Sunday, 18 September 2011

Double Sunday Roundup


First up is an apology. I've been an epic slacker with my blog over the last two weeks. The only excuse I have is an epic amount of work which has been making me so tired that I've basically come home and mainly just gone to bed! We've had loads of floor moves and such like over the last two weeks with another one coming up this week. I predict more epic tiredness coming up!

Ok on with the pros and cons!


  • Lots of overtime means lots of pay coming up. Always a bonus (esp as I've spent quite a bit of money on makeup this month! Read as: my ELF order arrived! yay!!) I've also put loads of makeup up on eBay today (free listing!) if anyone fancies a look then click here. (This is also a slight con because I HATE ebaying stuff. It takes so long! Also....I kind of....maybe want to keep some of it! lol! But I need the money really so fingers crossed some sells!)

  • I've been able to hang out with some friends again this week which is always nice. Only drawback is being so tired that I generally end up not staying out too long. Rubbish!

  • One of my friends has started work in a salon recently and she needs someone to practice on. As my manager is really nice about making the rotas flexible for us, I've been able to help her out. So far she's practiced some facial techniques, which was really nice! However my skin was already a tad dry and I seem to have had a reaction to something! Nightmare! If anyone has any pro tips for dry skin around my eyes I'd be very interested in hearing them!

  • I've had fake nails on all this week which has been like heaven for my nail painting obsession! I'm starting to think that I might look into taking a proper nail art course. Any recommendations?

  • I've got  little weekend away planned next weekend, which I'm really looking forward to! I'm going to hang out with one of my friend's at her place and although it;s not super far away from my home town, it's far enough away for it to feel like a proper get away if you see what I mean? Plus she's already found out that there will be a fair in town that weekend! This means one thing..... CANDYFLOSS!!! My all time favourite thing ever! Can't wait!!


  • The tiredness really is an issue at the moment. It's really ridiculous! It's been making me quite emotional as well which I don't need! Hopefully the weekend away will be a nice way to recharge my batteries!

  • I've been having massive urges to play proper old school games on my laptop but I can't seem to find any or if I do find them they won't work on my laptop. boo! I wish I still had an old Acorn computer from back in the day to play all the games I remember from my childhood! (Lucky for me they brought out the Crystal Maze game for the PC too so I've at least been able to play that!!)

That's about it really. Two weeks worth of pros and cons and it doesn't look like a lot does it?? I really have mainly been at work or asleep it seems! How have your few weeks been?

Until next time,

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