye so I went with my gut instinct. I've not had the opportunity to wear it properly yet but I can't wait! I also love the box that it came in! Watch: Red Herring £12 (Duty Free 20% off in the Debenhams sale)

My final stop was to the Body Shop to spend the £5 gift card that comes free in this months Instyle magazine (worth it as the magazine only cost £2!) Now then I was really tempted to look a all the make up but at the moment my make up stash is fairly complete (except for all the things I want on elf.co.uk and the lip gloss by Proto-col with the LED lights and mirror on it!) So I decided to go for a new moisturiser because, although the one I've been using is great (Johnsons Daily Essentials 24hour day cream), my skin has a tendency to become used to whatever I'm using and then whatever it is just seems to stop working for me. So, having spoken to the very helpful assistant in the store, I decided to go for the Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream it's for combination/oily skin, which should be perfect for me. I get really dry skin under my eyes but my forehead can get quite oily. I used it this morning and I barely had to use any for total coverage. Also my skin felt SO soft afterwards! I'll give it a couple of weeks and then re-blog about it with a better review. I also got a Raspberry Lip Balm because I was given a lip butter years ago and it's still going strong but I wanted something to put under my lipsticks that won't be as slippery as the lip butter. I've read about how putting lip balm under lipstick makes it last longer so I'm hyped to try that out! Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream: £9 Raspberry Lip Balm: £2 (my mum also got 4 new shower gels in the "4 for £10" deal as she really wanted to try them but couldn't decide which one smelt nicest!)

So that's all my purchases from yesterday (unless you count the rich tea biscuits of course!) and they seem to have become a big first blog post. It ended up being a lot of grey, which was not planned but apparently grey is my colour of choice at the moment! Hopefully you've found it at least semi-interesting to read about my buys, feel free to leave comments and let me know what you think about any/all of my buys!

Until next time,

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  1. I love the strap of your watch, it's such a perfect blue! Great first post :) xo


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