Sunday, 26 June 2011

Sunday Roundup


So I'm going to try and do this weekly (hopefully!) roundup to give you the pros and cons of my week. It's very self indulgent but hey, my blog, my rules right? haha! Anyway here's my pros and cons list for this week...


  • I've been able to catch up with a few friends this week which has been lovely! First it was the lovely Leanne and then my uni friend Em. Both times were good laughs all round! Leanne ranted about her glossybox for a bit (you can see her disappointment here) which I totally understand, it really didn't look great...although the box it came in looked very pretty! Then we spent loads of time talking about blogging and twitter and about how much I loved my ELF order!(Thanks to her again for putting me on to that site...they take paypal and we both agreed that it's not "real money"!haha! More on my ELF order later) Then I saw Em the next day and we decided to have a chilled night in, involving bad food and cheesy movie (provided by Leanne) All in all it was lovely to see them both and have a good old natter about stuff!

  • When chatting with Leanne about her glossy box she put me on to a new site called Boudier Prive. Apparently it's a similar concept to glossy box but you get 6 products for £10 instead of 5. No word on postage costs yet (maybe they'll add them a few months later like glossybox?) but this concept seems like a definite pro to me.  I've read reviews about it and there's been mention of discounts on full sized products too! So if you like the sample you won't be blind sided quite so much by the cost of the real thing. Sounds good to me! I will definitely be signing up asap!

  • Work has been quite entertaining (and busy) this week. I've been signed up to do an NVQ (it's free so why not right?) and on Saturday I hit my target for "bunnies" (I work in Ann Summers so you can work out what I mean by "bunnies"!) So pretty pleased with that! The sale is continuing and can be quite stressful because no matter how hard you try you can't seem to keep it tidy! Also I keep spotting things I if some of it is only £3!

  • Two words....Free Samples!! I love free samples so much! I got some from lngirls and I'm hyped to try them out. I really love free samples and might try and go on a hunt for some this week. Expect a post if I manage to get some!


  • I've been pretty ill this week. Bleugh. Thankfully I got some antibiotics on Thursday and I've finished the course today and I'm now feeling much better! So I suppose this should also be a pro (well, the antibiotics anyway!)

  • I'm having boy issues. I think most of you can agree that those are never fun! Honestly, boys always say about how girls are so "complicated" and "emotional" and then they go on about how they want a "feelings chat" ugh. Effort!

  • My lack of money has been a pain this week. I can't wait for pay day! Roll on next Saturday night and some night out shenanigans with the work lot!

That's it for this week. How about you guys? Any pros or cons for this week?

Until next time,

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