Monday, 13 February 2012

Belated Sunday Roundup...


So this is really more of a Monday roundup. I would've done this yesterday but I had work all day and then went for a lady date with my work friend Lizzy (she's the manager of the Benefit counter...but since there's just the two of us we pretty much became friends very quickly!) and then I went to Mr "Who Knows?" and we had a lovely time, then an argument which left me feeling not in the mood to blog really! (even if we did sort of weirdly make up after...)

  • So my first week of Benefit has gone quite well. Lizzy is really lovely, as are the other make-up counter girls. I've sold quite a bit but I need to get my units up really. I'm also still a little bit nervous when I do make-up on people, which means I sometimes forget to say certain things about the products. Annoying! It can also get pretty quiet which is a bit boring and not what I'm used to but I'm sure I'll get used to that, plus it gives me time to play with all the make-up! (Also I get 2% commission on everything I sell, this may not sound like much but it's an extra £2-3 per day that I get for literally just doing my job. That adds up over a few days and over the month it's all extra money for pretty things!....or savings/paying off my overdraft...)

  • I finally remembered to book a hair appointment so I can get my mop of hair sorted! I can't express how much I'm looking forward to getting my hair cut!! It's gotten so long and anyone with short hair knows how it can look fine one day and then just ridiculous the next!

  • It's my birthday tomorrow so I'm super hyped! I've spent most of the week getting more and more excited and now I can't wait! I'm on  a 12 - 6 shift tomorrow though and have my hair appointment at 10 so my day is pretty much sorted...not the most exciting birthday in the world but I've got my weekend plans for that! I'm also heading to "Who Knows?" after work, which should be nice (hopefully...I'm kinda hoping that he's at least wrapped my presents this year...I really do love ripping off wrapping paper! That never gets old, even as I get older!lol!)


  • It's my birthday then I know this is a pro and I'm really excited BUT I'm the kind of girl who has always wanted flowers delivered to work or waiting for me when I get home....but as it's also Valentines, this means that the price of flowers/delivery just skyrockets on price. Also if I want to go for dinner on my birthday...well...that's not really happening now then is it? So annoying!! Plus I have to listen to all the VDay crap on the store radio. I think that even if my birthday wasn't on VDay, I'd get annoyed by it. I just don't get how anyone can see it as a hugely romantic day when you're reminded for weeks beforehand...also I'd find it more romantic to have a random surprise on a random day....and now I feel like I'm ranting! Haha! Maybe it being my birthday does skew my opinion slightly....

  • The monster that likes to hang out with me (otherwise known as my depression) really is being quite a dick at the moment. I know a lot of it is to do with circumstance but it's not really been helped with how confused I am at the moment. The argument with "WK?" last night didn't help anything either really. It annoys me because I know that a lot of the things I'm doing at the moment are down to the fact that I feel like utter crap but it's a horrible feeling to know that you're being a bit of a dick to people you love and not really being able to stop yourself at all. It just makes things seem worse and then the cycle just continues. Major bleugh.

I think that's pretty much it to be honest....I'm going to say that I think it's pretty funny how my two cons are a rant about not getting flowers on my birthday and then veering off to depression! haha! Anyway, I'm enjoying Benefit at the moment and hopefully once I get more confident with the products/putting make-up on people, I'll enjoy it more! I just hate the whole "new girl" feeling!

How have you all been? Any exciting plans for tomorrow??

Until next time,

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