Thursday, 19 January 2012

Boots 75% off Haul (plus a cheeky TKMaxx purchase...)


So I've actually been meaning to do a little Christmas Presents post (it's getting later and later to do this I know!) but frankly I've been quite busy and today I popped into town and made the mistake of going into Boots to show my mum the stuff they had left from Christmas....and instead of loads at 50% they had a tiny amount at 75% off instead! There were some real bargains..and a lot of generic "perfume" that apparently still wasn't selling even for £3... Anyway here's my little haul...

First up a Fish hair set. Now then, I've been looking at mini hair straighteners for a while because, as I have really short hair, even the small GHDs that my mum has are just a bit too big if I ever feel like I need to try and tame the odd flyaway. I'd originally picked up some Minnie Mouse ones that were pretty cute but when I saw this for just £2 extra I figured it was a good bargain! I know its for men (I love how they've put "Fish Hair Styler for men" on the front. It's a pair bloomin' hair straightners. It doesn't matter how you word it, people are going to take one look and know exactly what they are. Don't be ashamed men, embrace the world of hair styling!) Anyway...yes, I know it's for men but I'm very much a "hair products are pretty much unisex really" kind of girl. I actually quite like my hair products to smell a bit manly sometimes....ok so that might sound weird but whatever!

Included in the set is:
  • A Firm Hold Elastic Styling Gel that actually just smells clean really. Bit like non-scented shampoo....if that makes any sense? I tested a tiny bit on my fringe and I love it! Seems to do the job quite well. However, I've not been very good with gel in the past and would rather not end up looking like an 11 year old boy so might have to reconsider once I've tried it properly...
  • A Revitalising Hair and Body Wash that smells SO good! It's like a coconut/holiday smell. I could honestly sit and smell it all evening! I might keep this about as an emergency thing but will probably offer it to my "who knows what we are" (who loves products that smell nice so hopefully he'll like it. But, as I did him his own "beauty box" stuffed full of hair, face and body products for Christmas, he probably won't need it for a while!)
  • A Medium Hold Defining Spray Wax that, again, smells divine! It's pretty similar to the wash so I will be happy with that! My spray wax has almost run out and I was actually going to repurchase today but when I found this it was an extra bargain (sorry Lee Stafford! Maybe next time?) I tried a bit of this earlier and it seems just as good as my old one so I'm happy with that.
  • And lastly, a pair of mini hair straighteners. I've not tried these yet but I'm excited to see how well they work. If they aren't great...well...I've got other things in the set that I like so it's not a total waste...also it was dirt cheap so who am I to complain??
Total cost: £5 BARGAIN!!

So this is actually one of the sets I got for my "who knows?" guy for his box (I got him loads of stuff and then wrapped it individually and put it all into one massive box...there were 46 items because of all the deals before Christmas! Aren't I nice?? Haha!) but I was really impressed with/jealous of the little kit that's in it. So when I saw this I thought "why the hell not?" and grabbed it up!

Included in the set is:

  • A Men's Normal/Dry Face Wash, Moisturiser and Refreshing Eye Gel. This will probably all go to "Who knows?" if he liked the one I got home for Christmas and if he'd like another for when he eventually runs out of the first one. As much as I'm very "haircare is pretty much unisex" I'm not really the same for face stuff (unless it's guyliner...I mean come on!) I'm sure it's probably the same but as I have sensitive skin I don't want to risk it. Plus I've got LOADS of my own face wash so it'd be pretty pointless to keep this. If "WK?" doesn't want it then I'm sure my Dad will look at it and go "how do I use it?" and then politely take it and put it on the shelf to gather dust until I put it on eBay...

  • A Men's Manicure Set. Now this is totally unisex. Men's nails are no different to women's surely?! When I opened the one for "WK?" I was shocked at how good the quality was! I've been on the look out for a decent travel kit (just in case you know?) because I love my tweezers and fear losing them. I also don't actually own any nail scissors so this is very handy! I'm sure it'll just sit in my drawer for ages but I know one day it'll come in handy!(hopefully....)
Total Price: £3.75 BARGAIN!

I first saw these went I was looking during the 50% off sale time and although they are super cute, I just couldn't justify paying £4 for them really. The outer casing is a bit puffy (if that makes sense??) and they both have a magnetic strip on the side to keep the lid on. They've also both got a little pearl type bead on the side just for decorative reasons but it looks quite sweet.

So these actually have a mirror on the inside of the lid too but as I was leaning over them I thought it'd be a little creepy to see me in the mirrors! The one on the left is the "warm" palette and the one on the right is the "cool" palette. I love the neutrals in the warm one and the silver looks amazing in the cool one. I'm still not sure if I'm going to keep these or keep them for presents. I like the the applicators have a little bit of ribbon underneath so you can lift them out easily (if any one still uses these tiny applicators? I find them really fiddly and I have pretty small hands!) I think these are really cute little sets to be able to easily transport and the magnetic strip will make sure they don't pop open too easily.

Total cost: £4 (2x £2) Pretty good bargain....even if I decide to use them for presents!

