Sunday, 31 July 2011

Sunday Roundup


It's that time of week again! It always seems to come round so quickly...


  • Again, work is still going well. I've had loads of overtime this week! It was almost like I had a full time job! lol! The shop may have been sold though so we're all a little concerned about our jobs but I figure I just need to enjoy it while it lasts! Plenty of time to worry if we do end up out on the streets...(it's not like I've not been unemployed before...)

  • I am in love with the Beauty UK shatter polishes that I brought yesterday! I've changed it so that I've got just the silver one on top of black atm. Love it!! I definitely prefer hem to the Barry M ones, they're just so easy to use and aren't gloopy at all!

  • I've decided to get some new tops this week. On a budget though due to not having that much in my pay cheque....

  • I've started up driving lessons again. I've had some before but I've always been such a nervous driver. I was always thinking about how annoyed other drivers must be with me....but now I just don't care! I need to be able to drive and, yes, I may well be a bit nervous and a bit over cautious on country roads sometimes but screw it! I deserve to be able to drive and I don't care if other drivers are getting annoyed, they used to be learners too so they should have more compassion!

  • I've been having loads of blog views recently! Apparently Eyeko are doing their "Surprise Gift Bag" again and so I've had loads of hits for that particular post! I'm pretty pleased because I searched for the exact same thing when I was thinking of buying the gift bag. Hopefully my post has been of some help for anybody who has been thinking of buying it!


  • I've been doing an NVQ with work but it's just so much hassle and I have no enthusiasm for it so I think I may give it up. I don't really see it giving me any advantage so it's not really worth the extra stress to be honest.

  • My pay wasn't as good as I hoped it would be. I get my over time a month after I've done it so all the over time I did last month won't have been taken into account. Boo! But this means that next month should be pretty epic! It just means that August will be a budge month (thank god for ELF's 50% off so I could grab some true bargains for my sister's birthday....and some for me obviously!)

  • I've been trying to take advantage of eBays free listing this weekend and, although I managed to get some of the bits that I wanted more than 99p for on, I've still got LOADS of stuff to put on. I just find putting stuff on eBay so time consuming and boring! Also once I've put stuff on I start obsessively checking the site to see if I've sold anything!lol!(it can't just be me who does surely?!) 

So that's it for this week. Hows your week been? Any pros or cons?

Until next time,

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