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Things I love...


Today I present a few things that I love. I think this might become a bit of a regular thing because I love lots of things! I'm in the process of doing two other posts (ELF Haul #2 and an epic nail varnish post) but they are taking ages to get together because my Internet is still being lame! One day I'll remember to ask my Dad very nicely to see if he can fix my laptop!

This is Johnson's night cream. I LOVE the scent of this so very much! It's so relaxing and makes my skin feel super soft! They've recently discontinued the face cream (boo!!) but I think the body one is still on sale (along with a bubble bath) and I highly recommend that next time you're in boots or superdrug (or wherever else sells this) you should have a quick whiff to see what I mean about the relaxing scent! Love it!
Body Shop's seaweed face wash and peppermint foot rescue. The face wash is lovely but I've found that it works best if I exfoliate first. Leaves my face feeling SUPER clean and fresh! (I recently brought the full size one so I'm keeping this one as my travel one now) The foot cream is AMAZING!! I sometimes get really hard skin on my heels (gross!) so I brought this to try out and within one day my feet were softer. It smells quite nice too and absorbs into your skin quite quickly too.
Two of my favourite books ever. Jasper Fforde is definitely my favourite author. I love love LOVE all of his books. I realise they might not be for everyone but I just love them. I've never read anything else like them and I love how they are so original! Shades of Grey is just so well done. I'll be honest, it took me a while to get into this one (which worried me!) but once I got used to the idea of colours as race/the order of them (purple are the best and grey are "nobodies") I couldn't put this one down. And the ending! Oh the ending!! Just superb!
 I read Twenty Something just after being made redundant at the age of 21. It's one of those books where you read it and go "'s not just me?!" Quarter life crisis is something I heavily identify with and reading this just really opened my eyes to life and how, despite how it seems, things really can get much better (I know this sounds super cliche but it's how I felt!) It's done in a diary form too so it's really easy to pick up and read a small bit if you need a book for "on the go".

My small but perfectly formed graphic novel  collection (not pictured - Superman: Red Son - special edition. Amazing storyline but the book is too big to put with my other ones!)
  • First up...Heroes! I used to love this show so I eagerly grabbed these for extra background to the characters (neeeeerd!haha!) Unfortunately the show went downhill quite quickly and they stopped publishing the books I think. Shame really, they were quite good!
  •  You can't really see the ones next to them but they are Superman Returns (based on the film) and 28 Days Later (a prequel to the film) both are really good but the 28 Days Later one is probably the better of the two. It's pretty cool reading that then watching the film because it gives you loads of back story as to how the "rage" came about and a few stories about what else was going on during the film.
  •  Then there's the first 2 issues of "The Astounding Wolfman". I really need to get the last 3 because I really like the slight twist on the werewolf genre with this one and I really do want to know what happens in the end! Might be a next payday treat!
  • Issues 1 - 8 of Invincible come next. Again I need to get the rest of these but they're a tad expensive! Love this series though as it's quite a fresh take on the super hero genre.
  • The Walking Dead issues 1 -13 (14 is currently on loan...) I love the walking dead and have been collecting it for quite a while now. I was so hyped when the TV show was announced and once I got over the fact that it's not really like the graphic novels I was very much on board with it. I love these books and every one has always left me wanting more.
  • Up next is Kick Ass. Pretty good graphic novel. It's pretty bloody and also very different to the film. I really wish they'd gone with this original story but I understand why they had to add the "happy" ending to the film.
  • Star Trek: Countdown is next on the shelf. It's a prequel to the 2009 film and, again, I really enjoyed reading this to get a back story to the film. It's a pretty nerdy thing I know, but I just love having extra back story to films that I love!
  • Stardust by Neil Gaiman is next. I read this after I watched the film and although it's not completely different, it does vary in many ways. The beginning is more in depth...and you should all realise how much I love that extra back story by now!
  • And last up is the whole series of Scott Pilgrim. I brought these after I'd been to the film premiere. I'd read a couple of them before but it was nice to marathon the whole series! I love these books very much and I love the extra geeky bits included in them (one panel has a poster for Grosse Pointe Blank in it. LOVE that movie!!)
I freaking love everything Oliver Jeffers has ever written. I know that at 23. I'm technically too old to be buying picture books for myself but frankly, I just don't care! Out of all of his books (and you should definitely check them all out!) this is my favourite (the sequel to this one is a close second!) I love penguins anyway but this one is just the cutest penguin ever! See his "how to draw a penguin" for a sneak peek at how awesome Oliver Jeffers is! This book was also made into a short film a few years ago and the penguin in that....well it really is the cutest damn thing ever! I would very much like my own pet penguin if it were at all possible. 

This is most probably my most favourite present anyone has ever gotten me ever. It's from the book above and it's my favourite picture from it. It's a numbered limited edition original painting and is signed by Oliver Jeffers. I really need to get a frame for it so I can finally put it up on the wall! I really just don't think I can put into words how much I love this picture.

I got this dress for £8 at Primark (ignore the fact that it's a little crumpled in the picture!) I'd been looking for a new dress for ages and was really happy to finally find one! I got a really nice cream belt to go with it too and it's become my new favourite going out dress. Only down side is that has a tendency to try and ride up a bit at the back! Major bum show! (This is why I always wear it with tights or leggings!)

I know it may seem weird to be putting my underwear on here but...I'm a big supporter of lovely (and comfortable) underwear. My boobs are pretty much the only part of my body that I'm almost 100% happy with so I'm one of those "if you've got it, flaunt it!" girls! As I work in Ann Summers, I pretty much buy all my underwear from there now. I love how there's some really gorgeous stuff in there bu how it's all pretty comfortable too.
From top to bottom:
Miss Summers - This is a front fastening one and it's really comfy. I find it strange putting my bra on almost like a jacket but I just think this bra is so beautiful!
Kissing Cleavage - This is the second KC bra that I own. This one is in the sale and I wanted one that was a little less "sexy" (my other one is black and red) for days when I'm wearing a lighter top or something. I'll be honest, this bra really works for me! I got it a cup size smaller for maximum effect and whenever I wear it to work I can almost always guarantee a sale! haha! If anyone is looking for a great boosting bra then this does the job so well, and is really very comfy too.
Destiny Spot - This one is one that I got before working at Ann Summers. I got it from the online store for £3 as it was basically a "mystery bra". I paid the £3 and got a random bra that was picked out from older stock. I was really pleased with this one as it gives a great boost, is super comfy and (I think) super pretty too.

This is Paul Smith's new perfume for women called "Optimistic" I love this perfume so very much! It's normally £55 for this 100ml bottle but I'm a great believer in shopping around for the best price. I found a store on eBay (here) which sells it for £16.99 + £2.99! It came without the box but who needs the box for that great price! The most important thing about this seller is that they accept returns so you can basically guarantee that the perfume isn't fake. It's got loads of perfume in the store, so it's worth having a little look to see if you can pick up a bargain!

So those are a few things that I love. I know quite a few of them are super geeky but hey, I'm a pretty geeky person! Do you guys share any of my loves? (or do you hate some of the things I've mentioned??) Let me know!

Until next time,

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