Sunday, 14 August 2011

Sunday Roundup


It's been a week since my last roundup but it sure as hell doesn't feel like it! It's gone by so damn quick again! This makes me feel old. Remember when the summer holidays used to feel like forever as a kid?? Now a week passes in what feels like no time at all!

Anyway...on with the...


  • My Boudour Prive box arrived on Saturday!! I was so excited to open the box that I totally forgot to take any pictures of it before I ripped into it! I will try to do a blog post about it soon but I've already given my perfume samples to my friend! (I'm not a floral scent type of person at all!) It's super cute and the packaging is amazing! I can't wait to try the hair stuff!

  • I've had loads of work this week so I know that my pay cheque next month (when overtime gets added in) will be pretty good, so that makes me happy!

  • I got my new Fickles nail polishes in the post too! The colour change has kept me very entertained over the last few days! I'm very tempted to get some more...(I'm so bad with buying nail polish! Such an addict!)

  • Seeing friends has been very big during my week again! Love it! However I need to stop going to a certain pub as I fear I may have become known as a "regular" down there! haha! I also went out for a work thing this week....however pretty much everyone ended up having to ditch (childcare issues/surprise visits from girlfriends etc) so it ended up being myself and my manager! We had a ridiculous amount of fun and were dressed up in super awesome dresses and heels....pretty sure most people in Pizza Express thought we were on a first date because we were so dressed up! We ended the night with a shot called "Detox" which was very yummy but very alcoholic! 


  • I'm so tired all the damn time at the moment. I don't know what's wrong with me! I don't ever seem to feel like I've had a proper nights sleep (I'm so tired as I write this that I'm definitely heading to bed as soon as this is done!) I know the extra overtime means that I'm going to be a bit more tired than I would be doing my usual 10hour week but...I've had full time jobs before so it's not like it's a shock to my system or anything! Bleugh. Hopefully I'll sleep really well tonight and all will be well....I can wish anyway!

  • People are annoying. I think everyone understands this very well!(maybe more so if you've ever worked in retail or something customer based!) I'm really tired of pretending to like people or not saying things for fear of "messing things up". I really don't have the energy to care enough anymore so I'm taking a "what will be will be" attitude (well, to be honest, it's more of a "f**k it" attitude!haha!) I really don't have time for people who can't tell you how they really feel (even if it's not what you want to hear) Life is short, people. You don't have the time to waste it with bottling stuff up, playing games, pretending to like people when you really can't stand their company and crap like that.

I think that's about it for this week. I honestly can't think straight at the moment so I'm sure there's loads that I can't remember that I will be annoyed for not mentioning (in the pros list anyway!) I'm off to bed now to try and get some quality sleep so I don't feel like a zombie at work tomorrow!

Until next time,

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