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I have 60 nail varnishes...


So you may have noticed that I do a lot of NOTD posts so I decided to try and cut down on these by basically doing a big "these are all my nail varnishes" post. (Hint: this post is very photo heavy and very epic! Also I started linking to websites so you guys can purchase them if you wanted but, to be honest, it was taking way too long.)
This is how I keep all my nail varnishes together. Just in a big old box. I really need to get proper storage (my make up is in an identical box! Not cool.)

Three essential bits I need when paining my nails: toilet roll (for wiping my toothpick on!), toothpick (for taking the excess varnish of round the edges of my nails) and cotton buds (for after my nails are dry and I need to clean off the mess round the edges...I'm a very messy lady when painting my nails...also in almost all other aspects of my life!)

Other accessories - Cotton pads for cleaning my nails fully, toe separators, an old liquid eyeliner pen (for doing different designs), Rimmels's nail white pencil (I don't use this anymore really but the cuticle pusher on the lid in very handy!) and Nailene pure white french tip pen (I don't use this one for the tips of my nails anymore as my nails are white enough, but recently I've been experimenting with nail designs using this pen. Once I become better at it I will show you guys the results!) 
My two polish removers. I have a habit of buying a new one before the old one runs out and then I just start using the new one before using up the old one. Such a terrible habit but I'm clearly just a sucker for shiny new things!

All the reds/pinks (and one orange...) Swatches below are in the same order (and done on toilet tissue because I wasn't about to paint my nails with them all! If anyone wants proper nail swatches let me know!)

From Left to Right:
Top Row:
1. ELF Red Velvet - Love the slight shimmer in this one! 
2. 17 Risky Red - had this for YEARS! Only just started to clump up really. 
3. Rimmel 030 Double Decker Red - brought to replace the 17 one. Love the bright colour very much.
4. 17 Knockout Red - came free in the Nail Art bag seen here.
5. 17 Down Town - Love this colour! I've been wanting an orange for ages too!
6. Rimmel Fruities 053 Apricot Punch - Love this subtle colour. Smells gorgeous too!(Like peach melba pick n mix sweets!)
7.  17 Pink Grapefruit - Again, came free in the Nail Art bag, love this colour though!
8. Nails Inc Shoreditch - Got this free with a magazine ages ago. Love the colour and the coverage too!
Bottom Row:
9. Claire's Accessories - No nail colour name or number. Quite a nice deep mulberry colour.
10. Rimmel Fruities 066 Cranberry Zest - Love this deep pink colour! Smells a bit weird but I still love it!
11. H&M All Eyes On Me - First pink I ever brought and still going strong! Love this bright colour, very good coverage too!
12. Collection 2000 5 Siren - Tiny bottle but lots of varnish! Love the subtle shimmer to it.
13. Claire's Accessories - Again no colour or number but I love the colour/glitter of this one! Getting quite gloopy now though so I should really throw it out...
14. Rimmel Fruities 025 Strawberry Fizz - I love love LOVE this colour!! Go buy it immediately! Not only is it a beautiful pale pink but it also smells like strawberry milkshake! Love it!
15. Rimmel 619 Pulsating - Again love love LOVE this colour! Such a great shade and it's got a lovely shimmer to it. I love the name too!
16. Rimmel 270 Hot Shot - Bloody love this colour too! Very recent purchase but a very good one I think! Just an awesome neon pink.

