Saturday, 12 November 2011

Sorry, So Sorry!

Hello! may have noticed a slight absence on here recently (over the last month especially) and a very distinct lack of any posts to do with beauty. Basically I was working bucket loads and just didn't feel like I had time to blog as well as be a little social/sleep mostly. The store I work in has been shut for good sad times) so last week I was a) emotional and b) so freaking tired from packing up an entire shop. This doesn't seem like it should be that bad, I mean, it's just packing things into boxes right? Wrong. EVERYTHING had to be scanned through the tills. EVERYTHING!! ugh. Anyway, I've been transferred to a different store for the time being as a Christmas temp, which isn't great but at least I've got a job I know and love for Christmas right?

Anyway, enough with the sob story! haha! I've had this week off and feel quite bad for not blogging but it's been so very nice to just chill out. I've met some friends for lunch (like a real lady!), gone clothes shopping (you know there's going to be a post on that. I brought the most comfortable jumper....and some men's jogging bottoms to laze around the house in. Hey, it's a step up from pjs right??) and just done so much gaming on my PS3! I completed Uncharted 3 in 2 days! I was impressed with myself as, although I love games, I am quite ridiculous when it comes to them. I get so freaking nervous when you can fall off an edge and don't even get me started on chase sequences! So because my new contract seems to be less hours, I will actually have proper days off to be able to blog! How exciting! I need to find my camera (I've put it in a safe place....) and then hopefully I'll get a nail post up today if you're lucky!

Hope you're all well and enjoying the winter weather!(Well...being able to snuggle up in comfy clothes anyway!)

Until next time,

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