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Review: Special FX Fickles Nail Polish!


So by now you should all know that I am a sucker for nail polish. I love it so much! I recently sold some bits on eBay and decided that I should use the money to help pay off my overdraft from uni...and maybe only buy myself one small treat for under £10 if I really wanted it. I was thinking of maybe heading over to ELF or Eyeko as they both take paypal as a form of payment. However somehow (I can't really remember how!) I came across this site They have special effects nail polishes on there which are designed to react to heat and change colour. Colour changing nail polish???! I clearly needed this in my life.

They are £4.50 each but when you "like" them on facebook you can get a free one with your order. So naturally I liked them and got 2 polishes for £4.50 instead (inc p&p.) I decided to get the Ice Blue to Pink and the Pink to Silver ones as I felt they would be the most striking in colour change. I ordered them on Wednesday and they arrived this morning (giving me a nice surprise when I got home from my morning shift at work!)

Now then...when I opened the packet I firstly noticed how well packaged they were, I hate when stuff isn't packaged well so this pleased me greatly. However, after opening them up properly I wasn't thrilled with the colour.
You can see from this picture that the "Ice Blue" (on the right) on is more of a purple colour with blue glitter in it. The pink one (on the left) is a nice baby pink but has lots of silver glitter in it. But they had included a little roll (apparently 1 metre) of what I assume is nail foil. That was a nice surprise and is a cute floral print. I don't have any transfer glue yet though but I've been thinking of getting some nail foils to try out so it's quite nice to have something to start off with....and it was a really nice surprise! I wasn't expecting it at all! I love bonus free gifts from companies, it makes me feel all smiley! I obviously tried out the polish straight away and here are the results...
With Flash.

Without Flash.
These are with 3 coats each. The consistency is quite thin so you have to be careful not to spill any and also multiple coats is a necessity. You can see that the pink goes on better than the blue. You get 8ml in each bottle which means they look small but it seems like they will last for quite a while. It takes ages to dry but I think that's because I didn't put any top coat on which I find usually helps to dry my nails quickly (hence the dents in the polish in the pictures!haha!) (Just changed them so they are all pink and put a top coat on...they dried really quickly! I can probably still dent them but I find all polish is like that, even the "60 second" ones.)

A lovely shot of me popping my fingers into ice water to see if the colour change works...

Ok so obviously the colour that you first paint it is already the "cold" colour.

So here you have a lovely shot of my fingers in very warm water to see how this works for the colour change...

Without Flash.
The pink/silver has turned completely silver and the blue/pink one has turned completely blue.
I love the pink to silver one and despite the fact that the blue one wasn't what I was expecting I still love it! It was so entertaining watching the colours change! I felt like a small child with one of those "magic paintings" where you pop water on and ta-da! it's a fully "painted" picture! (I would love to have one of those again!) 

With Flash.

You can see the difference after I've just dipped the tips of them into the ice cold water. I think the pink/silver one shows up better but I really do love the blue one too. I put a top coat on my middle finger to see if the colour change would sill work and you can see that it still did.

I'm not going to lie...I spent a good amount of time dipping my fingers into cold water and then into warm water again! Fun times! I've been wearing it all evening and I've noticed the colour change quite a bit. It's really fascinating! I would definitely buy more of these colours but I wouldn't get my hopes up by assuming the colour, as these ones were different to how I expected them to be. However they worked really well and changed colour well too. Currently the tips of my nails are one colour and the bottom are a different one! Love it!

There are 14 colours on the site so you can choose which ones you want to try or they have a "superset" which includes all the colours for a cheaper price (it works out as a saving of just over £14 I think, which isn't bad.) They also do a "french kit" and a "funky kit" which are £16 each inc. p&p. I'm really tempted to try one (or both!) of these next pay day as they include quite a lot of stuff for the price. The "french" one includes a set of nail stencils too, which I've been wanting to try. Very very tempted! (Also it include nail transfer need to get it to try out my new floral nail foil....right?....right??)

I would recommend these to people who like to have fun with their nail polish but are too impatient to do lots of intricate designs themselves (like me!) because you get the fun of something different with very little work. My nails currently look like I've painted them in different hues of pink! I can't wait to show them off at work tomorrow (and then to my friends in the evening!)

Until next time,

Disclaimer: I have not been asked or paid or anything like that to write this post....I just bloody love fun nail polish and thought you might like to read this review. I had a look for some before buying these and couldn't find any anywhere! Hopefully this will have helped and I've tried to include all the good and bad points about this product!

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