Sunday, 17 July 2011

Sunday Roundup


Here's my weekly Sunday Roundup for you all to check out :)

  • Work has been really good this week. We've got a new toy in store and I've been on a mission to sell it whenever people are looking at Rabbits (it's a really good product so I believe that if someone's buying one they may as well get the best right?) It comes in a really swish box too and I'm a sucker for great presentation. Other than that, it's just been a really good week at work. A good mix of fun and challenging. Love it!

  • I got to have a free breakfast this morning - courtesy of the new Weatherspoons that is opening soon. It was a training session so I took my Mum and Dad with me and we all had a lovely late breakfast (with two free drinks) I was really yummy and all the staff were so very nice (despite clearly being a bit nervous!) 

  • I've had quite a bit of babysitting this week which means extra cash! I've been saving so that I have a bit of cash to spend tonight for the lovely Leanne's birthday drinks! Yay! (also if I have any left over there's a set of lovely pjs at work that are super soft and are in the sale!)

  • I've had a bit of time to finally get round to watching Breaking Bad. I'd alreayd seen the first season but re-watched it as it'd been so long ago. It's not the usual kind of show I'd watch but the acting is so good in it I can't help but love it.

  • I finally got round to putting up a couple of epic posts. It's taken so long because my internet has been super annoying and I keep getting frustrated with it. They really did turn out to be quite epic though! Sorry about that!

  • I could really do with more hours at work to be honest. I really love my job but it's just not enough hours :(

  • I've been really super tired all this week. I'm not sure if, having finished my antibiotics, the illness that has been hanging around has finally gotten to me or what, but it's really annoying!

  • I've broken two nails and they are really short now. This is really stressful for me because once my nails are short I find it really difficult to not bite the rest of them to the same length! I'm going to paint them in a moment so that it'll hopefully help!

Well that's all my pros and cons for this week. Thankfully not too many cons! Yay! Now I'm off to get ready (ie paint my nails) for Leanne's birthday drinks later!

Hope you've all had a great week :)

Until next time,

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