All the blues and greens! Again, swatches below in the same order as above.
(Sorry that the pictures a bit blurry!)
Left to Right:
17. Rimmel 236 Green Grass - Lovely colour but it stains my nails so badly, even with multiple layers of base coat...
18. Collection 2000 36 Ninja - Love the name, love the colour! Really nice deep green without being too much of a racing green colour.
19. Collection 2000 31 Spangles - Quite a yellowey green but I quite like teaming this one with the blue and pink collection 2000 ones.
20.17 Peacock - Beautiful colour and it's got a lovely shimmer to it.
21. 17 True Blue - Really striking colour but quite overpowering on it's own. Needs to be teamed with a lighter colour or with a glitter top coat.
22. 17 Seabreeze - Love this colour! It's a really nice light matte blue and looks lovely on.
23. - Barry M 306 Blueberry Ice Cream - Again, love this colour! Really nice base colour for bright spots on top or something similar.
24. ELF Dark Navy - I like the shimmer in this one but unfortunately it just looks black when it's on.
25. Rimmel 825 Sky High - Lovely light teal with great coverage. Looks great alone or with another colour.
26. Missguided Misstique - Got this as a freebie and I love this colour! See my NOTD post here.
27. Rimmel 819 Green with Envy - This is such a lovely colour. Goes on really nicely and the brush is thicker than most so application is really quick and simple!
28. Rimmel 045 Misty Jade - I've not had time to try this properly but I think it'll need a few coats for maximum coverage. I like the thought of teaming this with a bunch of other colours for a really summery look.
29. Collection 2000 23 Show Off - I love that the shimmer in this one has a slight purpley tinge to it. One that will always stay in my collection!
30. Claire's Accessories - Again, no colour name. I like the way that the light really hits the glitter in this one. It's gone quite gloopy so, again, I really need to throw it out...
31. 17 Exquisite - I'll be honest...I was quite disappointed with this one. It's really light so you need so many coats to get decent coverage. I live in hope that one day it'll be the exact colour I need!

The Purples. (Same rules apply for swatches below...)
Left to Right:
32.Rimmel 180 Purple Pulse - I love this matte purple (Let's face it I pretty much "love" all my varnishes!haha!) It's quite a bright colour and looks lovely just as a block colour. I did find that this one stained my nails quite a bit though!
33. Rimmel 195 Perfect Plum - This one is slightly darker than the previous colour and has a gorgeous slight shimmer running through it. Another love!
34. Barry M 161 Vivid Purple - Quite a dark colour but so shimmery and lovely. A must for any collection!
35. 17 Lilac Storm - Another disappointment to be honest. But having recently purchased a lilac colour I'm going to try it as a top coat over that colour.
36. Rimmel 610 Pompous - LOVE!! Honestly one of the best colours I own I think. It's so beautiful and shimmery and just....ugh I just love it!
37. ELF Lilac - I've not used this one yet but as I said above, I'm going to try the other one as a top coat on top of this so give it a little bit of a shimmer. (Apparently I really like ones with a shimmer to them!)

Yellows and golds!

Left to Right:
38. Rimmel Fruities 058 Lemon Drop - Really nice summery colour but is a little too pale as a block colour for me. Love it as a little pop of pale yellow amongst a collection of other colours.
39. Rimmel 280 Sunshine - Really bright summery colour. Love this as a simple block colour or as one to break up another colour.
40. Beauty UK 53 Golden Chestnut - Really lovely bronze colour, I'm not 100% sold on it as a block colour but I quite like putting all my metallic colours on at once. Looks awesome with my golds and silvers.
41. 17 Sphinx - Quite a pale gold colour. I like the way this one is subtle but super glittery!
42. Barry M 289 Gold - LOVE this colour! You need to do a few coats to really get the full effect but once you get it right, it looks beautiful.

The black ones!

Left to Right:
43. Rimmel 080 Black Cab - Love the super easy 2 coat coverage of this one. So easy to apply and looks great once on. Best black I've used yet.
44. Eyeko Vampira Polish - Lovely black with flecks of red glitter in it. Very halloweeny but still ridiculously cool!

Whites and Silvers.

You obviously can't see the two white ones at the top so the silvers from left to right are:
45. 17 Moonstruck - Quite a nice subtle silver. It's more of a shimmer colour than glitter and it's really nice for he more subtle look.
46. Rimmel 239 Your Majesty - I've repurchased this colour a few times because I just love the glitteriness of it! It's such a great colour and has great coverage too!

