Sunday, 7 August 2011

Sunday Roundup


So this week has gone by so quickly! Can't believe it's Sunday again already! So on with the pros and cons...


  • I've been catching up with lots of friends this week which has been really nice. Some that I see fairly regularly and quite a few that I haven't seen properly in ages! I know this has been in my pros list for a few weeks running but I always like to mention how nice it is to meet up with my friends!

  • SUPER 8!! So Super 8 came out in cinemas this week and as I've been wanting to see this film since it was first announced over a year ago...and then had to wait and wait and wait...and then had to be taunted by the fact that it came out in the States a full MONTH I was so excited that it was finally out over here! I went to see it on Friday (opening day!) after I'd finished work in he afternoon. I went by myself because a) I love going to the cinema alone b) any of my friends who would've wanted to see it were at work and c) it was the only time I could see it this weekend and not have to pay the ridiculous "premium rate" prices. I can barely afford £7.70 for a ticket, let alone £10.95! And as I needed to see it on opening weekend (like the massive nerd that I am) I figured why not right? This is the second time in 2 weeks that I've done a solo cinema trip and I just love them! The only downside is the fact that none of my friends have seen it yet so I can't nerd out with anyone about it! I bloody loved it though, was well worth the wait! I highly recommend that people see it in the cinema because I don't think it'll have the same impact on the small screen (much like Cloverfield doesn't have the same impact on TV really...)

  • My 2 epic ELF orders arrived this week! Whoop Whoop! So much new make up to try out! Looking at the stuff I got for my sister....well it's a bit of a small stash really! She's in for a right treat in a few weeks! I really hope she likes what I got her though, but if's not like it was very expensive! I love 50% discount!

  • I've sold some stuff on eBay and gotten quite a good amount of money for it all! I'm hyped to get rid of stuff that I don't want/need anymore but need to make sure I don't spend the money on stuff as I have a massive overdraft to get rid of asap. I'm sure this will prove very difficult though...esp as I've already seen these colour changing nail varnishes that I really want to try out!


  • I said last week that I had 4 days off so I could get some blogging done this you can see this hasn't really worked out well. I was asked to work on Monday morning to cover one of the shifts due to the fact that one of the girls couldn't get childcare (her other form of childcare had suddenly dropped out last minute. Nightmare!) I tried to blog on Tuesday but I spent a good portion of the day enjoying the sun/getting my tan on and then I started an epic "eye collection" post, which I didn't get finished! Met a friend on Weds then was working Thurs, Fri (+Super 8 and chilling with friends!) and Saturday. Ugh!! Will hopefully finish my epic eye collection post and get that up today and maybe one of my elf haul posts? I hope so!

  • My asthma has been playing up so much recently! I don't know what's causing it but it's (obviously) really annoying! I may have to go get a check up to see if I need a stronger inhaler. I hate these check ups...mainly because I hate having to do the "puff test" I always feel so lame when I exhale and the thing hardly moves! Needed: new lungs please!

  • I've spent far too much money so far this month. The purse strings need to be tightened as they say. I have no idea who "they" are...but I agree with them. I need to stop going for cocktails really...although this is mainly because the staff have started to recognise me! haha! I felt like a right alcoholic! Having said that, one of them is a little bit easy on the eye and has lovely arms (I'm a sucker for nice arms) so maybe it's not such a bad thing to keep going there?!

I think that's about it to be honest. I'm sure I've left loads out but I'm so tired right now that I can't think of what they might be!

How's your week been? Any pros or cons? Have any of you seen Super 8 so I can nerd out with someone?!

Until next time,

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