Sunday, 3 July 2011

Sunday Roundup


Here is my pros and cons list for the week...


  • PAYDAY!! So it was payday on Thursday for me and I've spent a little bit of money so far but I'm trying to be cautious with my money this month. Last month saw me getting very worried when my bank balance got down very low and I then had to pay £7.40 for some antibiotics...thus making me panic more! I've decided this month to budget in the extreme. I tend to always round up how much I've spent anyway so that usually by the end of the month I look at my balance and go "oh...there's some left! I can afford to get <insert clothes/beauty product/massivly geeky purchase here>"

  • Off the back of payday....I spent some money on a few bits I've been after for a while. I wanted to get a face primer, because as I mentioned in my ELF haul post, I tend not to wear foundation because I've never found one that works for me. Primer seemed like a good way to go as I'd had a free sample of the L'Oreal one and just LOVED how it made my face feel and how good my make up looks on top of it! So when I popped into boots to get some medicine (bleugh) I made the mistake of looking in the make up section ( do have to walk through it to get to the pharamcy!) and ended up buying a face primer, a highlighter/bronzer, a nail varnish, nail varnish remover and then I got a free gift too....I'll do a mini post about that lot later! I also brought some new pjs and new underwear from work. The sale stuff has an extra 20% off atm and we also get our discount on top of that! Meaning I go a new set of underwear for under £12!! Dead chuffed with that! (Again, more on that later!)

  • I had some overtime in a different shop this week as they needed cover and as it's not too far for me to travel I jumped at the chance (working part time just doesn't pay enough so I will take those extra hours thank you!) It was really nice to meet some other people and it was interesting working in a different store. A little confusing to start off with as I had no idea where everyhing was, but it was really busy all day and the customers were really different compared to what I'm used to! All in all a great day....until the girl in charge got the key stuck in the lock when locking up! It was her first day being left in charge alone though, and she was left with me - a girl who doesn't work at that store and therefore can't help with the locking up process! We ended up having to sit outside on the cold floor waiting for the locksmith who didn't turn up til 8.15 (2 hours after we'd closed!) Half an hour later and we were both wondering to the train station finally! However the area manager told us that we'd be paid til 9pm so I'm not all that upset really!

  • I had a lovely busy week when it comes to post! I got my second ELF haul and some bits from Eyeko. Also my Forbidden Planet order and some free samples! (See here for those last few bits!) I will try to get my ELF and Eyeko stuff up asap.

  • I've come to the decision that I am a far stronger person than I thought I was and this has led to a few decisions - the main one being that, if I want to apply for a job in a place I'd have to move alone to, then I can do it. Gone are the days where I worried about not being able to cope with being alone in a place I don't know and in are the days where I know it'll be scary to start with but ultimately if it's for a job I know I'll love then screw it! At the end of the day if it doesn't work out then at least I'll know I've tried right? I'm also trying this thing where I refuse to be one of those people who looks back on their life and goes "What if...?" It's very very scary but, again, at least if I say something or do something I know I'll have tried rather than wondering "what if I'd acually said or done this instead?" Anyway, enough with the philisophical waffle! Haha!

  • I went to see X-Men First Class this week. It was on it's final run here so I decided to go because I figure it's more of a big screen film you know? As I've mentioned before, I'm pretty geeky so I was pretty hyped to go see it....and it didn't disappoint! It was a little cheesy and there were some characters in it that I personally could've done without, but all in all I enjoyed it! It had the feel of a classic X-Men movie and I liked it! I'll be buying it on bluray when it comes out (well....when it's down to about £10 was good but not "must buy it asap!!" good...) Highlight of it was turning to my friend and going "that guy looks like an old Kevin Bacon..." and then 20 minutes later going " IS Kevin Bacon......" haha! For a geek, I clearly hadn't read too much about the film!


  • Having gotten over one bout of illness....I managed to get another one at the end of this week. It was so bad that I was sent home from work on Saturday. Bleugh!! This meant that I couldn't go out for our Team Leader's leaving do last night. I was SO gutted not to be able to go (but so happy to be curled up in bed with a hot water bottle!) but they've promised me that we'll go out again in August after payday! I'll look forward to that one instead!

  •  I power walked to the train station on Tuesday because I was running late, only to find that my train was delayed 10 minutes. My feet got ruined in the process (must get new black flat shoes!) and have been really painful this week and I've got gross hard skin on my heels. Can anyone recommend a good foot scrub or cream to help ease this away?

  • I met up with an old friend this week. Now then, I don't want to make him out to be a bad person, because he isn't, but he just kind of......creeps me out now. To the point where I got my mum to hang around too so I wasn't alone with him for too long. This makes me sad because we used to be good friends but since I've started working at Ann Summers apparently that means it's ok to be super inappropriate with me. I mean, I love talking about creepy things and stuff (ask any of my friends!) but you know when it just feels....uncomfortable? It's like that now. As I mentioned in my pros section, I'm much stronger than I ever thought I was and I've decided that it's not ok to force myself to hang out with people that make me feel like that. I've spoken to him about it before and frankly, if he's not going to tone it down then I'm not putting myself through 3 hours of uncomfortable "getting my mum to hang out with me too" time. If I ever made anyone feel like that I would expect them to call me out on it and I would totally apologise and tone it down a bit, but he's clearly not willing to do that so I think our friendship may be on it's way out. Bummer.

  • One of the trailers before X-Men was for Super 8. I want to see this film SO badly!! I love J.J. Abrams so very much and I've never been disappointed by anything he's done. I know you're thinking "I don't understand why this is a con..." but the con's been out almost everywhere since the beginning of June....and we don't get it until the 5th of August...what's that all about?! No wonder people illegally download films! Ugh, I can't wait another month. I really hope they have previews because I NEED to see this film!!

Well that's it for this week. Any pros or cons you guys want to share?

Until next time,

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