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I was going to do this post on Friday (Freebie Friday just sounds nice) but as I've been ill I had to spend extra time getting ready for work so I didn't look so much like a zombie!

Right, I've got a lot of freebies over the last few weeks so this post may end up being epic....I'll try and keep it as brief as I can but honestly, I'm a freebie collector!

First up....Magazine Freebies!

Ok so obviously from now on I will blog about these as soon as I hear about them/get them but for now here's last months haul of freebies:

Ah the Benefit freebies from Glamour magazine! I'm pretty sure most girls grabbed these up when they hit the shelves! I managed to grab the Benetint but Leanne grabbed me the Posie Tint! I didn't manage to get hold of the Highbeam, couldn't find it anywhere!

Swatches of the two - Left: Posie Tint. Right: Benetint.
Both lasted ages after putting them on...this meant that, despite using wipes to try and get it off, I had to use my other hand for the rest of the pictures!

Again, Leanne put me on to this one! If you go to the lngirls website you can order 4 free samples (2 foundation, 1 eye shadow and 1 blusher. I gave my foundation to Leanne because I don't use it. I find foundation dries out my skin too much.) There wasn't much choice but as it's free you can't really complain! Also the little pots might come in very handy once I've used the products up.

Left: Blusher. Right: Eyeshadow.

Top: Eyeshadow. Bottom: Blusher.
You can see from this swatch picture that you really don't need to use much at all for quite a lot of coverage. My only problem is trying to figure out which brush to use for the blusher as it gets all caught up in my big one and makes me look a little....clown-esque! I love the eyeshadow though! It's very shimmery which should look nice for a night out.

These ones came free with Marie Claire magazine. I was only going to get the eyeliner but I made an impulse buy one day when I saw that there was a copy with the eyeshadow. I'm such a sucker for free stuff! 

Top: Eyeshadow in 'Gun Metal'. Bottom: Eyeliner in 'Graphite'.
Both give fantastic coverage and the eyeliner is SO easy to use! One swipe and you're done. I love it! I've not worn the eyeshadow yet but again the coverage on the swatch is really good. It'll give a nice extra kick to my smokey eye look for going out. Inika is an organic cosmetic company so you can use it and know that it's not full of horrible chemicals that are going to ruin your skin! Extra points for that freebie!

This double ended Liquid & Pencil Eyeliner came free with Company magazine. I needed a new liquid eyeliner anyway so for £2 I thought I may as well pick up that up instead of spending over a fiver (this is before I discovered ELF)

Top: Liquid Eyeliner. Bottom: Pencil Eyeliner.
 The pencil eyeliner is pretty much like any other black pencil eyeliner. But I really like the liquid eyeliner. It's really easy to use and is really black on the first go. I've had some where I've had to put a few layers on to get proper coverage so this was a really awesome freebie for me!

I love getting free perfume samples. I've been looking out for a new one because I've been using Lacoste - Touch of Pink forever and I fancied a change. Free perfume samples are a fab way to really try before you buy. You generally get at least a weeks worth of wear depending on how much you wear/if you wear it everyday or not. I find it very helpful because I find some perfumes can give me a massive headache after a while, so this way I'll be able to find out before I invest lots of money on something that will ultimately make me feel ill. I love the Daisy Eau so Fresh by Marc Jacobs so much that I got another couple of samples! It's still quite so it's pretty expensive. I wish I could find a sample of just the normal Daisy perfume because having tried that instore I think I actually prefer that one. No luck on samples of that though. The Paul Smith - Optimistic one is AMAZING! I love it! his one stays in my bag for nights out when I want a refresh....because I brought the full sized 100ml bottle! I went into boots the other day and they had the 100ml for £55 with a free wash bag...I got mine on eBay for £16.99 with £2.99 p&p. BARGAIN!! It's 100% legit and the place I brought it from sells it so cheap because it just comes as the bottle and has no box. I would only have recycled the box anyway so who cares about that! They have LOADS of other perfumes on there, some that are full and some that are 75% full etc. I'm keeping an eye out on there for the Daisy perfumes just in case! Visit them at the Perfume Basement and see if they've got what you're after! (I did have loads of perfume samples but I gave them to my manager for her leaving do (along with stuff I actually spent money on!) after a conversation we'd had about free samples and her getting all excited about them but claiming to be "too shy" to actually go and get them!)

This was free with Marie Claire last month. I like Body Shop products because they normally don't give me any problems and I love the smell of their products! However I'm not a fan of the smell of this one. It leaves me feeling really smooth and my skin doesn't feel dry at all but the scent does nothing for me. I'm not sure why because I love their mango body wash! Such a shame. I'll probably end up seeing if one of my friends wants it (It's only got a slight finger mark where I've tested it!)

Ah! The bonus of buying magazines! Random free samples! I'm not sure I'll use the hair stuff but maybe I'll be bored one day and give it a try. I love having free samples of body moisturiser. My skin can feel really tight after showering so I always use body moisturiser. I currently have Johnson's 24hr one for dry skin (it's got a drop of oil in it which makes a massive difference for me) but I'm always up for trying new ones and if they're really good then I'll end up buying the full size product. Win win really.

Weirdest free sample in a magazine I've ever seen! I've never tried waxing (too cowardly!) so I can see this being a great idea. The strips are a tad expensive to just try out so if I like this sample then I'll use the money off coupon that came with it to get the real thing. can see that I'm still too much of a coward to actually use this one strip! One day this week I'll have a stiff drink and just go for it!

So that's all my freebies from the last month or so. I got most of them either from magazines or counters a my local Debenhams. I've only just got into asking for samples so I've still got some places to explore in town. I can't wait to see what else I can get, I just love being able to try stuff out! Anyone got any recommendations of where gives out good samples? Let me know! 

I also went on an online freebie hunt today so tomorrow I'll post a list of good ones that I found and you can get some fab freebies for yourself!

Until next time,

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