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Review: Joliebox February 2012!

So as some of you may know, Joliebox had a hiatus for January to deal with their transfer from Boudoir Prive to Joliebox. They said that they would be sending out a box with "natural and nourishing" products and I think they've delivered on that really. This post is quite picture heavy and a bit epic, I always try to use the products a bit first so that I can give proper impressions on them instead of just saying what's in the box... Anyway, on with the review!

As usual it comes in the smart black box with the simple, yet elegant, Joliebox logo on top.

This time however, it came with a bag inside instead of the usual crinkle stuff. I prefer this to the usual stuff that every other box uses because a) it's different and b) you can reuse it for storage or as a little travel bag! Handy!

Here's a shot of the bag so you can see the Joliebox name on it properly.

So this was the view that I got when I opened the bag (well technically the leaflet was on top but I thought a view of the actual products would be nicer for you guys to look at!) My initial reaction was "ooooh!! Macadamia!!

Here's the leaflet with the usual blurb about the box and what's in it. I like these because it feels like they've put time and effort into the leaflet. This box is about providing us with products that are "replenishing and natural" during the frosty weather. I like this idea because my skin and hair gets very dry during Winter so I was hyped about this aspect of the box!

This is the other side of the leaflet with the list of products and a brief description of what they do. My only issue with this is that they don't include full size prices. This annoys me because I like to know the value for money without having to go hunting for these things. Especially as some of them don't have official UK selling sites so I've had a look on Google Shopping and gone with the cheapest price (which is the price I would obviously go for if I were buying it for myself!)

Jane Iredale Cheek and Lip Stain in Forever Pink.

So once I'd tipped the bag out (I don't do the whole pulling things out one by one!) This was the first thing I noticed, this may have been because it almost rolled off my bed but still. As you can see, it's a pretty small sample but I'd definitely say it was "deluxe" To start off with I thought it was a tiny lipstick but it's actually a cheek and lip stain.

You can see how small it is in this lovely comparison photo! Haha! There's not a huge amount of product but it's enough for a nice deluxe sample. The packaging is quite nice too. Great for a night out bag! It looks like quite a coral colour here but when it goes on it's quite a nice pink. It's suppose to change colour that changes according to your mood and temperature. I love the idea of this but at the same time I'm not convinced I would wear it on my lips because I tend to like having a block colour on my lips.

Here is a swatch on my lips - please ignore the spot on my top lip! Nightmare! It kind of doesn't look like much really, just a bit like a clear lip balm with a slight rosy tint....I'll give it a little while and report at the end of the post! I did also try this on my cheeks and I think I preferred it on my cheeks, but I'm still not that convinced by it really. I'm just not a huge fan of stains or tints. (I would've taken a picture of it on my cheeks but I'm really ill again at the moment and therefore I look like death! No one needs to see that!)

Full Size 30g - £15 (cheapest on Google Shopping) Sample Size 7g (had to weigh it myself as there was no indication anywhere of how much this was) - £3.50

Next in the box is the Kimia Rejuvenating Facial System.

There were two different samples you could get - this or the RMK Cleansing Oil. I would've been happy with either really but this one is something I've never tried so this is quite interesting for me.

I was quite excited to see that it's a new brand. Always nice to try something new and exciting!

So when you unfold the packaging there is blurb about the products and the company with instructions as to how to use the products too. The one on the left is a face oil that you put on after cleansing and toning. I find the packaging of this one really quite annoying to use. It's like a vial with a stick in it - like some perfume samples have. The activator is on the right side and it's far easier to use as it's a spray pump system instead. I've used this a couple of times and, so far, I've not really noticed a difference at all. I don't know if this means that I need to step up the amount of oil used or what, but I'm not convinced this will change my "perception of skincare" forever... I'll continue using it and give a full review when I've used it up.

Full Size set 130ml - £74 Sample Size 4ml (3ml oil and 1ml activator) £2.27

This is the one full size sample in the box - Macadamia Deep Repair Conditioner.

Prive boxes a while back and so I'm excited to use a different product by them. This feels like it's a pretty thick cream (like most hair creams) but this one is only to be used 2 times or less per week, which indicates that it's a really intense masque. 
Again, I'll give a full review once I've used it.

Full size 30ml Sachet - £2.80 (again, cheapest I found on Google Shopping - pro to this is that I found a site that sells lots of haircare stuff for fairly good prices and I found this on there which looks like a really nice set. I like the idea of the infused comb! Also there's a vibrating ceramic straightener on there which seems interesting....)

