Sunday, 2 October 2011

Another Double Sunday Roundup


As you may have noticed, I have been somewhat slack on my blog posts recently.  I've been really busy with work/visiting friends/catching up on sleep due to the last two points! So apologies all round for being such a slacker, hopefully you'll all forgive me...

Anyway, on with the double pros and cons!

  • I went to stay with my manager (who is obviously also my friend) last weekend. She lives about an hour away from me so it was really nice to a) hang out properly b) get out of my home town for the first time in years (wow..years??...that's depressing...) and c) go to a funfair!! I was working on Friday so we went straight to hers from work. It was weird turning up to work with a small suitcase for the weekend but hey...she asked me to bring "a few nail polishes" and she knows about my addiction so what else could she have expected?! (I ended up being able to narrow it down to about 20 polishes in the end but it was a tough decision!) We spent Friday evening just chilling and watching the Grey's Anatomy season 9 premiere. Neither her or her boyfriend had every seen it so it was a weird to introduce them to it with season 8 but as I am emotionally addicted to that show and it was a new one I simply had to watch it! It was very kind for them to suffer through it but my friend ended up telling me that she might just have to have it as her guilty pleasure! haha! On Saturday we went to the Funfair with her boyfriend, his friend and her 6 year old. Her little girl had never been on a waltzer so I knew this needed to be fixed. I have never had so much fun on a waltzer!! Her little girl was laughing so much and I just had a grin on my face the whole time...however I'm not 100% sure everyone else had as much fun....they were a little pale after.... We then played a few sideshow games and won a few prizes (a beauty set for the little one and soft bullet guns for the adults....awesome!) and brought so much candy floss (because I love it so much!) Saturday night was spent watching Back to the Future (her little girl had NEVER seen it. What the hell?! That is bad parenting right there! lol!) and eating far too much pizza/candy floss. Sunday was a total chill morning with more pizza and lots of coffee/talking. I was up early (curse of sharing a room with a six year old) and ended up letting her paint the false nails she got in her beauty kit with my nail polish. I was ok with it but was a little worried about her smushing the brushes against the nails....also it was messy business so I'm glad I had the foresight to put down an empty candy floss bag to paint the nail on. Very easy to peel wet false nails off! I headed home on Sunday afternoon to see another friend having had a really lovely and relaxing time. Very nice.

  • I've worked LOADS over the last few weeks. This means that despite the store closing at some point soon (still no definite date. boo!) I will have some nice pay cheques to make me worry less about being unemployed before christmas!

  • I sold quite a bit on eBay last week. Very happy about the extra money! I still have a few bits on there if anyone wants to take a look then head here.

  • I saw a few friends on Friday night and had a great time just hanging out at the pub. I also managed to flirt up a storm to get us table service at the end of the night so we didn't have to get up and go to the bar! The fact that I was wearing my Kissing Cleavage bra from work might have helped.... haha!

  • A couple of my nails have split really badly which is obviously very upsetting for a nail addict like me! I've popped false ones on again but instead of using glue, I'm using nail tabs instead. I'll let you know how they work out.

  • I have a few difficult decisions to make at the moment but I'm trying desperately to just avoid them instead. This is quite clearly not going to end well but, frankly, I already have way too much going on in my life to make any kind of actual decision. I hate making actual decisions to do with anything so when they are to do with something that might actually impact my life quite heavily I will go out of my way to avoid them for as long as I can!

  • I'm getting very tired of having people talk about things "we should totally do!" and then not actually going through with it. It really annoys me and I think I might just fuck off by myself to save the disappointment of yet another let down! (plus I think it'd be pretty cool to explore somewhere by myself! Any suggestions??)

  • I'm also pretty tired of living where I am. I really need to get a decent paying job so I can save up and leave for a while. I can't understand how people can settle down in their hometown if they've never been anywhere else. Such an odd concept to me!

Ok so that's it really. Not many pros and cons for a two week roundup but I've really been working for most of it!

How has everyone else been? Done anything exciting recently?

Until next time,


  1. I totally agree with you on people who say "we need to do stuff" then never progress it any further! (not for the lack of trying on my behalf either!) very frustrating - sometimes you just have to be selfish and think about yourself! x x x

  2. It's always annoying when you feel like you're let down all the time isn't it? I appreciate we all have days when we're not feeling up to it (I'm def guilty of having those days!) but when I feel like that and gone out anyway I've ended up having a great time! I'm definitely going to be more selfish from now on! (But I'll try not to be too selfish...I don't want to become a total bitch!lol!) xxx


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