Sunday, 10 July 2011

Sunday Roundup


So this roundup is slightly later than normal, I've been at work today and then finally got round to watching "How to train your dragon" after!....I really want that dragon! So cute! Anyway, on with the pros and cons...


  • Got to chill with some friends again this week, one of whom I don't get to see as much as I'd like (Hi Amy!) I made some lunch (my lasagna is pretty damn good...) and then we trekked into town for a tiny bit of shopping (magazines with freebies!)  before heading to the pub to meet Leanne and Creepy Ben (I simply can't call him by just his name anymore...) I had a very good time before heading off to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D (possibly my favourite film ever!) with one of my friends who has recently purchased a 3D TV. (Ok so I didn't actually get to watch the film but to be honest, the anticipation of seeing that film in 3D again has kept me going all weekend!)

  • Both of my magazine freebies were amazing! See the previous NOTD for one of them and I'm sure my new Body Shop mascara will make an appearance soon (hint: I really love this freebie!!) Sometimes I get the freebies and they aren't what I was hoping for and then I feel bad for spending money on magazines for no reason, but this week I've been very happy and no felt bad at all (ok a little bad but I needed a new mascara anyway!

  • I had work all this weekend. Now I know this isn't usually on the top of most people's "pros" list but, despite Friday and Saturday being the same old stuff,  today it was the carnival! That meant that we got to dress up and play games in the store and generally the customers were just in a good mood. I don't have many bright coloured tops that I'm comfortable wearing without a jumper/hoody/cardigan so I decided to wear one of the outfits from in our store. I went for the Pamper Parlour one as it seemed like the least sexual one and was also he one we had most of! (Also it's not too short. Despite wearing leggings I wasn't too thrilled about the thought of my bum being on show!) I think this paid off quite well as I managed to sell a couple of them just based on the fact that I was wearing it! Bonus! (I'm one of those people who gets a kick out of selling people stuff based on my recommendations.) We were only open for 4 hours but it was SO busy. We were also running a game to go with the carnival going on outside, which meant that I got to pop balloons all day too. Sometimes I really do love my job!

  • I've got a whole host of TV shows that friends have given me to keep me busy during any downtime this week. I've got Farscape and Breaking Bad to get on with this week. I've not seen any Farscape but I do like a bit of Sci-Fi and Tim at work has been banging on about how amazing it is, so I'm willing to give it a shot. I've seen the first season and a bit of the second season of Breaking Bad and I quite liked it but I think I need to re-watch the bits I've seen for a true refresh. Busy TV watching schedule ahead of me!(If I get time of course! Gone are the days where I could marathon a season in one day...)


  • I'm still feeling pretty under the weather. I've almost finished my antibiotics so I'm hoping that I'll feel better by next week. If not I'm going to be so annoyed! It wouldn't bother me if I was actually ill but I just feel a bit run down and therefore don't really have an excuse to laze about in bed all day...

  • The lack of "real job" wages is a bummer. My money situation isn't great at all at the moment and I wish I had proper wages coming in rather than part-time wages. I have been on the look out for a swanky full time job but as I love my job at the moment I'm a little reluctant to give it up for something that is better money but will make me want to die inside. Bit of a catch 22 situation! Fingers crossed that something I like the sound of will come up soon!

That's it for this week! Not many cons this week which is what I like to see! Any pros or cons for you guys this week?

Until next time,

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