Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Eyeko Surprise Gift Bag!


So, having never used Eyeko before, I decided to go for their "Surprise Gift Bag" that they had on a 50% sale last week. For £10 you got a mystery selection which was worth £20. (I totalled mine up and it actually comes to £22 so that's even more of a bargain!) I also brought a nail polish in Vampira (see previous NOTD) so that I could use Leanne's ambassador code for a free gift (which that week was the Line and Shine Duo Pencil in Super Star) It took a couple of days for delivery, which was pretty good as it was free delivery for UK and Europe (very handy for people on a budget!)

So when my parcel arrived I was all excited (I seriously love getting post but this one had the added surprise factor!) I was surprised that it came in a jiffy bag but it had a bubble wrap in it and the polish was double wrapped so everything was very well protected.

On with the photos!
From Top to Bottom: Line and Shine in Pop Star, Line and Shine in Super Star, Graffiti Eyeliner Pen in Jet Black and Liptastik Glossy Lip Pen in Lip Lover.

Without Flash.
Left to Right: Graffiti Eyeliner, Plum end of the Super Star Duo Pencil, Electric Purple end of the Super Star Duo Pencil, Teal end of the Pop Star Duo Pencil, Electric Blue end of the Duo Pencil and Liptastick Glossy Lip Pen.

With Flash.

Graffiti Eyeliner Pen in Jet Black: I have an eyeliner pen by 17 that I used to love using but as I've had it for so long, I think it's finally running out! So this one was a welcome surprise! It goes on really easily and is really dark as well (unlike some "jet black" eyeliners) I found that it stays on really well (and is a little difficult to get off!) I'm very pleased that this one was in my surprise bag.

Line and Shine in Super Star: The Plum end of it is quite shimmery and quite subtle too. I like the idea of wearing this one for work as it isn't too extreme but as it's a little shimmery, it'll make me feel a bit fancier than not wearing any eyeliner!haha! I quite like wearing the Plum one as an eyeshadow too, again the shimmer quality really pays off for that one. The Electric Purple end is great for an intense pop of colour. It's very matte compared to any other eyeliners I have, which is quite a nice difference. Only downside is that this colour tends to transfer onto the top of my eyelid. Both are very easy to put on but as the pencils are quite fat, the line is always pretty chunky. I don't mind this but if people are looking for a tiny line of colour these may not be the best for you.  

Line and Shine in Pop Star: I love love LOVE both of these colours! I've been trying to be bolder with my eye colour recently so these are perfect for that! I've already got a Barry M Eyeliner Pen in Kingfisher Blue, which is gorgeous and has a beautiful multicoloured shimmer through it, but the colours in the duo pen are quite different. The Teal end has a similar shimmer to the Barry M one but is sightly darker. I love this end for a nice "day out" vibe. It's a lovely colour but not too intense so I don't feel too on show with it on. The Electric Blue end is equally as amazing! Again, it's very matte but is a really intense blue that goes on so smoothly and leaves so much colour! Much like the purple one, this one does transfer onto the top of my eyelid so I need to figure out how to combat this. Any ideas?

Liptastik Glossy Lip Pen in Lip Lover: This is not a colour I would ever go for. I've got a red lipstick by Rimmel (No. 166 - Temptation) but it's quite dark compared to this one. This one has quite orangey undertones compared to any red lipstick I've ever looked at and when I initially put it on I'm not sold. But the longer I have it on (and, much like a budgie, the longer I keep looking back into the mirror...) the more I like it. It's very bright but I think if I'm wearing my black "this is my go to comfort going out dress" and I do my eyes with simple black eyeliner then it could be quite a striking look.Whether I'll be brave enough to actually go through with that or not only time will tell! This lip pen is so easy to put on as well due to the shape of the tip and it goes on very easily, which is an added bonus! It's got quite a shine to it and doesn't leave my lips feeling dry at all, which is always nice with any lipstick.
EDIT: My mum just informed me that this lip colour makes my top lip look quite small and I quote "a bit like a transvestite...or the Joker from Batman!" Maybe I won't be wearing it on a night out then!...unless it's on a Rock Horror/Batman themed night! Haha! Don't think orange undertones suit me then!

All in all I'm very pleased with my Surprise Gift Bag (despite the fact that the free gift was the same as one of the bits in the Surprise Gift Bag!) as it gave me a good selection to try out without having to spend too much. I'm very tempted to get the Duo Pencil in Rock Star as I like the idea of having a black eyeliner with a twist (it's got glitter in it!) and having tried the other ones, I know it'll be very easy to use. So when I have some money I'll  be investing in that! They've got a few things in the sale bit which I'm quite interested in. Along with a few 3 for 2 offers they've also got some kits on offer. I like the idea of the London Eyes set but as I already own 3 of the products in it I'm not sure I can justify it! Again, the Social Butterfly one is a nice set but not sure I can justify the price when I already own 2 of the products! However if you're looking to try their products these could be a good way to go. Unfortunately they are both a tad more expensive than the £10 one I got (£28 and £30 respectively...) but if you've got the spare cash maybe you'll be willing to splash out on those kits?

What do you guys think? Have you tried any of the other Eyeko products?

Until next time,

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