Thursday, 30 June 2011

From the Postman today...


Quick post showing my awesome stuff from the postman today! This won't include my ELF stuff as I plan to have those up either later today or tomorrow, I just wanted to show off a few bits I got today!

Ah! The Walking Dead number 14 came out finally! This one compiles comics 79 to 84 and they are just amazing! I'm a little bit of a comic nerd so this arrival had me ripping off the packaging straight away (ok ok...carefully opening the packaging so I can re-use it for ebay packaging if needed!) I've read all the comics before so I technically didn't NEED to get this but...well...I have the rest so I naturally want it for my collection. Massive nerd right here!

New Empire magazine also arrived today! It's got a lovely subscribers only cover and even though I'm not a LOTR fan even I can appreciate how awesome this cover is! I'm kind of hyped about The Hobbit just for the cast list tbh! I'm saving this lovely film magazine so I can geek out on it in a hardcore way when babysitting tomorrow night.

I ordered this last week for my mum because she uses anti-aging cream so I figured it couldn't hurt to get a free sample for her to try. I was very impressed by both the packaging (usually free sample packaging is very standard) and by the amount of free samples! I'm not sure what I was expecting as it clearly states that you get 14 free samples but still, I was impressed! My mum's agreed to try it for 2 weeks and to see what she thinks of it (maybe guest blog for me??) and if she likes it, well hey! there's a lovely £1 off voucher for her to use! Handy! You can get your own 2 week sample kit here.

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