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So despite attempting not to spend any more in Boots, I went into town with the lovely Leanne and we're both as bad as each other when it comes to not stopping either of us from spending! It's always "ah go on! you've just been paid!" or (in the body shop) "I know you're doing project bathroom but it's SUCH a good deal...and you'll use it anyway...." Haha! The worst two people to go shopping together!(or maybe the best??)

So a quick one just showing my Eyeko polish that I got earlier in the week. It's quite difficult to photograph but will be my go to varnish for Halloween for sure! I got this one because a) despite wanting the Cosmic one I figured that as I've got black varnish and a glitter top coat that it might be a little too similar to that. I'll clearly still invest at some point because I really am a nail varnish whore! Haha! and b) I wanted to use Leanne's ambassador code and grab a free gift so getting this polish tipped me over the £15 minimum spend! (Have I mentioned that I love free gifts??)

With Flash.
Without Flash.
The polish is called Vampira Polish and is really easy to apply. It's got quite a runny consistency so you have to be careful about drips but I found it really easy to apply. I put two coats on for maximum coverage and I really liked the look but it's quite difficult to see the red glitter in it. Other than that I'm quite pleased with this nail varnish! 
Brought this one yesterday during my shopping trip with Leanne. It's a new (to me at least...) colour and as soon as I saw it I fell in love with it! I showed it to Leanne and she brought it too! I was kind of hoping that it would be a bit more colourful rather than a clear polish tbh but I still like the colours of the glitter. This is with only one quick coat and I've done it since with a few layers and it looks really nice. Taking it off is a nightmare though! My cotton pads are fine to start off with but the glitter ends up pulling the cotton apart! Nightmare! Means I had to use 1 pad per nail which is a little annoying but I figure that if I use it over another colour and pop a top coat on then maybe it won't be so bad. Fingers crossed!
This is the new glitter one on top of the eyeko one. I quite like it but no sure about it on top of black. I quite like the idea of putting it on top of a paler colour instead of a really dark one.

Without flash.
These are the other colours that I brought too. The entire Rimmel cosmetic range is on 3 for 2 and as I saw 4 varnishes that I liked I decided to get 2 more (nail varnish whore remember?) I did look at the other make up but decided to just go for the pretty colours! I'll list the colour names below with the pictures of the bottles.

With flash (excuse the way the nails are weirdly smudged...I put them on late last night but forgot to take a picture! By the time I woke up they had pillow creases on them!)

From Left to Right: Eyeko Vampira Polish, Rimmel Lasting Finish - 500 Disco Ball, Rimmel 60 Seconds - 819 Green With Envy, Rimmel Lasting Finish - 180 Purple Pulse. 

Left to Right: Rimmel Lasting Finish - 045 Misty Jade, Rimmel Lasting Finish - 270 Hot Shot, Rimmel 60 Seconds -730 Silver Bullet.

I really like all these colours but the last one needs a least 3 coats for total coverage. I'm not really sure how it'll look as a full on colour so I might try out different combos. I like that it needs the 3 coats because this means I might be able to use it as a top coat to give other colours a pearlescent sheen. I love all the others very much though! I'm especially in love with the neon pink! I've got loads of pink varnishes but none are like this neon one. I can't wait to wear it for a night out!
With Flash.
I decided to try the Disco Ball colour on top of the Purple Pulse colour. I think it turned out quite well (I may still change it for the neon pink underneath tomorrow. I'm really ridiculous with changing my nail colour so frequently!) I put two coats of the purple and two of the glitter for maximum glitter coverage. It doesn't photograph particularly well but it looks more accurate in the "without flash" picture.
Without Flash.
Sorry for the blurry thumb! Clearly too eager to be in the picture! But the other nails have photographed pretty well. I really like the Disco Ball colour as a top coat. (I did still put a clear top coat on top so that the glitter isn't so rough. Didn't want to end up accidentally scratching myself with my nail varnish!)

So what do you guys think? Any one used the Disco Ball colour in a different way? I'll try to get my second ELF haul and my other purchases up in the next few days. My Ethernet cable port on my laptop is playing up so I've had to put sellotape round the cable and fix it under my laptop to keep it in properly! This makes blogging hard because it still loses connection every now and then! Nightmare when trying to upload photos!!

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