Next up, Lavera Basis Sensitive Organic Hand Cream.

Now then, I'm not overly fussed about organic products - just because they're organic doesn't mean that it's good for you. For example, the fourth ingredient in this product is alcohol, which can dry out your skin. However, I'm not about to preach about things like this because I can't even begin to imagine the crap I put on my face that I probably shouldn't! Haha! This hand cream soaks in really quickly, which is very nice. I hate hand creams that leave your hands feeling greasy for ages so you feel like you can't do anything. The cream smells quite strong but it's quite a sweet smell. There's quite a lot of essential oils on the very end of the ingredients list and there's also shea butter and almond extracts. I'll be honest, I'm not that pleased with the smell. I have quite sensitive skin on my hands so anything that smells quite strong I tend to avoid....because they aren't good for my skin. I've found that this has been making my skin feel quite dry and a bit itchy after I put it on, so I won't continue using it. I do think a lot of people will like this cream though, I just think it's not right for my skin.

This shows the consistency of the cream. A little bit really does go a long way!

Full size - 75ml £3.75 Sample size - 20ml £1

I've been looking into purchasing a liquid make up remover (I really need to stop using face wipes really. Maybe it'll help stop my dry skin!) and so seeing the Taaj Himalaya Micellar Water in the box, I was quite excited!

I've used this a couple of times and I'm very impressed with it. It's safe enough to use on both your face and also on your eyes and I've gotta say, it's FAB for removing eye make up!! I really do have quite sensitive skin so I was a tad wary about trying this but it doesn't leave my face feeling sore or anything like that. I do still feel like I need to put moisturiser on after but I think everyone will feel like that. This one smells like Rosemary (one of the lower ingredients on the list) and has antioxidant properties too apparently. The final ingredient on the list is cetrimide, which is used as an antibacterial agent and I like the idea of using a product that has a small amount of this in it. Having used it a couple of times, I'm still impressed with how much product is left. I've had experiences with liquid face cleansers that just get used up so quickly but this one is really good. I would be very interested in getting the full size of this one. I'll do a review of this and show you how much make up it can take off in one swipe on a day when I have to wear lots of make up for work!

Full size - 500ml £8.60 (Cheapest on Google Shopping) Sample Size 100ml £1.72.

In direct sunlight (Sunlight!! Finally!)

So here are some swatches of the cheek and lip stain that I put on my hand when  first got the box. I decided t take photos after having a look at everything in the box to see if it really did get darker with temperature and, I'll be honest, I think it did. When I put it on you could barely see anything but in the swatches you can clearly see a nice light pink tone. I would still only use this on my cheeks, as I feel the colour would work better on there.

With flash.

You can see the pink tones better with the flash I think.

And one final shot of my lips with the stain on (after leaving it on for about 10 minutes) You can't really see it in the picture but I thought that the lip colour was quite noticeably different on the outer edge of my lips compared to the inside of my lips. I'm not a fan of it on my lips at all! I will only be using this for a blush, but even then I' still not sold on stains or tints. I do find this one MUCH easier to use vs the liquid ones I've used though, so it gets points for that!

So all in all, I'm quite happy with this box. It certainly provided 5 deluxe samples as promised and I'd never tried any of the brands before so it was a good box for trying new things. My only criticism of this box/Joliebox is that they don't provide price details like Boudoir Prive did. This is annoying because I had to go hunting and obviously found the cheapest prices....which means this box is worth £11.29 altogether... I only pay £10 for this box (loyal subscriber you see!) but if I'd paid £12.95 I might be a little annoyed (not too much because I' still quite pleased with it but enough to be worth mentioning) I think that some of the products are probably worth more than I've found them for, but how am I going to know without price details? I'm really looking forward to trying the hair masque and continuing to use the make up remover too. The face oil will be interesting and the cheek and lip stain will be quite useful in summer I think when I don't want a heavy blusher on my face (for fear of it melting off!) The hand cream is a miss for me though, but I do know lots of people who will snap it up given the chance! This box contained: haircare, face care, skin care and some make up so I am very happy with that! I hate boxes that seem to just give you skin care! So for me, Joliebox stays! I like the fact that all their stuff really is deluxe (to me anyway!) and that their boxes are different to everyone elses. I look forward to next months and getting to properly use this months stuff!

Until next time,

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