Monday, 27 February 2012

Yet Another Belated Sunday Roundup...


So I did a review post last night and completely forgot to do a Sunday Roundup! So here I go with another belated Sunday Roundup....

  • I've been planning a little getaway for myself. I kind of feel like a) I really need it and b) I deserve it! Kapow Comic Con is coming up on the 19th/20th of May in London and I'm thinking of going to that... I really wanted to go last year but there was a whole lot of drama and therefore I didn't get to go. I don't have anyone to go with at the moment but I think I might just go alone if I have to.  I'm feeling brave and I want to go so why not right? I'm going to save up for a proper holiday too. I really want to go to Vegas so I'm going to look up prices and work out a saving plan! It'll be interesting to see how this goes, I'll definitely be keeping up my spending ban for this....also I have an overdraft to pay off expect a holiday post in about 2015...

  • I had a pretty big sale at work the other day. A girl came in and was basically like me a few years ago - wanted to try make up but had no idea where to start/how to use most of it. I spent quite a while doing her make up and showing her how I was doing it step-by-step (so that she could recreate the look hen she got home) and she was so pleased with it that she brought practically everything I showed her! I was so happy because she was genuinely pleased with how she looked and if she hadn't brought anything I wouldn't have been upset and , to be honest, I didn't think she was going to buy as much as she did! I really hope she's happy with her stuff and is getting on well with it.

  • Someone signed up for Carmine via my link, which has given me 25 Carmine points! Only 25 to go for a free box! Exciting! If anyone does want to sign up for Carmine (and I highly recommend it, the box this month look fab! I can't wait for it to arrive!) then you can get free delivery using this link - that means the box is £10 flat.

  • I didn't get paid this month because I still haven't had my contract yet...this means I will be skint for I've transferred my Paypal funds to my bank account but I don't see that being exactly a great fix. I'm quite annoyed because this means that I've had to ask my mum and dad for a bit of a lean on this months rent/petrol money. But it also means that I can't book my theory/driving test this month either. Another month of being ferried around by the parentals. Boo!! I wish I was good at saving money! I'm also looking for a full time job too but there still isn't anything around in my area really, well nothing I'm qualified for anyway. Maybe I should train as an electrician??

  • I'm really ill again. I don't know what is up with my immune system at the moment! I'm currently suffering with a sore throat, swollen glands, dodgy stomach and general hot and cold sweats. Loooooovely! On the plus side though, it hurts to eat and I'm not feeling hungry anyway so maybe the weight loss will be worth being ill??

  • And the final con of the week (and I'm sure you're all sick of hearing about this by now...) Mr Who Knows wanted to have a "chat" this week. We had a very brief one on Friday evening, which left me upset, annoyed and just generally pissed off. We were suppose to have a full chat on Sunday but he got stuck in Portsmouth so now I'm basically just waiting around until we're both free. Waiting for a "feelings chat" is the worst for me. I will keep thinking about it and trying to come up with things to say/words to describe my feelings and frankly, I am useless at trying to put my feelings into words without sounding like a complete dick! I never know if this is just me or something everyone else feels too....I've never been good with feelings and am very defensive too. It's the worst combination! I don't think it helps that I don't really know how I feel either. Why is life so complicated?! Haha! This is really a proper first world problem and there are much worse things in the world....I really should stop complaining about my non-existent love life! Sorry!
So there are my pros and cons for the week. I've gotta say, being ill has meant that I've got an excuse to lounge in bed on my days off and so far I've been loving crappy action movies! I've watched Death Race, The Mechanic and I'm currently watching The Condemned! I seriously love all out action movies. I love being able to just zone out and enjoy the explosions (possible why I actually didn't mind Transformers 3....)

Also my lovelies, there is a giveaway going over on The Chap's blog to win £50 of spa vouchers!! Always nice to have a little pamperng treat for free, so why not head on over and enter!

Any pros or cons for your guys this week? Hope you're all well!

Until next time,

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