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Yet Another January Glossybox Review...


So I appreciate that everyone has quite a few of these review posts popping up on their feed but...well...I just like reviewing stuff! I've actually used a few bits today as well so hopefully that might make it a bit more interesting for you...

So here's the box. It's quite classy but I don't think it's as eye catching as the Carmine box. I do like it though and the rip tab on the side makes it easy to get into.

Glossybox usually have baby pink boxes so this hot pink one is really nice for the Valentines day themed box. I'm not sure how many people associated hot pink with Vday though? I think its more of a red themed day but obviously they had a red box for Christmas so it's nice to see something different. I really like this colour and will be using it for something special in the future I think...

This is how the box looked when I first opened it. I really like the grey ribbon and the heart sticker is a nice touch. The "romantic trip for two" comp is a bit bleak for single ladies though! (Having had a look on their Facebook page, I can't really see any details of this comp anyway...they have another running that ends today I think so I assume they'll put the details up then.)

The pale pink tissue stuff is really pretty too. It looks lovely next to the hot pink box! The products are all nestled safety in the box and from the first look at it I was a little bit excited....

So products one and two are... Clarins Extra-Firming Day Cream and Extra-Firming Night Cream. Now then, my face is quite sensitive so I'm not super hyped about these. I'm willing to try new moisturisers but I'm 24 and don't feel like I'll feel the bonus of these. I've given them to my mum so she can test them out. They are both 15ml samples but, to be honest, they don't seem to be full. I don't know if it's because the packaging is pretty big compared to the product inside or if there just isn't the whole 15ml in there. There was no seal so I can't be sure but comparing it to the 10ml Korres sample from my Carmine box, it seems like the packaging for the Clarins samples is just huge compared to the Korres one. You just have to go careful when you squeeze the product out as, because of the packaging, it doesn't come out straight away and then BOOM! face cream explosion! It smells ok but a little...older lady for my liking. Even my mum said the smell reminded her of her mum! For a sample size though, I'm quite impressed.

Day Cream 50ml full size = £46.50 15ml sample = £13.95
Night Cream 50ml full size = £48.00 15ml sample = £14.40

Product three is Murad Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primer - Dewy Finish. I already have a primer from the 17 range so I'm not looking for a new primer at the moment. However this one is slightly different to the 17 one that I've got...this one is slightly tinted. It actually looks like a tinted moisturiser and when I first put it on my hand I was a little worried that it would be too dark. I was also a little worried about the "dewy finish" claim too. In my experience primers are quite thick and tend to almost disappear when you smooth it onto your face. This one is oil free though so I guess that makes it thinner? I don't know. I did like the thought of using something oil free though, my skin can get quite oily in my t-zone area. I used this product this morning after I'd moisturised and I wasn't super amazed by it to be honest. However I usually use the ELF pressed powder as my sort of foundation but after using this primer I didn't feel the urge to put the pressed powder on afterwards, which is quite impressive.

It's got a pump on it and this is how much you get after one press. This is quite a thin consistency so a little goes a long way. As you can see from my hand, I'm quite pale so I really was quite worried about how dark this looked when it first came out

This is with a tiny bit of blending. You can see how far that tiny bit is going to go on me! You can also see the dewy finish already.

This is once the primer has been fully blended (although the flash makes it look like I have a streak of it on my hand still.....which is weird....) Anyway, I quite like the finish and the feel of it was quite nice too. I'm not sure I'd want a full bottle (bit pricey!) but I'm glad that I've tried something out with a "dewy finish" as I've read about this kind of finish and have been interested on how it'd actually look on me.

Primer 30ml Full Size - £29.00 5ml Sample - £4.83

FAB (First Aid Beauty) "Gentle Body Wash" < this is what it says should be in the box according to the leaflet....however I actually got the "Body Moisturizer". I'll be honest, I would've been happy with either really. I really like using body moisturisers but always forget after a shower so I'm going to put this on my bedside table so I'll hopefully remember to use this! It's safe for sensitive skin and is fragrance free. I HATE body moisturisers that have a really really strong scent. Fragrances can be really bad for your skin so I don't put any moisturisers that smell really strongly on my skin so I'm quite excited by this product.

