Monday, 27 February 2012

Review: Carmine February 2012!


So I checked the post today and waiting for me was the lovely bright orange box with the lovely word "Carmine" on it! I was very excited! Having received a text from Leanne on Saturday saying "I NEED THE FEB CARMINE BOX!" I'd obviously had to have a little sneaky peek at some reviews and I was SO excited to get the box! As soon as I saw the big orange box I pretty much just ripped into it...luckily I had my camera on me because otherwise I wouldn't have remembered to take pictures at all!

So after the struggle with the lid (another 5 minute wrestle!), I finally got into the box and as usual there is the beautiful red ribbon and Carmine card, with all the product information on it.

Once I'd opened the ribbon and ripped the tissue paper (I don't know what was wrong with me today, I was like a 5 year old on Christmas!) I found this little stash inside. The leaflet on top is about the products that Andrea Fulerton sells, lots of little nail treats available in Superdrug! It's a really good leaflet with lots of information....and I'll be honest, I'm quite tempted to try a few other bits from this range just from reading the leaflet!

Clockwise from top left: Yardley London Peony Fragrance, Steamcream Steam-infused Skincare, White Glo Toothpaste, Diego Dalla Palma Lipstick, Andrea Fulerton Nail Varnish (under the lipstick!) and Balance Me Body Wash.

So first up is the Yardley London Peony Fragrance.

I love that this has been included as a "Bonus Item". I do like getting perfume samples but I hate when they're included as a full sample. Carmine are clearly on the ball with this! This scent is obviously very flowery and usually I don't like these kind of scents, but this one isn't too bad actually. It's quite light and very "Spring" Scented, which is exactly what the theme of this box is....handy! I wouldn't buy a full bottle of this I don't think but I'll be keeping this little bottle and wearing it occasionally when I fancy something different!

Full Size Bottle 125ml - £13.49 (really good value for money in my opinion!) Sample Size 1ml - £0.11 (<that highlights exactly why I hate perfume samples being included as a "deluxe sample"'s worth 11p! Fab for a bonus but crap for a proper sample.)

Next up, Diego Dalla Palma - The Lipstick.

 I have never heard of this brand before so it was nice to receive something brand new to me. It's also really nice to receive a lipstick sample too! I love lipstick and love trying different brands, but hate spending money on one only to find out that it ends up drying my lips out completely. I quite like the packaging of this sample and the inside of the cardboard has all the different colours in there too if you choose to buy one.

I'm not sure if everyone got the same colour but I got shade 42. It's a sort bronwy-red with a gold shimmer going through it. My only complaint with this is that it doesn't twist down at all, so the lipstick is always exposed like that. I know that I'll probably end up accidentally snapping it so I may have to end up depotting it. (Excuse the short thumb nail too! I've had a few nails break this week so they're all looking a little worse for wear!)

Here it is on my lips with flash.

And here it is on my lips without flash.

I wasn't too excited by the colour when I first saw it but once I put it on my lips I was a total convert. It's slightly darker than my normal lip colour so it's nice a subtle but gives me some colour. I love the gold shimmer in it and I don't have another lipstick like it. It's quite moisturising without being annoyingly "wet" almost (like some moisturising lipsticks) and I've been wearing it for a while and it's quite hard wearing. But the best thing about this lipstick?....well...for me it's gotta be the fact that it smells like marshmallows!! So yummy! I've gotta say as well that this mini sample was very easy to use too, but I am still worried about snapping it!

Full Size - not listed on website, but judging by my Studio Hydration Lipstick I'll put it at 20g - £20.30 Sample Size - not listed but I weighed mine in at 3g, so going by the 20g mark this is worth £3.05.

Up next, one of my favourite things to find in a box nail varnish! This one is by Andrea Fulerton, which is sold exclusively at Superdrug.

This is the first full size sample in the box and as it's a brand I haven't used before I was quite excited to try it. The colour I got was called Naomi and is a lovely deep red wine sort of colour.

It's got quite a nice jelly type consistency. This is my thumb with one coat of the colour on (excuse the bad application...shaky hands plus short nail to paint does not equal an easy application!) The colour goes on quite well, but you can see I would clearly need two coats for total coverage.

With two coats, I think it's a really lovely deep red. I don't think I've got any reds like this so it's a nice addition to my collection! It also means that I will be having a little look at the range if I can find it in one of my local Superdrugs. I'm quite interested in having a look at their nail art selection - the leaflet describes some of the bits they do and I really want to have a look at the Glitter Puff Dusts! (Somewhat for the name I'll be honest!)

Full Size Sample 5.5ml - £4.99 (on the Superdrug website)

The next full size sample is the Balance Me Super Moisturising Body Wash.

Now some people hate getting body washes in their boxes but I like it! It's meant that I haven't had to buy a body wash for about 3 or 4 months now! In last months Carmine box we had a Balance Me face oil so I knew I already liked one product by this brand. I liked the fact that i got the Super Moisturising version but I would've been happy to get the Rose Otto version too (I love the smell of Rose!) I used this in the shower today and it comes out really quickly so go careful for that! Also a small amount goes quite a long way. The smell is not really for me but it doesn't linger on your skin afterwards so I wasn't that fussed. I didn't notice a huge amount of difference but I did find that my skin didn't feel so dry after my shower. I think this might be something that works it's wonders over a few washes so I'll keep using it and see how it goes.

