Monday, 20 February 2012

Another Belated Roundup...


So clearly I have been a bit pants at keeping my blog updated over the last excuse is that I have been pretty busy really! It's been my birthday week + I had lots of work + I caught up with a few friends which all equals a neglected blog! I was going to blog today, but realised that I've left my camera at "Who knows?" and therefore didn't have the photos I wanted/couldn't take decent photos for a good post. Rubbish! As soon as I get it back there will be a whole host of posts on here (hopefully!) So again, I apologise for the lack of posts....on with the belated Sunday Roundup!

  • So, as I mentioned above, it was my birthday on Tuesday! I turned the grand old age of 24. Exciting huh?? So I had my haircut in the morning and then had work from 12 - 6. Work was SO quiet and, to be honest, a little boring too. As it was half term I had quite a few young girls come in during the day to have a look at make-up. I always feel a bit weird about putting make-up on young girls. One girl was 13 and wanted a full foundation look.....I felt so old thinking "but....your 13!! It's not like you can wear it to school!" So so old! haha!Anyway, my sales were crap but I got out fairly on time (we had a change over of some of the generic POS but the girls were nice and said I could bail so I could go enjoy my birthday! Sweet!) I'll do a proper birthday post as soon as I get my camera back (basically I just want to show off my presents and such like!) I'm just going to say that I stayed at "WK?" on my birthday and...well...the boy did good again. I was very impressed and then a little confused. More on that in the birthday post (bet you can't wait right??) I also went out for my birthday last weekend....that is pretty much the main reason for this being a day late....I pretty much just slept once I got home on Sunday afternoon so I really just couldn't blog at all! I have some pretty funny photos from the night (mainly of Leanne trying not to have "drunk eyes" when holding up a tray of 5 shots that she'd just had!)

  • I've sold a fair bit on eBay this week, which has given me a little bit of money on the side. Very handy when I'm not entirely sure if I'll get paid this month or not.... Don't get me wrong it's not loads of money so I'm still hoping that I'll get paid!

  • I've had a fair few catch ups this week, which has been nice. I didn't really get to spend time with everyone properly on Saturday night so I've also got a few catch ups planned for this week too. I'm pretty hyped to be spending time with my friends but also a little worried about the whole money tomorrow we're going to weatherspoons! Their cheapness is always good!

  • Ok so I'm going to be pretty vain here but....I got quite a few compliments on my outfit on Saturday, which (I'll be 100% honest) was a MASSIVE ego boost for me. I had been complaining about my "pouch" all day and was a bit self-conscious in my somewhat clingy dress. I know I shouldn't have been (you should see how some of the girls were dressed! I generally can't see the appeal of going out in February in barely anything! I know I'm old but still! Ridiculous..) but I was really worried about going out in my new dress. It was kind of out of my comfort zone - I always make sure my dresses or tops on nights out are quite flow-y! But I was pretty happy when people complimented it (even if they were lying, I will take that lie! lol!)


  • I wore my new shoes out....and although I love them, walking into town in them was not fun. I had such sore feet by the time I got to town that I was desperately in need of seats! I was really going to try and actually have a little bit of a dance in honour of my birthday, but that was definitely not on the cards after the uneven paths had led me to cripple my ankles a little on the way to town! Never fun! Anyway, I've been using the Body Shop "Peppermint Intensive Foot Rescue" in an attempt to make my feet feel better for work tomorrow. Standing up all day does them in so I'm hoping this will help!

  • On the subject of work.....I'm not really enjoying my job at the moment. It's SO quiet most of the time and is therefore a little boring really. Plus I'm really hating having to make small talk with people too. Having worked in Ann Summers I'm pretty used to a) a busy store where I will be serving 2 or 3 people at once sometimes and b) pretty much just barrelling in with "so.....what kind of thing are you looking to have a play about with then?" << at Benefit this question is answered with "well....maybe a new foundation...." which leads to me sitting them down and putting make-up on them followed by the words " are you having a nice day?"  In Ann Summers it was generally answered with "...urm

  • My depression is still being a bit of a dick right now. I'm spending too much of my time thinking about everything, which just leads me to feel confused and annoyed with myself. This does not help with depression at all but I just have too much downtime (hence the not really liking quiet at work!) I'm also pretty stressed about money too. Bleugh.

So that's pretty much my week! I'll waffle a lot more about my birthday when I get my camera back so that I can photograph some of the presents I got (I'm pretty sure that post will be pretty photo heavy....) How are you all? Have a good week? (I guess I should ask about VDay too? Any good presents??)

Until next time,

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