To start with it's a little difficult to get out of the bottle but I think that's because it's a really thick product. Again, a little goes a long way and it made my skin feel much softer than normal. I'm quite interested to see how this makes my skin feel after a shower, as with the ridiculously cold weather, coming out of a hot shower into my chilly room is making my skin a little dry. It does smell like a proper prescribed skin cream though, which might put some people off. If this works well I'd be interested in getting the full size product as most of the body moisturisers I've got are a little too thin consistency wise for me to get on well with them (if that makes sense??)

Body Moisturiser 226.8g Full Size - £10.00. 56.7g Sample - £2.50

The last product is a full size Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner. Mine was in the shade "Midnight Blue". When I first opened this I was a little confused by the excess packaging but after looking on the Eyeko website I realised that the silver handle is there so that as you use and sharpen your eyeliner, the silver handle is always you can use your eyeliner until the very last bit. Pretty handy really! I'm not super excited about the colour of it but I haven't got a navy eyeliner so it'll be interesting to use.I applied it to my waterline and it doesn't have a huge staying power, however I did like that it gave a slightly softer finish to the normal black eyeliner that I use. I'll probably use this for when I'm going to the pub (rather than a hardcore night will still be my go to eyeliner colour for then!) Again, like the Fat Eye Stick in my Carmine box, I quite like the new packaging for Eyeko products. It's got a bit of a retro feel to it.

Here's a swatch of the blue eyeliner. I won't be using this as a properly lash line eyeliner I don't think as I feel like this will make me look a little...80s.... If anyone has any tips as to what colours to wear it with then I'm all for trying it out as a proper eyeliner!

Full Size Product - £9.50

The final little freebie in the box was this little bit of rock. It's super cute and a nice little surprise too. I like that it's a custom made one for Glossybox! It's a nice little treat on the lead up to Vday!

Overall I quite liked this box. After all the hype about the Valentines box though, I wasn't overwhelmed by it. If I had to choose between this or the Carmine box then I would say the Carmine one gets my vote at the moment. I just preferred the contents in the Carmine one and was quite excited about 2 of the products and have been actively using a third (that I think has been helping my skin quite a bit) whereas with Glossybox, I can't say I was really excited about any of the items really. I'll use some of them, sure, but I'm not super excited about them really. I'm glad that I got this box for £7.95 too (and paid with made on eBay is like free money right??) because I would have felt that £12.95 could've gone to something better if I'd paid full price for this box (like maybe....paying off my overdraft....)

Total paid for box - £7.95 Total worth of product - £45.18 (almost 6 times the amount I paid, which is pretty damn good!...even if I won't use all the items....)

Who else got the box? Do you love it or loathe it...or are you kind of "meh" towards it? Anyone not get and wish they did? Let me know, I always love to hear other peoples views on these boxes!

Until next time,


  1. I LOVE this box I got mine yesterday and reviewed it on my own blog -

    I have the Carmine box coming too, so thats my first one from then I have also subscribed to feel unique but I find they're box a tadd hit and miss!

    Claire xx

    1. Hey :) Glad you liked the box! I didn't mind it but I just preferred the Carmine one I think. I had a look at your blog (great btw!) and saw that you're not hyped about the bath salts in the Carmine one...gotta admit if I'd got them when we had my old bath I'd have been a bit bummed out! They'll make a nice gift for someone maybe?
      I've not been tempted by Feel Unique as a) I feel like it's very similar to Carmine and GB (they all seem to use "well known" brands and B) I don't like that you have to phone them to cancel! Bit of a lame reason not to try them but I just really hate phoning people! lol! I'll keep a look out for your reviews though! I love reading all of them, even if there are loads! I like to see everyones views on the boxes.
      Have you tried Joliebox?(formally Boudoir Prive) I'm subbed to them and they do slightly more "higher brand" stuff. I've mostly never heard of the stuff they put in their boxes which is always interesting! xxx


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