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My First Carmine Box - January Edition!


So the other day I ordered a Carmine box for £4.75 (with a discount code) to try it out and see what I was missing out on really. I thought that, what with having the discount code, it'd be a perfect opportunity to see what I was missing out on and see if I fancied switching boxes...or possibly having another box to look forward to each month!

So I ordered it late on Sunday and it was dispatched on the 24th with an estimated delivery date of the 31st. So naturally, I was quite impressed but how quickly it turned up! A 2 day turn around is pretty damn good! They do say that with your first box they know you'll want to experience the box quickly and aim to send it out within 7 days. I like this as it means you get the first box quickly without having to wait around (I'm really quite impatient!) I assume this means that if you were to order now you'd still get the January box as the February box is out on the 16th of Feb I think. Anyway, I like that this box is so colourful, however when I first picked it up from my postbox I was a little concerned that it had been opened. It turns out that the outer box is a little too small for the actual box and therefore the box looks a little open due to it stretching to accommodate the box inside. The seal is a really big round sticker basically so it's slightly different to the other boxes I've encountered with the rip tabs on the box. This doesn't make any difference to the box inside but as it's the same price as Joliebox and Glossy box I was expecting a little more presentation really...(but for £4.75 I can't really complain right??)

The box inside is a lovely black box with the Carmine name and logo on it. You can't really see the colour of the logo that well in this picture due to the flash but it's a really gorgeous deep pink. I like their logo quite a bit, it's simple but eye catching.
The inside of the box is a bright green with the Carmine logo printed over and over on it. I really like the brightness of it and how it's different to the other boxes that are really quite girly. Like all the other boxes, it has the classic tissue paper tied with a ribbon. No matter how many boxes I've seen with this (I read a lot of reviews on the monthly boxes on other blogs!) I still really like it. I just think it looks really pretty. My only issue took me so long to get into the box!! It almost seemed like there was a magnet holding the lid down. I know I'm not exactly the strongest person in the world but it was a tad ridiculous!
However, once I got into the box (only took about 5-10 minutes...I won't lie, the lid did get stuck at one point! Haha!) I was greeted with these little beauties. I quite like getting little cards with more information about the products. The only thing that kinda bummed me out a little was the fact that one of the cards was for Korres. They've been doing the rounds for beauty boxes recently and I've acquired quite a few of their products. I don't mind trying new products of the same brand but I had the feeling that the sample would be quite similiar to the other 3 I have. I did like how the leaflets covered the samples kind of added to the surprise!

The 5 samples I got were (clockwise from top left) : Balance Me Radiance Face Oil, Eyeko Fat Eye Stick, Korres Wild Rose 24hr Moisturiser, Westlab Himalayan Bath Salts and Eldora Fake Lashes. I was actually quite hyped by this selection. It includes a selection of different things and actually includes some makeup too!

I'm quite a big fan of fake lashes and these are exactly what I've been looking for! I wanted some that were a bit more extravagant than the Eyelure ones I got free but not too extreme like the ones I got in the "Strictly..." set I got in Boots so these are perfect! They're really quite soft too, which is nice. I'm really excited to wear these and will probably use them for my birthday night out in a few weeks. I will try them on at some point and try to take pictures. I had a look on their website and it's amazing! They have a whole range of different styles and materials too. They even have fabric and feather ones! Included on the information card is a 50% off code when you spend over £15 on the website. Use the code eldoracarmine2012 before the 29th of February. I really like the look of the sets on there too. This pair cost £3.90 on the site.

