Sunday, 5 February 2012

Sunday Roundup


So it's that time of week again, so here's my Sunday Roundup...

  • So this week has been super busy but I've managed to have some great catch ups with friends. Tuesday was dinner with two of my oldest friends, Wednesday was dinner (well...fatty good!!)with the lovely Leanne and Thursday had a grown up lady coffee date with one of my old work colleagues (who is actually going to be working on the counter next to me now!)
  • I've also had loads of stuff to do for starting my new job and Benefit - Thursday morning I had my store approval, which was like a weird mini interview, and on Saturday I had my induction. The first part of the induction was SO dull. Plus I got treated like I was a bit of an idiot who'd never worked in retail before....that was annoying.... But the shop floor work was great fun! All the other beauty counter ladies seem really nice, which is a massive bonus! My counter manager is absolutely lovely and totally mad but she seems to be quite relaxed too. I get to choose 10 products for my "starter kit" as well!! Any suggestions??
  • I've managed to blog EVERYDAY this week! (ok so the one I did last night didn't actually get put up until really early this morning counts right?) I've been pretty impressed by my motivation with blogging this week. I'm not going to be able to keep it up and blog everyday I don't think but I definitely aim to blog at least 3 times a week (let's see how long that'll last!) I want to start doing proper reviews of some of the stuff I've some lovely MUA lipsticks that I've not really had the chance to mention on here yet and some nail polishes that I love but haven't done reviews on. I might do some single product posts as I personally find these quite useful when I'm trying to decide if I want to buy something or not (I feel like it's only fair to pre-warn you that my posts may be a bit...Benefit heavy from now on. I'm really trying not to buy any unneccesary make-up but I'm not about to turn down free stuff for my job now then, am I?! However, I will go through the things I've already got that I love...or hate and will try to review you them throughout the course of my blogging days!)
  • I got (what I think) are the most amazing shoes for £10 this week! And replaced (sort of...) my everyday black dress. I'm so happy that I've had a successful shopping trip finally! Plus I can't wait to wear the shoes for my birthday...which I've not been that excited about....until I got those shoes! Only 9 days to go! Whoo!!


  • Despite the busy week and the good times with friends, my depression is in full swing at the moment. For those of you who (luckily) don't suffer with depression, I can tell you that it's damn annoying! I'm hoping that once I properly start my new job it'll get better but, I know that it'll never disappear completely and that I'll always have good days and bad days. It's just getting annoying that the bad days seem to be piling up at the moment for no real reason!

So that's it for this week. How's your week been? Hope you're all well :)

Until next time,


  1. Hey, can you help me please?
    I had a telephone interview with a lady from clarins and she wanted to meet me the next day for a face to face interview, so we did. It went really well and she told me that she would be phoning a department store where i would be working.. to set up a 'store approval' where i'd go and show like my birth certificate and proof, and that would be pretty much it apart from meeting the manager and stuff.
    Does this mean ive got the job? She didnt actually say YOU HAVE GOT THE JOB, but she asked for clothing size and hours i could work. Loads of people said that they usually call you within 2 weeks to tell you the next stage, but she told me straight away she wanted me to go for store approval.
    I hope this means ive got the job?! Please help me as im slightly confused.
    Congratulations on your job, you'll be amazing!xx

    1. Hey,

      I don't really know much about how Clarins work with interviews etc, but I'd say that it sounds like you got the job. I was told on my audition that I had been successful but then had a wait of about 2 and a half weeks before having my store approval....but then I had approval, induction and first shift within 5 days! If she's asked for clothing size etc. then it def sounds like you've got it! You should hear about your store approval within a few days. If not then if you have her number, just give her a call to follow up. Sometimes it takes a while to set up store approval (some people might be on holiday etc.) so give her until weds or thurs but if you haven't heard anything then call her. But I would say you've got the job so congratulations on that! xxx

    2. Ah okay, thanks so much
      Shes supposed to be ringing me today but its getting a bit late now so i doubt she will
      What do you do on your store approval? I know i have to take proof and meet the manager and its practically down to them whether i get it, but i think the lady who i had the interview with tells them all about me because shes the recruiter so she obviously has a major part in who gets the job.
      But yeah, fingers crossed! Really hope i get it because ive come so far and ive been successful this far, so it must be a good sign right? Otherwise she wouldnt have put me forward for store approval right away?
      But yeah, what did they say at your store approval? And when did you find out that you had the job? Thanks!xx

    3. Just emailed you backso it's easier for you to reference back to if you need to! (not that I want to stop you coming back to my blog! lol!) xxx


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