Right so this set...well...frankly I generally think anything that is "show branded" is a bit of a rip off. And I would not have paid £12 for this, mainly because I already have other versions of most of the stuff in here. a 75% off's not so bad when you consider I really only wanted to try one item in here and that would normally cost anywhere from £5 - £8 roughly.

Included in the set is:

  • A pair of False Eyelashes + Glue (under the items) When I first saw these I was interested in them as I thought they looked like really good quality lashes, which surprised me. I still wouldn't pay £6 for them though (because I really don't have money at the moment!) However in a 75% off sale they were pretty nicely priced so I decided to go for it! Having only taken them out of the packet and placed them against my eyes I can't really fully comment but...I was really impressed with how they look! They look like they'll be super dramatic and good for epic nights out. They're really soft too so they seem quite natural. I really can't wait to wear these properly!
  • A pair of Mini Tweezers. I guess these are for easier false lash application but I'm not sure how hyped I'll be to use small tweezers for this purpose. Plus I'll probably lose them as I am crap with mini tweezers!
  • An Angled Eyeliner Brush. I actually ordered one of these in my last ELF haul (the last ever 50% off sale. Man I do love a bargain!) and I've used it quite a lot so I guess it'll be handy to have a spare one.
  • A Black Gel Eyeliner. Again, I've already got one of these but it'll be handy to have a spare, plus this means I won't have to repurchase for ages because the other one has been used loads and looks barely touched! This pot is really good too, it's actually made out of glass, which was a bit of a shock to be honest as most TV branded stuff I've come across has the cheapest packaging possible!
On the back of the set there's a little guide to putting on the lashes for anyone who needs it (it's quite clear too which is nice) and there's a bit at the bottom that states it was "Designed and developed in conjunction with Lisa Armstrong, make-up artist on Strictly Come Dancing" so I guess that makes a little more sense as to way the products are actually pretty decent and not the usual tat that I seem to come across (I feel like I should point out that not all TV branded stuff is complete tat...but lets face it, a good 90% is right?)

Total cost: £3 Pretty decent bargain.

So this is my one TK Maxx purchase. I was tempted my some of the OPI or Nails Inc sets but I really couldn't justify the prices at all really. However, having used my mini Batiste Dry Shampoo today I was considering buying a full sized one because I was very impressed with it. TK Maxx is right outside the car park my mum parked in though so we "just popped in quickly" and I ended up spotting this on the reduced bit. Talk about handy! Now then, I know that just buying some dry shampoo would have been cheaper BUT a) I get to try a brand I've not tried before, and I LOVE doing that and b) There were added bits in there! (Also the dry shampoo alone is worth about £ there's that...)

Included in this set is:

  • A Dry Shampoo, which smells really nice. There's a delicious vanilla hint to it that is going to make my hair smell yummy when it's not been washed! I tried a little bit and it seemed pretty decent but, as my hair has already been dry shampooed, I can't judge properly. I will use it and let you all know how it fairs.
  • A Membrane Gas. I'll be honest....just the name of this made me go "holy is that?!" I'm still not completely sure but it seems like a cross between spray wax and hairspray really. It is created with "the special DynamX polymer" then I only did 2 years of a 4 year Forensic Science degree but I'm going to take a wild guess and say that this sounds made up.... However, I think this will be good for nights out when I want my hair to actually stay in place. Again it smells really nice, which is an added bonus! (even if I still can't work out exactly what it is...)
  • A hair treatment called "Ends". THIS SMELLS AMAZING!! It's got a proper vanilla scent but it's not super overpowering. It's suppose to "repair and seal dried ends preventing hair breakage" I put a small bit on my fringe and it genuinely feels super soft. I'm very hyped about trying this out properly to see what it's actually like and if it really works. I'll do a proper review once I've tried it out for a week or so.
Total cost: £5 Pretty good bargain!

I popped into the 99p store (because they have lots of proper branded stuff and are generally amazing really) and when I saw these i knew I had to get them for a little childhood reminiscing! 99p got me 15 of these bad boys! Amazing!! I did have 2 of them almost straight away and man were they good! A cheeky sweet treat during a cheeky treat day!

Total cost: 99p! BARGAIN!

Total Cheeky Purchase Day Cost: £7.99! (God bless Boots points!! I had almost enough for everything but had to take one of the eyeshadow palettes off, so I had to pay for that but as it was only £2 I didn't mind as I got everything else for FREE! This made me feel a LOT less guilty!)

So there is my little haul post. My post really do seem to be quite long, apparently I'm not just a waffler when I'm talking in real life! I hope it doesn't bother you guys too much?? Have any of you tried any of the bits that I picked up? Or  picked up any bargains of your own??

Until next time,

P.S. Excuse the bad spelling/puntuation. I'm so tired and am just getting this post done! Off to bed now to be ready for my last day at Ann Summers!


  1. Brilliant haul, I love those Chilli Pepper palettes!


    1. Thanks! I was so happy to get all that stuff with my Boots points! I've yet to try the palettes. They're so cute though!

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