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Boudoir Prive November Box Review


Firstly let me apologise once again for such a lack of posts over the last month. See previous apologetic posts for reason why!

Now on with the post...

I'm sure all of you know about Boudoir Prive by now but just in case you don't, they are a Beauty Box subscription service that send out a box with 5-6 deluxe sized beauty samples for you to try out for just £12.95 a month (inc p&p) I've been with Boudoir Prive since they started in August, so I still get them for the original £10 a month (which is very nice of them!) and I've yet to be disappointed by them. Ok so the first month wasn't great because the packaging was a bit on the naff side but you can't expect a new company to be fantastic with everything straight away. I still really liked all the products I got, just a little frustrating to actually use them! Anyway, I have been pleased with every box so far and have pretty much never heard of most of the brands before so it's been really nice being introduced to new brands. I wasn't hyped about the perfume samples but that's only because they were always flowery scents which I don't like, my friends loved it though as they always got first dibs on them instead! (I actually quite like getting perfume samples...as long as they aren't one of the "deluxe samples" because they really are very easy to get hold of.)

I've never done a box review because I usually rip into the box and play about with the samples before thinking about taking pictures! I just love to see what's in there! However, this month I actually remembered to take pictures first....it also helps that I had time to properly try the stuff out this morning too as the box arrived just after I'd showered so I hadn't put my moisturiser or makeup on yet. (This review was started the day I actually received the box...and it's now a week later! However this means that I've actually had time to try the stuff out properly...and feel bad for not posting this review sooner!)

This is how the box looks when it arrives. Always so pretty! The leaflet included is really handy as it tells you how to use the products and how much each full size product costs. I'm not going to lie...there's been a few times when I've been like "....how do I use this??" so I think it's very handy...plus it's nice to total up the box and see how much it really comes to!

All of my goodies in their snug little nest box!

Product 1: Dead Sea Spa Magic - Silky Smooth Body Lotion. Full size (350ml) price - £7.70 Sample size (50ml) cost - £1.10 (if my maths is correct....possibly not but lets go with it anyway!) 
Now then, I've read a little about this brand and it's all been positive stuff so I was pretty hyped to see it in the box. As you can see from the picture above, it's pretty runny! It came out of the tube so quickly that it was a good thing that I hadn't moisturised yet that morning! The smell of it kind of reminds me of holidays almost. Not quite a suncream smell but kind of beachy if you see what I mean??(probably not...this one is quite difficult to describe!) A little really goes a long way with this product and it was absorbed really quickly....and my skin was SO soft after! I kept absent mindedly rubbing my arms after! Haha! Very happy with this sample!

Product 2: Rahua Voluminous Shampoo and Conditioner. Full size (275ml) price - Shampoo - £27.00 Conditioner - £28.50. Sample size - 2 x 10ml Shampoo - £1.96. 2 x 8ml Conditioner - £1.67.

I quite like trying new shampoos and conditioners so I thought this was quite a nice sample to receive. My hair is quite fine and also coloured fr too often so I was glad of the voluminous property f it. I can see how it could be quite annoying to get this one if you have thick hair but I was quite happy to try it. I tried it the day after getting my box and it left my hair feeling very soft and nourished too. I liked this sample but I'm never really that excited about sachets of things as you kind of have to use all of the product at once...and as I have really short hair I really didn't need to use it all! I left some in the packet and my mum used the rest of it up. She said the same as me and was interested in getting a full sized one (until she saw the price and then decided to stick with the £4.99 stuff we got from TKMaxx. I can't remember what it's called but it's really good and in MASSIVE bottles. I'll find out what it is and let you know!) 
Product 2 - Vinies Ayurveda's Soul Luminous Skin Mask. Full size (40gm) price - £32.85 Sample size (2 x 15gm) cost - £24.70

I LOVE face masks! My skin is combination on my face so I don't like using anything too harsh on it, as this usually means that the bit on my cheekbones, that has a tendency to dry out so easily, will dry out even further and if I use anything too rich then the bit on my nose, forehead and chin will just be suuuuper shiny. Lovely... I was a little sceptical about this product, mainly because when I opened it...well...it looks a bit like baby poop really doesn't it?! It said in the booklet that this product is suitable for all skin types so I figured why not try it? Once I got over the look of it I braved a whiff and was drawn in completely! It's got mint leaf and licorice root in it and I really love the smell. I've used this several times so far and am planning on using it again tomorrow. When you first put it on you can feel the exfoliants working away as you rub it over your face and once it's gone on, I found that you could feel it working (mainly due to the fact that it felt that I was having botox as my skin tightened up!) I'll be honest, rinsing with cold water was a bit of a tough one because, what with it being Winter, cold water just feels so much colder at the moment! However it was totally worth it and my skin felt amazing! I can't vouch for the "glowing" property (no one mentioned it..) but I thought my skin looked clearer and felt softer too. My face did feel a little tight afterwards but my skin usually feels like that after a shower anyway, so I can't really blame the face mask for that (and once I popped some of the next product on my face, it felt super awesome!)

