Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Reward Cards...


So I was going through my purse today because its getting a little difficult to close, which usually means that I need to clear out all the receipts that I've shoved in there! But today I realised it was actually my ridiculous amount of reward cards that I seem to have accumalated over the last few years that was stopping my purse from closing! Now then I also have the usual bank cards, driving licence, national insurance card and european health card (what??...ok....) in my purse but I just didn't realise how many reward cards I'd picked up.

These are the ones that were in my purse (I found another 1 lurking in my top drawer when I cleaned it out!)

Tesco Clubcard - I think everyone has one of these! I barely shop in Tesco except for when I'm lazy and haven't done myself a lunch for work. I occasionally get statements from them but barely ever have enough points to convert into vouchers! However when I do have enough points I generally spend the vouchers on either clothes (I've brought a few nice tops from there) or I'll have a look online at their day out deals. Sometimes you can get really good deals, but still...I'm not sure why I keep this one. I think it's because I've had it for so long that it would feel weird not having it around!

Necter Card - I use this one quite a lot but that's mainly because if I go shopping with my mum she usually forgets her card! I like that you can use the points in many different places (esp Amazon!) but my account is linked with my mum's and as most of the points are from shopping or petrol I can't really use them! boo!

Subway Card - I really don't know why I have this! I've only recently been introduced to this place and have only ever eaten there 3 times so a reward card from here is of pretty much no use. I'm not sold on subway when for less money I can go to one of the many fab sandwich shops in town instead (and feel a little healthier) I think I only really have this because it was the guys first day and he seemed a little stressed out. Bless!

Waterstone's Card - I use this one quite a bit really. I love reading and prefer to buy in store as I am very much an impluse book buyer. I'm the person that judges a book by it's cover....then opens it to a random page, reads a random paragraph and if I like that paragraph then I'll usually buy it! I know that's an odd way to choose a book but it's not failed me yet! This card has come in handy when I can't quite afford a book because you can take the balance of the card off the book and pay the rest yet still earn points! Love it!

Matalan Card - I'll be honest...I'm not really sure what this one does for me. I brought some tops for work in there when I first started my job and if I took a free card I got 20% off my first purchase - can't really say no to that right?? But I've not been back since so again, I'm just hanging on to this card "just in case"

Body Shop card - got this one the other day when using my £5 instyle voucher. With my purchases and my mum's this seemed like a good idea. It does cost £5 which seemed a bit steep (esp as it only lasts for a I assume you have to pay another £5 if you want to renew. I'm not sure about that but that's what I would assume.) The pros of this card are the fact that you get 10% off purchases, which is a massive bonus because the products can be a little expensive. You also get stamps everytime you go in and with your 4th stamp you get a free gift worth £5 and with your 8th its a gift worth £10 - no word on what the gift is but! You also get a birthday gift, 20% off your first online order, member invites, discounts and news about products launches etc. So it's not too bad. The only con (pro?) I've got with this card is the stamp method. What if I spend lots in there? There's only 12 stamps so if I were to buy 12 lots of stuff in 3 months does that mean I get a new card or not? Clearly need to look on the site for more info maybe. Also the way the stamp was crossed off was just with a bog standard sharpie. Now then, if I wasn't an honest person, I'm very sure that would be easy to forge "purchases". Not sure The Body Shop have throughly thought this through. However for £5 over 12 months and 10% discount I'm on board with this reward card....also I'm quite excited to see what the free gifts are!

HMV Pure card - This one used to be my most used card. It cost £3 which you get back as 300 points and you also get 1000 free points when you register it online (I used to work there so the sales patter is burned into my memory!) Drawback of this one is that the rewards are all online so if someone doesn't have internet access then they're screwed... Also if you're buying a dvd for £3 then it seems a bit pointless to buy a piece of plastic for £3 too. However, I brought my card at uni (when, if it were a choice between nice food and no dvds or dry rice and lots of dvds, I would always choose dvds) so my points built up a bit...and then I brought a wii and a ps3 within a year thus racking up many points! I went on the purehmv site last year and saw I had over 100,000 points (point per penny meaning that I had spent over £1000....the shame!) and saw that they had 2 tickets to the "Scott Pilgrim vs The World" european premiere in London. As a massive geek I stayed glued to my computer on the day they were released and I hit refresh until they were available them! So I ended up going to a film premiere and seeing all the stars of the film including Brandon Routh (Superman!!) Best day ever I think! So for me this card is totally worth it! I may not use it very much at the moment but I don't think I'll ever throw it out!

Superdrug Beauty card - I've used this one quite a bit recently (I'm a shameless nail varnish-aholic)  but have only just gotten round to regisering it online today. I think this one is fairly similar to the Waterstone's card in the way you can spend points and cash a the same time which is a bonus. As it was free I have no problem taking those points if I'm going to shop in theere anyway. May as well, right? I do have to keep this one behind another card though as I almost blinded myself when putting something away and walking outside into a fairly sunny day!

Boots card - Another standard that I'm sure almost everyone has! It's pretty good points wise (4 points per £1 compared to Superdrugs 1 point per £1) but you can't spend points and cash at the same time. Bummer. However I like using the kiosk thingys they have as you can get money off or extra points on certain products. I've often gone in there for a new bit of make up and found I can get bonus points on certain brands. Always worth it! Also I find these points build up pretty fast (maybe I just shop in boots a lot!) so that's handy. I wouldn't ever get rid of this one either I don't think.

The one I found lurking in my top drawer was a Costa card. Now I like coffee but to be honest, I don't really like Costa's coffee. I'll be 100% honest here, I was waiting for a friend and the only reason I took the card was because a) it was free and because b)....both the coffee guys were a little bit pretty! haha! I'm honestly just shameful! Bu hey, a girls gotta love the little flirt now and then right?!

So all in all....I just clearly need to get a bigger purse! What do you think? Should I get rid of some of them?...or more I missing any fab reward cards??

Until next time,


  1. I have the Matalan card.. I dont know what its for. They say you get offers in the post.. Ive had mine since the store opened and not once had anything come through the post.. I might chuck mine! lol x

  2. I think years ago when Matalan first opened it was supposed to be an 'exclusive' store and you had to have the membership card to shop there and I think it was about a fiver.

    You had to show it every time you went in and when you paid?! x


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