Sunday, 3 July 2011

Boots Mini Haul


So as I've mentioned before, I popped into Boots on Friday during my lunch hour to pick up some medicine and I as I had to walk through the make up section I figured a quick cheeky look wouldn't be so bad...I mean I needed to get some more nail varnish remover anyway... Unfortunately I found myself looking around at the special offers and seeing if there was any free stuff included in the offers! Such a freebie collector!

Clockwise from top left: 17 Photo Flawless Skin Primer, 17 Miami Pop Nail Varnish in Down Town, Boots own Conditioning Nail Polish Remover and 17 Instant Glow Highlight and Bronze Powder.

Free gift with any 2 purchases in the 17 collection!

Inside the cute little bag - Nail Art Stickers, 17 Fast Finish Polish in Knockout Red, 17 Lasting Fix Polish in Pink Grapefruit and a small Emery Board.

All in all I'm pretty happy with this mini haul. I needed the nail varnish remover anyway and I was going to buy the one that I've got atm (Sally Hansen - acetone free polish remover) but it was quite expensive compared to the boots own so I decided to try it. It's really very good at getting polish off quickly and easily, also it's enriched with apricot kernel oil so it actually smells quite nice (well as nice as nail varnish remover can!)

I was so so SO happy to finally get an orange nail varnish! I've been after one for so long and either they're always out of stock or I don't like the shade I find. But I love this one! I also love the little design on it too, very cute!

I actually got the highlight and bronze powder just to get 2 products for the free gift (before I found the primer) I've been meaning to get a new bronzer for ages and I've been wanting to try a highlighter for a while too so this seemed like a great opportunity to just go for it! I've only used this twice so can't really judge it just yet but it seems pretty good. It's got quite a sheen to it but it seems to give me a healthy glow without being too over the top.

The face primer was something I've been after for a while. I had a look at the No 7 Colour Calming one but at £11 I didn't want to get it and either not like it or be allergic to it. I expressed these concerns with the shop assistant and she told me that if I was ever allergic to anything I brought in Boots then I could bring them back for a refund as long as I had the receipt! Handy! She suggested I tried the 17 Photo Flawless one if I didn't want to spend too much money. At £4.99 I was pretty happy to try it and so far I love it. It looks like a pretty small tube (15ml) but you barely need to use any to get a lot of coverage. I'm happy to keep using this to see how it pans out. Fingers crossed that it doesn't make me break out or anything (but if it does then I've kept my receipt just in case!)

The nail bar in a bag is quite a cute little set. I love the pink grapefruit colour and I know I'll use the red one too so that's handy. I think the emery board will stay in my bag as I get really annoyed when I snag a nail during the day! I'm not 100% sure that I'll use the nail art stickers but maybe one day I'll give them a go. For a free gift I'm pretty happy with it!

I'm going to try not to spend too much money this month....although I'm heading into town with Leanne in a moment (running late! Sorry Leanne!!) so who knows what I might come back with??

Anyone else made any good haul purchases this weekend?....or found any good deals??

Until next time,

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