I'm not going to lie, I LOVE the fact that this has a little tab on it to make it easy to open. I have frequently botched my nails by opening boxes to things. This will be very helpful for me! (This might be something that is specific to me, but I love it!)'s the Korres product that was in the box...I already have 2 of these (one from the November Boudoir Prive box and one from the Goodbye Boudoir Prive box) and, to be honest, I'm not hyped to have another one. I've now got two sealed samples to....give away I guess. It's not that it's a bad moisturiser but it's just not for me. I know that if people are only subbed to the Carmine box then it's a nice sample for them to try but as I've already got two,'s no use to me. Read my full review of this product here. Again, there's a code for £5 off when you spend £25 on the House of Fraser website. Use code WILDROSE6. Valid until the 31st of March. This sample is worth £4.75.
I know a lot of people aren't excited by bath salts but I was so happy to see these in the box! My parents have recently moved the bathroom upstairs and so now we have a) a super AMAZING shower and b) an awesome bath that we can actually use properly. Plus the bath is one of those baths that you can lie in without having to choose if your knees/feet or boobs get cold! Awesome! This means that I have been actually taking baths to relax and ease my back/shoulder pain. I have been using the Soap and Glory Calm One and trade Calm All Bubble Bath which has been leaving my skin feeling really soft and also smells great too! The packaging says that you empty the entire sachet into a warm bath and allow to dissolve, then bathe and relax for 20 minutes. Apparently this will be a detox that is the equivalent to a 3-day fast. I'm not entirely sure what this means but I'm excited to try it! I might not use the whole packet in one bath though in case of a reaction. The smell is quite subtle though which is nice. I hate overpowering scents in the bath. You can see the code in the photo, it's valid until the 1st of March. I'm going to see how these work and maybe invest in the detox kit. This sample is 100ml and worth £1.38. (Anyone know why you can't use them if pregnant?? Not that I am, I'm just really curious!)

The fourth product in the box was a Balance Me Radiance Face Oil. I've never heard of this brand before so I was quite intrigued to see how this worked. You're suppose to put it on before moisturising or you can use it without moisturiser.

This small sample has a rollerball applicator on it and it's a little weird. I used it after my shower today and I honestly couldn't tell if any was going on...I guess it must have because my face didn't feel as tight as it normally does after a shower but I'm really not sure what it's done.I'm going to keep using it for a few weeks (if it lasts that long) and see if it makes any difference. I really like the smell of it though (I put some on my hand) and I love the fact that it's a really natural product. My skin is really sensitive so I'm not a fan of putting products that are heavy with artificial things on my face. This sample is 5ml and worth £5.

The final product is an Eyeko Fat Eye Stick. According to the leaflet it can be used as a liner and as an eyeshadow stick too. Mine is in the shade Chocolate. I have been after a brown eyeliner but I don't think I'll be using this as an eyeshadow. I'm not 100% convinced I'll be using it at all to be honest, I've got some Eyeko eyeliners already and find they aren't great for use on my waterline.  I do love the outer packaging though!
 It's almost exactly the same packaging as the old Lip Lover packaging. It's a twist bottom crayon style pencil that may possible be too chunky to use as a normal eyeliner. However, for thicker lines on your lash line I think it'll be quite easier to use.

Here you can see the nib of the "Eye Stick" I really like the colour of it so still can't decide if I want to use it or not. I like the idea of being able to be much more definitive with the placing of my eye colour.

This is a swatch of the "Eye Stick" It's a really nice dark brown and is a perfect everyday colour. (Excuse the fact that the line is wobbly. The curse of cats jumping onto your bed!) I've never had an eyeshadow stick like this so it's nice to have something that I've genuinely never used in the box. This is a full sized sample and is worth £10.

All in all I was pretty happy with this box. I'm going to use at least 3 of the things and I'm still undecided about the Eyeko product. The cost of the box was £4.75 (with the discount) and the worth of it was £25.03 (Not too shabby. That's just over 5 times the cost!) I think I'm going to keep the box for next month too (as a birthday treat) as I do like the way that everything in the box is fairly affordable if I want to buy it as a full sized product (only draw back to the Joliebox is that the products really are luxury and therefore pretty pricey full sized!) The one thing I would change is to have the RRP of the products on the leaflet because I do like to know the actual price of things without having to hunt for them online. I like the way the leaflet has a bit on the back with hints and tips on it and with links to videos on how to use the eyelashes (in case you've never used them before) I think this box definitely lives up to the "New Years Detox" theme of this box! I'm pleased with Carmine and am excited about the February box!

UPDATE: Carmine are currently offering free delivery if you follow this link. Always nice to have a little bit of discount right??
Have any of you used Carmine? Or recommend any of the other boxes?

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  1. Very nice. You got a bargain with your discount !

    1. Thanks :) Yeah I was pleased with the discount! They're offering free shipping atm with this code if you're interested in getting a box (always nice to get some discount!)


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