Full Size Sample 125ml - £8.00

Next up, White Glo Professional Choice Whitening Toothpaste.

I have never had toothpaste in a beauty box but I'm really excited to try this out! I've got a whitening toothpaste for everyday but from what I can gather this is a more hardcore whitening toothpaste. The blurb on the box says that it was "Originally Formulated for Film Actors and Models" I assume this is a marketing thing but I personally wouldn't buy a toothpaste just for that fact. I'm really excited about having this in my box though as I do drink coffee and tea, not enough to want to get a specific toothpaste but enough to want a bit of a whitening one. This toothpaste is quite different to the one I'm using at the moment, it's a bit thicker and the foam it creates is quite...dense...if that makes sense? It's not as minty as my other toothpaste either, which is quite nice. It left my teeth literally feeling squeaky clean! I'm going to continue using this toothpaste instead of my old one until it runs out and see if I notice a difference at all. My teeth aren't in bad shape at all but it would be nice to see them a little whiter I think.

Full Size 100ml - £4.07 from Boots (currently on 3 for 2 on their website) Sample Size 24g - £0.98.

The final product and last full size item is the Steamcream Steam-Infused Skincare.

The first thing I thought when I saw this was "....steam-infused?? what the hell?" but then I saw the super pretty tin and was all "aaah!! So pretty!" I did have a look on the website and would LOVE the cat tin! Crazy cat lady strikes again! haha! Anyway the box and tin were both nicely sealed, so it felt like really nice packaging. The tin does up just by screwing together with the base so it is easy to open and close. This cream is designed so it can be used all over your body including your face. I tried this after my shower and it's nice to use on my body and it really helped with the super dry skin on my cheeks but it left the rest of my face feeling really greasy for quite sometime. I don't think I'd use this as a full face cream but might keep using it on the dry patches of skin that I have on my face in the hopes that it'll help. The cream has a lot of fantastic things in it that help with skin elasticity, plumpness, reduce inflamed skin and can also help heal skin too. That's a lot of promise in one cream! When I put this on my face I did feel it working away at the dry skin and the few spots I have, which I'm hoping was a good thing! The one major complaint (other than the greasy feel) I have with this is the smell. I don't like putting strong smelling things onto my face because it can be an irritant to my skin. I can smell the lavender quite strongly in this cream so I'm a little worried about using it everyday. It does smell a little bit like Sudocrem too, which is odd! I did find that I could smell it for the rest of the afternoon after I'd put it on but I don't know if this would change if I had put makeup on with it (it might have dulled the smell?)

As you can see the tin is really full to the top, very good value for money! The consistency is quite thin and a little goes a long way. I think this tin would last a long time. I'm going to keep using it on my dry cheeks to see if it'll help and I might use it on my body at night (the lavender might help me sleep!)

Full Size Sample 75ml - £10.50

Box Price - £12.95 (inc p&p) Box Value - £27.63.

 So in summary, the box contained: nail polish, body wash, body cream, fragrance, make up and toothpaste. That is the best mixed box I've ever had I think! Also the value for money is really good I think. It's an extra £14.68 over the price of the box! I'm quite impressed with that. I like Carmine for the fact that it's all brands that are easy to get hold of and aren't super expensive, it's like the opposite of Joliebox (that I like for the ridiculous high end stuff!) I will definitely stay subscribed to Carmine for the foreseeable future. Love this box!

Have any of you got this months box? What do you think of it? Did you get a different coloured nail polish? If you haven't subbed to Carmine yet but are thinking about it now if you use this code then you can get free p&p making the box even more of a bargain!!

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  1. I've always thought beauty boxes were a bit of a disappointment but saw this and quickly subscribed so I can get the same box!

    1. Yeah, I'll be honest I'm kind of thinking that I'll unsub from Joliebox if next months box isn't great. I've got a subscription to She Said Beauty for this month too (a new box! oooh!) I really am loving Carmine! I've been subbed for 2 months now and I've loved both boxes! Such a good mix and everyone gets the same! (well....usually! It's been really popular this month!) Let me know what you think of the box :)

  2. Was thinking about whether or not to subscribe and your review is definitly persuading me! love the blog! am new to blogging so please check mine out if you have the time xo

    1. I would highly suggest Carmine if you're thinking of going for any of the boxes, it's def my fave! Always such a great mix of products! (plus there's that code for free postage...tempting right? haha! I'm such an enabler!) Thanks for the love comment :) I already follow your blog my dear, it's really good! - your poodle looks like my old one! Cute!

  3. Wow, great post!
    I mentioned the smell of lavendar in the steam cream on my blog - but I've since used it properly and the smell fades away very fast!

    1. Just read your review! Love it! Mine are always so "in depth" (read as: extreme waffe alert!) I have found the lavender scent fades but I can still catch a whiff every now and then. My main concern was with how it left my oilier skin on my forehead feeling. I do love using just on my dry cheeks and nose though and it seems to be working wonders so far!


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