Monday, 5 September 2011

Belated Sunday Roundup


So this Sunday roundup is a tad late this week....I blame it on the night out on Saturday! I was so tired on Sunday that once I got home from Leanne's place, I just couldn't think of anything but chilling out and finally getting some awesome sleep!


First up two pictures to sum up my Saturday night out....
    Two lovely ladies!
    A ridiculous shot tower....(I should point out these weren't just my shots!)
  • I got paid this week so an epic night out was due with Hannah and Leanne. We went out in town all dressed up and I'm pretty sure we all had a very good time! I hadn't been out properly in AGES so it was nice to get properly dressed up and have drinks with two lovely ladies (also lots of shots....) The only downside was that my feet are currently ruined because of the heels I was wearing and also because I stayed at Leanne's (an impromptu stay over) when we went for breakfast in the morning I had to borrow some of her flat shoes (so it didn't look quite so much like the walk of shame!haha!) and we're about a half size-ish out from each other. This meant that her shoes were a bit on the small side and rubbed on the sides of my feet. It was totally worth it to get that great hangover cure breakfast though!

  • My manager went to an area meeting this week and kindly picked me up these amazing nail wraps! We have the leopard print ones and the pink ones with the heart on them at work but when I saw these in our VM guide I fell in love! I was going to see if I could order them in from another store (for that all important staff discount!) but when she came in on Friday she handed them over as a gift! I was so happy! My nails aren't quite long enough so I've got to let them grow just a tad more but I'm very hyped to use them. I don't think I'll put them all all my nails because I think that'll be a bit overkill, maybe just on my ring finger or something? What do you think? I might invest in the pink heart ones too....Love them!


  • Everyone at work has been ill with tonsillitis this week...I'm really dreading the fact that I may eventually get it....I really do not want to be ill again!! Agh!!

  • I don't think I'm going to be able to book my driving test before my theory test runs out. This means I'll have to pay for the theory again. Boooo!!

  • I've got so much going on in my work and personal life at the moment, I just end up feeling tired all the damn time. I feel like I need to take a nice weekend break away somewhere but I totally need the overtime at work at the moment! I guess I can rest again when I get made redundant! haha! (I know I shouldn't be quite so jokey about this because I really will miss my job and the people I work with but hey, you've gotta be upbeat about it right?!)

Well that's everything I think! I've probably missed off loads of stuff but I'm so tired I just can't even really remember the stuff that's happened in the last week. Such a tired lady right here! Hope everyone had a good week!

Until next time,

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