Sunday, 22 January 2012

Sunday Roundup


So it's been ages since I last did one of these because I have been a slack blogger....on with the (sometimes) weekly pros and cons!


  • This week has been EPIC. At the beginning of the week I gave a weeks notice at work know how I used to love my job?...yeah not so much anymore. I used to get on the train and actively have to stop myself from crying on public transport. Not cool. My manager didn't seem best pleased but when a job makes you feel that bad then you know it's time to head off. I'm really going to miss some of the people I worked with and I will miss elements of the job but, frankly, I just became so jaded with the company and how I was treated that it just wasn't worth the commute anymore (esp since train fares went up!) I know it seems weird to put this in the "pros" part because it is also a slight con but....I think I'll be a lot happier and way more motivated to find a new job. Which leads me to my next pro....

  • I had an "audition" for Benefit on Friday!!! And guess what??...I got the job!! Agh! Now I'll be honest...the whole audition process was pretty nerve wracking and I did find the traffic stopping pretty bleak when people say "no" quite a bit but, as my audition was in House of Fraser, there were a lot of people coming in to buy things like furniture and stuff like that so it was a little expected really. Not exactly makeup related! Trying to remember the details of the products was pretty stressful too. Normally they only teach you 4 items but I was the only one there so I got taught a "receipe for glowing skin" involving 6 or 7 items (how bad is it that I can't remember!) I got a few people to come over for free make overs and did well enough to get the job so that's all that matters right? I got a few sales and also got 2 people to book appointments for the following weekend so that's a HUGE plus apparently! Anyway, I've been offered part-time in my home town or full-time in the same town I was working in. I'm still deciding as I know full-time would be better but...that commute is the worst. It takes me about half an hour to get to the train station anyway and then the journey is about half an hour too so that's an extra 2 hours on each day....not sure I want that at the moment really (plus I have to factor in petrol money and train fare too) Either way the perks of the job sound AMAZING! Plus I'll get to play with makeup all day too!! I'm really excited either way, just a little stressed about deciding on the venue of the job. (I'm still waiting for the Area Manager to get back to me on pay etc for the full-time one to see if it'll be worth the commute....really paranoid she's changed her mind on me for some reason! How ridiculous right?!)

  • Over at Lucy's Stash Facebook Page she has a whole bunch of money off codes for various beauty, as my Joliebox isn't coming this month (I think they're trying to improve the box since the take over from Boudoir Prive) I decided to go for the "receive your box for just £5 inc. p&p" over at Carmine. I'll be honest, I'm not 100% sure I'll keep my subscription after my first box (due to money issues!) but I'm very excited to try this box for such a good price! If I do like it I may well keep my subscription or at least reconsider it as soon as I have more money. I also subscribed to a new box called She Said Beauty which doesn't start until March, but if you sign up now you get 25% off, which is pretty decent and takes the cost to £9.70. This one you don't pay for til March too so that's nice!(I'm very hopefully of having money apparently!Again, if I can't afford it, I'll cancel after the first box and reconsider once I have money!) I was really impressed that they send you a little questionnaire to fill out once you've subscribed so you can tell them what kind of skin/hair you've got, how much you'd like certain things and also (my most favourite question!) what kind of scents you like! This means that hopefully if I do get any perfume samples (I did put it as quite low on my list...) they won't be floral ones! I'm quite excited about this one but you never know with Beauty Boxes. This special introductory offer ends on the 27th of February, so you've got loads of time to use this offer still!(p.s. I really love the colour of the boxes on their website, so I hope they're the same colour come March!) There's also a half price code for Glossybox but I have little desire to sign up to them as they really do get a lot of negative reviews and I really dislike the way everyone gets different items without having filled out a questionnaire. Also how it seems to be some people get really good boxes for free and then others pay and get pretty "blah" boxes. But if you really wants to try them head over there and grab that half price code! EDIT: I had a little sneaky peek over on the Glossybox site and, although I'm still not hyped about the whole "people get different things" I did discover that you can pay using Paypal....I have recently sold a few bits on eBay and thought "Why the hell not?" and signed up for their Valentines box. It's my birthday on Valentines day so it'll be like a little pre-birthday treat....that's my justification and I'm sticking to it ;) The code I used was STYLISTDEC1411 which brings the box to £7.95 inc p&p Lucy has since done a great little post on the Beauty Box Discounts


  • I've not been in the best of moods this week because of all the stress I've been under (quitting job, job interview, money issues etc) and therefore I just feel a bit crappy. The money issues are the worst at the moment because (like most people) I got paid just before Christmas and therefore January has been a really loooooong month. I don't get paid til next week and I was suppose to be going to a gig with a friend (who I haven't seen for ages) on Thursday and I simply can't afford it. This makes me super sad because I was SO hyped to see her! On the plus side, once I do get paid I will get some back pay too...but it's a little too late really.

  • I'm still feeling under the weather from a bout of illness and seem to have a cold that just will not leave me alone!It's so annoying and my nose has that gross flaky skin that only comes from blowing you nose too much! Any tips as to how to avoid this? (without using Vaseline as I am allergic to it!) I've been using the Balm I got in one of my Boudoir Prive boxes, which seems to help but it still looks a bit gross to me!

  • There's a few friends I feel like I've not seen in AGES and due to the money thing, I most probably won't see til next month. I've put some stuff on eBay again (free listing baby!) so hopefully that'll help....although I've still got one person who hasn't paid or responded to any of my messages from the last free listing 2 weeks ago. Any tips on eBay non-payers?? So annoying!

So that's pretty much my week in a nutshell. How has your week been?

Until next time,

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