Product 4 - Korres Wild Rose 24-Hour Moisturiser. Full size (40ml) price - £19.00. Sample size (10ml) cost - £4.75.

Again, I like trying out new face moisturisers but I do have to be careful as my face is really quite sensitive (for instance, I can't use Simple products at all as they make my face feel like it's burning....which is odd considering they are meant to be "kind for skin". Also heavier moisturisers can leave my skin feeling really greasy too. Agh! So annoying!) Anyway I'm very much a "never say never....until you've tried it once anyway" kind of girl, so I popped this on after the face mask. I literally only used that small amount on my finger in the picture and it was more than enough for full coverage. It was a little heavier than I would have preferred for my moisturiser but it did feel really nice and left my skin feeling really soft too. I'm not a fan of the smell really but I do like the fact that it's got SPF6 in it too. A lot of people forget that the sun can still damage you skin during Winter too! To be honest though, I wouldn't buy this as a full size product. I really liked the Body Butter from the same brand last month as it smelt lovely and was light on my skin (full size product too!) and am glad I've tried a face moisturiser from them but I'm not fully convinced this product is right for my skin.
Product 5 - Studio Makeup Rich Hydration Lipstick in Really Red. Full Sized Product worth £12.25. Available in 4 colours (I assume by this they mean 4 available colours in the box that month as they have 12 colours on their website for this product. From what I've seen it was pot luck as to who got what colour in each box)

(Check out the 17 Magnetic nail polish on my thumb! So awesome that I completely forgot to take a photo for a NOTD post before changing my nail colour. Damn it!)
Now then, we had a Studio Makeup product last month...it was a full sized Line Styler Pen and I was so impressed by it (small brush, easy application for thin or thick lines, easy to take off without smudging everywhere during my night out!) that I had been looking on their website to see what else they sold. Unfortunately I just couldn't warrant spending £12.25 on one lipstick (mainly because I can get 12 MUA ones for the same price....or...you know....at least 4 nail polishes if not 12! What an addict.) Anyway, I was thinking that maybe I'd invest in something from their website after Christmas if I got money or maybe even ask for something from there for Christmas! So you can imagine my delight when I opened the box and found this nestled in there! And in a FAB colour that I would have totally chosen from the website (well...ok I might have gone for more of a darker red but still...it's great for a statement colour!) I really like the colour of it but am not so sure about the "Rich Hydration" property as it's suggested in the booklet to put lip balm on first...which we all know is a good idea before any lipstick as it will keep your lips hydrated.... I tried this and it meant that the colour was difficult to put on to start off with so I had to layer it up, but it had good staying power and I was very impressed with the performance of the lipstick. (I have since tried it without lip balm and the hydration claims are a good claim. My lips did go a little dry but not as much as they normally do with most lipsticks.)
A little thing that I was pretty impressed with too is the packaging of the lipstick. It has a spring loaded...thingy in it like a click top pen so the lipstick won't wiggle it's way out of the case when it's in your handbag! One moment it's snugly in its packaging and....

....after one click it's ready to use! (It's the little things in life that keep me amused!)

Total box price - £10. Total box cost - £46.43 (That's almost 5 times the price of the box!!)

Well I hope this review hasn't been too long for you (I know it has so well done on sticking with it til the end! You deserve a prize!) I just really wanted to share my thoughts on this months Boudoir Prive box as I've really loved all of their boxes and have kept quiet about it instead of sharing my joy with you lovely people! I know December's box is all change for Boudoir Prive as they are becoming Jolie Box instead. Jolie Box are a beauty box company in France so I'm interested to see how it'll work out. I am a bit bummed out that the box will be changing to a shoebox type box instead of the magnetic flip box. I've been reusing them for makeup storage as they're so pretty and easy to reuse!

Also one last note, Boudoir Prive are doing a "Goodbye" box which features a load of brands from this box and past boxes too. It's £19.95 (inc p&p) and would make a great gift for someone for Christmas....or some greats gifts for lots of people! (Or a fabulous treat for yourself to pamper yourself after Christmas shopping!) Naturally I've already ordered mine and am thinking that some bits will be gifts and others will be just for me (the Zoya nail polish is mine for sure! Haha!) It looks like GREAT value for money as the first two products alone are worth more together than the price of the box! The Box is limited so you can get one (or two...or three...) here whilst stocks last! (I predict these being snapped up quickly due to extreme value for money so grab one while you can!)

If you get Boudoir Prive, did you get anything different to me? (I'd be interested to see what the other colours of lipstick were!) And if not what do you think of the November box? Will you be getting the Christmas "Goodbye" box?

Until next time,

(Sorry if this post is at all hard to follow...I am very tired right now but was so determined to get this post done! As always I paid for this box out of my own money and all opinions are my own (except for the one about my mum's thoughts on the shampoo and conditioner...that was her opinion!) and completely honest!)

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