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So I know lots of people do "Nails of the Day" and I will be no exception! I love painting my nails so very much (when I have time, otherwise it can be very stressful!) I used to be a chronic nail biter - to the point where my pinky nail would be down about half way sometimes (when I think about this now it makes me feel a little grossed out) Then about a month before my 21st birthday I made the decision to try and grow my nails. They were so bendable to start off with and I was constantly fighting the urge to bite them but when my 21st rolled round I was so happy to be able to paint them for my themed night out! So now I'm a bit of a nail polish's a bit of an obsession really!

Ok so I did these ones on Sunday but I've been ill and also super busy (the worst combo!) so I'm only just getting round to putting this up. (All my nails have the Strengthening Base Coat by 17 under them and the Rimmel Pro Super Wear Ultra Shine Top Coat on them unless otherwise stated.)

Ignoring how messy my nails are here...isn't this colour lovely?! It's Rimmel's 60 Second polish in 825 - Sky High. I really love this colour for a splash when I'm wearing a black dress on a night out.

I've had this white Barry M Instant Nail Effects for a few weeks but I've not been able to decide what colour to do it over the top of. I tried it on the teal colour but it seemed to turn a weird yellowy colour as it crackled. I'll try it on other colours before I make my final decision.

After the crackle mishap I decided to go with some summer colours instead but couldn't decide on just 2 so I went with all my summer faves instead! I did these quite late at night when it was super hot so it felt very summery!

Because I am very lazy when it comes to painting my nails I always have a roll of toilet tissue and a cocktail stick near by to clean up the excess nail varnish from my nails! One day I aim to be able to do them and not have tissue looking like this! You can see I also tend to try out colours on here to see if they work together or not. After using some colours together the tissue can look super pretty...maybe I could get a showing in the Tate Modern?? (also yes, those are my Superman pjs you can see a tiny bit of in the background!)

I decided in the morning that the yellow just didn't look right on my thumb so I switched it with the apricot colour on my pinky instead. I think it looks much better, what do you guys think?

The colours I used, from left to right: Rimmel 053 Apricot Punch (with a fruity scent - smells like peach melba sweets from pick 'n' mix!), Rimmel 825 Sky High, Rimmel 025 Strawberry Fizz (with a fruity scent - smells like strawberry milkshake!), Barry M 306 Blueberry Ice Cream, Rimmel 058 Lemon Drop (with a fruity scent - smells like very faint lemon scented cleaning products, odd but quite nice actually!)
You can get Rimmel's full nail range from here and Barry M's full nail range here.

So those are my summery nails for the week (which I will be changing today as they have chipped over the week and I also have new ones from ELF to try out!) what do you think? Any colours you would've changed?

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