Left to Right:
47. ELF White - I got this as a base coat for doing pale coloured dots on top of. I can't wait to actually get round to finally doing them and finally getting to use this varnish!
48. Rimmel 730 Silver Bullet - This one is really pale but has a nice shimmer going through it. I've not used it as a full colour yet but I think it could be really nice as a base coat like the one above.

49. Nailene  French Manicure - I got this one as part of a set and have only recently been using it. It can be used as a base coat which is really handy and it's really good too!
50. 17 Strengthening Base Coat - A Fabulous base coat which even prevented my nails from getting too stained with my green colours!

51. Sally Hansen Maximum Growth - I use this one when I don't have time/don't want to paint my nails a colour. My nails have got a natural "French Manicure" look anyway (the tips are really white!) so if I pop this one on it just gives them a slight shine. I think it works really well too! My nails seem to grow quite quickly with this one on. It also makes my nails seem stronger too. Definite re-purchase.

The Crackle top coats.

From Left to Right:
52. Barry M 316 - I've only used this white one once, over the top of a turquoise colour and it went a horrible yellow colour. I'm not sure if I need to wait longer before putting it on or if it'll always take on the colour like that.
53. Barry M 311 - I love this one! You just need to make sure that you only do a really thin layer so that it crackles properly.
54. Barry M 314 - I've only used this one over the top of the Barry M light blue that I've got. I really liked the effect and the colour too. Quite tempted to try it over a darker pink to see how that works out.
55. 17 Crackle Top Coat - This is a really nice silvery gold colour and turns out really nicely over most colours. I've mainly done it over dark colours so far because this gives it a more striking look.

(With all of these ones I always put a clear top coat over them as they're all very matte looking otherwise, and I'm personally not a fan of matte nails...although that won't stop me from buying a matte top coat to play around with at some point!)

All the top coats!
From Left to Right:
56. Nailene Acrylic Strong - Got this in a set with the base coat and have only just started using it. It's really easy to apply and seems really good so far!
57 & 58. Rimmel Pro Super Wear - I've had no problems with this top coat. Love it! Makes my nails look super glossy after I've used it. The reason I've got two is because when one started to get low I used it on some red nails that hadn't proper dried...hence the slight red tint to the first one! Now I always use that one for my red nails and the other one for all other colours!
59. 17 Glitter Top Coat - I got this at uni for a cheap way to transform my nails for themed nights out. I love this over a black nail varnish for a really simple, yet effective look. The glitter is quite subtle too so isn't super noticeable.
60. Rimmel 500 Disco Ball - I love this as a top coat. It's got loads of different coloured glitter in it and looks great on top of any colour that I've tried it on so far. I've been putting a few coats on as I like it looking quite intense but just one coat is enough for a nice glitter look. Only problem is that it's quite difficult to take off! Tears my cotton pads to shreds!

This is my attempt to show you the difference between the two glitter top coats...(in the same order as above)

And finally, nail stickers. Top left are some french manicure stickers but I think I might use them to so some different coloured tips one day. The heart ones came free in the Nail Art bag. I will be using these soon but probably only one sticker on each hand. Not sure which nail I'll put them on yet, maybe thumb? The bottom two are from Claire's Accessories (a random present from my sister!) They are lollipops, cats, cakes, ice creams and sweets. Again I'll only use these on one nail on each hand but I think they're quite cute! Used right I think nail stickers can look really effective and if they work out well I'll show you guys on here!

So that's it for all my nail varnishes...sorry for the epic post but as I said, I felt like I was doing a lot of NOTD posts so just decided to do an epic nail post instead! If any of you want to see specific colours actually on my nails then just leave a comment or send me an email :) Hopefully you're not too bored by the end of this post! How many varnishes do you guys own? Are there any colours you think I'm missing? (If so name them! I will most probably add them to my collection!haha!)

Until next time,


  1. tnx for the swatches, very helpfull! i think i will buy myself purple pulse from rimmel :D

  2. Ah! I'm really glad the swatches helped :) Purple Pulse is a lovely colour! Let me know how you get on with it!


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