Saturday, 2 July 2011

ELF Haul #1

So last week ELF had free delivery if you spent over £10 and after Leanne had raved about them I had to try them! I spent just over £10, placed it at 2pm on Wednesday and my order arrived next day! Awesome!
I'm one of those people who gets super excited when I get post, even when it's stuff I've ordered so I know what's in it! Opening parcels is one of my favourite things (weird I know!) so opening a parcel to see all these goodies inside was fab!
From top left clockwise: Shimmer Eyeliner Pencil in Grassy Green, Lipstick in Voodoo, Plumping Lip Glaze in Wink Pink, Nail Polish in Red Velvet, Nail Polish in Dark Navy, Natural Radiance Blusher in Flushed, Clarifying Pressed Powder in Apricot Beige, Toe Separators.


Close ups of my small stash!
The clarifying powder comes with the powder puff included (shown above the powder in this picture)
Sharpener included with the pencil? Handy!

Ooooh....pretty new nail varnishes!
Bad picture of both the nail varnishes! Dark Navy on the left and Red Velvet on the right. Both nails are pretty messy, see previous NOTD post for how rubbish I am at painting my nails! 
Swatches of all products. Above - without flash, Below - with flash.
From Left to Right: Plumping end of the lip glaze, Wink Pink end of the lip glaze, Shimmer Eyeliner, Clarifying powder and Lipstick.

So having decided to buy a few bits off the site due to the free postage, I went for some stuff I knew I'd use and some stuff that I wouldn't normally pick (I was using paypal money from eBay sales so I was more open to picking a few bits that I wouldn't normally get)

Things I would normally get:

  •  Natural Radiance Blusher in Flushed - I LOVE this blusher! I've got the 17 Blusher in China pink, which I also love (and has just reached the pan, which Leanne tells me is a big deal!) but I like to have a couple of different blushers so I don't get bored! The colour is a little deeper than the China Pink one but tbh it's almost exactly the same! Haha! So much for getting one that's different! The ELF one has a little bit of a shimmer to it so it's not as matte as the 17 one. I honestly wouldn't be able to choose either one over the other! You really don't need to use much of the ELF one, which is a massive bonus as I'm assuming it'll last quite a long time! Only draw back of this one is that the case is quite difficult to open first time (and if you've just put hand lotion on!) but for £1.50 I will definitely repurchase.
  • Nail Polish in Dark Navy and Red Velvet - I've been looking for a navy polish for ages so, again, for £1.50 I couldn't say no! The Red Velvet one was purely because I love red nail varnish but the one I've got is "Double Decker" by Rimmel, which is lovely but very red (hence the name!) The Red Velvet is slightly more shimmery which I like. The Navy one is beautiful but once you're in a dark area it just looks black. However I'm very happy to finally have a navy one in my collection! I've not actually worn either of them yet (illness/too busy!) so expect a NOTD post on each of them soon when I'll be able to actually review them properly.
  • Toe Separators - I've been meaning to get these for a while and they were only 75p so I promptly added them to my basket before I forgot to get them again! They are.....pretty much like any other toe separators really!
  • Lipstick in Voodoo - I love love LOVE this shade of lipstick! I've got some pale pinky ones and a bright red but I wanted something that I could wear everyday but something that wasn't as bright as the red. So seeing this one I thought "well for £1.50 I can't really complain!" and I honestly can't complain....except for to say that it dries my lips a little if I don't wear it with lip balm, but it's worth the adding of the lip balm for the amazing colour!
Things I wouldn't normally buy:

  • Plumping Lip Glaze in Wink Pink - I couldn't really decide on which colour I wanted in this but decided to be a little reserved in my choice. The plumping bit has a sort of minty smell to it and when you put it on it does kind of sting a little (like all plumping glazes) It's got a little bit of a shimmer to it which is quite nice and it can be used on its own for just a little bit of a shine. The pink end gives just a tiny hint of colour and looks really lovely. It's really quite nourishing as well, which is a massive bonus! I personally love this product as it really does what it says it does. After 5 minutes of both ends being on my lips they look plump and moisturised. Love it!
  • Clarifying Powder in Apricot Beige - I'll be honest, I had NO idea what this really was! I don't ever use foundation (it dries my skin out or makes it break out) and don't really use any form of powder or anything. I've been wanting to get some for a while because sometimes I just feel that I would feel more confident if I have something to combat the redness or oily patches on my skin! So I decided to go for this rather than foundation or anything like that, start off small right?? I've used it practically every day since getting it! I put it on after my moisturiser and it really just makes my skin look quite matte compared to normal. My mum commented on the fact that I looked "healthier than normal" (I'm usually deathly pale) so I guess that's a bonus right?! I've found that I don't feel like I need to reapply throughout the day which is another bonus! I really like this product and recommend it as a "just starting out" or as an "easy fix" powder.
  • Shimmer Eyeliner Pencil in Grassy Green - Now then, I love eyeliner but I'm very conservative with it, generally only using black or graphite. Having had a discussion with Leanne about wearing bright eye colours (and having finally worn my Barry M bright blue one for a non-themed night out finally) I decided I would try and be braver with my eyeliner choices. So looking through my stash I realised the only colours I didn't have that were on the ELF website were green, purple and bronze. Not a great selection for me there! I went with green purely because I wanted one that was bright but not too bright. I've not been brave enough to use it properly but maybe I'll get round to it next week? I tried it out and it goes on really well. I sometimes find that eyeliner pencils can be a bit stubborn to start off with but this one goes on so easily! I'm considering the bronze for my next purchase!
All in all I was very pleased with my first ELF haul! The company were a pleasure to deal with (I emailed them a question and I had a lovely reply within the hour), the delivery was super quick and the products were all amazing! The packaging was a little basic but for £1.50 you don't expect it to be amazing. For £1.50 though, I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of the products. I will definitely be shopping there again (something I stuck to 5 days later when they had their 50% off sale! Haul #2 to follow tomorrow hopefully!)

Any one else shop with ELF? Any one have any ELF recommendations for haul #3??

Until next time,

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