Sunday, 24 July 2011

Sunday Roundup


It's that time of week again for my pros and cons list for the week...

  • I got to see some friends this week, one of which I spent about 10 hours with! Amy and I spent the whole day together, starting off with painting our nails (she hadn't tried any crackle glazes before! Shocking!) and watching bad tv before heading off to get some (cheap) food and then we had a quick wonder round town (cheeky boots purchases!) before heading to the pub for some yummy cocktails! A very enjoyable day all round.

  • I'm still loving work! I know that I should stop banging on about it but I just bloody love my job! It's different every day and the people I work with are all so nice. Good times!

  • The reduced bit in boots has been very friendly this week. I got a semi-permanent hair dye and I love the colour! Definite repurchase, although I might go for the permanent one if they do it in the same colour. I also got some Barry M make up for 50p each and some lovely smelling impulse for when I just want to freshen up without having to use up my perfume! (It also had a free Barry M lip gloss, all for £1.50) I got some other bargains so I'll probably post about them at some point! My 75p exfoliator is a particular bargain! So good!!

  • I got my Arrested Development DVDs back this week and I've been re-watching it this week. Love it! It's so funny and so cleaver! Can't believe some people haven't heard of this show.

  • I got to see my Great Aunt this week. I love visiting her because she's always so upbeat and just has so much to talk about! She's a fascinating lady - she once went to the Red light District at the age of 70 and told us all about how her and her friends went to a strip club and made loads of friends! Apparently she didn't mean to go to that kind of club but as it was during the day it was fine. Classic! Only downside is how much food I always eat when I'm there! She has a way of offering until I give in! (I'm so weak when it comes to pizza and p-p-p-penguins!)


  • I've finished seasons 1 & 2 of Breaking Bad and I have to wait for season 3....It's a real first world problem but still, the wait is killing me!

  • I'm sitting on some information that I feel I need to share with one of my friends. I get the feeling that it could turn out to be a "shoot the messenger" type situation but I'd rather say it now then it come out later on down the line and have it be much worse.

  • I go locked in a friends flat the other day. It would've been funny if I wasn't suppose to be visiting family in the afternoon... Luckily, his flatmate came to the rescue and I was let out just in time! Still, although this is a kind of "con" it did make me laugh quite a bit....despite the fact that I did feel a bit like I was being kidnapped....
I think that's all or this week. I'm sure there's some bits that I've forgotten but obviously they can't be that important!

Hope everyones week has been good. Any pros or cons for this week? Any good reduced boots bargains??

Until next time,

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