Sunday, 21 August 2011

Sunday Roundup


It's that time of week again!


  • I finally got to see "Horrible Bosses" after weeks of waiting! I was suppose to go last week but there was "rioting" in our town centre and the cinema was shut down. (Read "rioting" as there were about 5 kids in hoodies being a bit twatish and the whole centre closed down against police advice. Anything for a shorter day huh??) I really enjoyed the film and definitely laughed out loud during some points. I'm very glad that I got to see it in the cinema.

  • I caught up with friends again this week and had fun chatting about everything and nothing. I also arranged to go and see "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" next week with one of my friends from work. Very much looking forward to that!

  •  Work has been very quiet this week due to the crappy weather and because it's that awkward time between pay days (a con) but that means that we've had a lot of fun messing about at work...obviously whilst doing all the other boring jobs like sorting delivery and boxing up sale stuff. Good (and bad) times!

  • I've been watching a show called "Eureka" and I really like it. It's not so much the storyline that I like but the characters are really good. Played by decent actors! There aren't any that make me think "ugh...really? Act better!!" haha!

  • I've been looking at prices for a mid-week break somewhere but it's all a bit expensive really! Can anyone recommend anywhere fun to explore but kind of cheap? Also in the UK because I'm terrible and haven't renewed my passport (too expensive!)


  • I'm so very ill again and I have the same antibiotics as last time. I really need to remember that if I need them again to mention to my doctor that they make me feel really nauseous. Taking them at "regular intervals with food" is a joke too. No way am I eating something right before bed, makes me feel even worse. Bleugh. I really am sick of being ill. My depression has been pretty wank this week too. I'm not 100% why but it's definitely got something to do with my lack of wanting to live where I am anymore (boring as hell!) I think. Double bleugh! I'm sure once I'm not ill anymore my depression won't feel quite so heavy on my mind. I always find that when I'm feeling down because of illness it makes everything feel worse!

  • There's a lot of stuff going on in my personal life which is always stressful. There's the possibility that I may be out of a job in a few months so I'm searching for proper grown up full time jobs. Applying for jobs has always been a drag but it's even worse when you really enjoy the job you're in already! I really don't want to go work in an office and have to curb what I say from now on, I love being creepy and talking to strangers about their sex lives all day! It's awesome! I also need to figure out if I should put in for my driving test or not. I really don't want to have to take my theory test again but I'm not confident on manoeuvres. I think I'll just go for it because the worst that can happen is that I will have to take both of them again, but the best outcome is that I pass and don't have to waste money on re-taking my theory test.

  • Now then...this is really a pro because we rescued a cat (so cute!) but a con because we're pretty sure she's been abandoned but the Cat's Protection League and the RSPCA are completely full in our area. This means there are loads of cats needing homes and it makes me want to go and adopt them all! So she's currently chilling at our house (love it!) but we already have two cats and they're all having hissing fits. Obviously we have to look after our own cats first but it's not like we can just chuck her out. She's really skinny and has a slight limp (vets on Monday I think.) She is so freaking cute though and, as I'm a crazy cat lady, I have no problem having another cat around for however long she's here for! I'll be looking for "lost cat" posters this week as we're pretty sure she's under a year old and could have just lost her way home, but if we can't find any then if anyone wants a super loving and super cute ca let me know!(if not...well...then we'll just have to keep her! What a shame!)

So that's everything for this week! No much going on to be honest because I've been ill since the middle of the week. Hope my cons haven't been too depressing for you guys!

How have your weeks been? Done anything exciting??

Until next time,

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