Thursday, 1 March 2012

Quick First Thoughts...

So last week I won a competition by The Chap which was for a Discovery Quarterly Box by Men are Useless. I've gotta say, although the box is obviously not aimed at me, I was pretty damn excited to have won! This post is going to be a quick review and my initial thoughts on the box and then I'm getting "Who Knows?" (I will call him by his actual name in the post...seems fair if he's reviewing for me...) to test the products and give me a proper review of them (this will include prices and how much the box is worth like I do with my other boxes)

Despite winning this box, all my opinions on it will be completely honest.

I don't have a proper letter box at the moment (I've got one of those lock box things that is big enough for all parcels!) but I remember having just a letter box and missing most parcels that arrived. Then I'd have to re-arrange delivery and often have to wait a week for parcels. Annoying!! This one is designed for standard letter it just posts right through! Point 1 for this box! Point number 2 comes when you see that they included sweets for the postie! I love it when people do this, I always write "Thank you Postman!" on my letters because it's always nice to appreciate someone in their job right? My postie didn't take the sweets (maybe he doesn't like love hearts?) but this just meant that I got to see what they included for him....and also get some extra love hearts to eat!

Upon opening the box, I was greeted with this hand written card congratulating me on my competition win - always a nice touch. I don't know if they do this for all boxes (I would assume'd take a lot of time to hand write for so many boxes!) but it was nice to get it! I like the little "man fact" at the bottom too!

Now then, I LOVE postcards. I have a whole wall of postcards behind my bed (you may have spotted them in some of my photos) So the fact that this one made me chuckle means it's earned a place on the wall for sure! I really like this extra touch but as I said, I'm not sure if it's in every box or just mine due to winning (what's that?....I'll just have to order another box to find out?....oh...well...ok then!)

So this is the booklet that comes with it. It is A5 size and sturdy. It's been hole punched and has got a ribbon binding it together (fairly sure this has been done by hand too) and I think it's a really nice touch. It's not going to get lost like some of the small leaflets from my other boxes!

This shows the first two pages of the booklet. It's got a little welcome page giving you a bit of reasoning behind this box and then you can see the first product page. There is a page for each of the products and it gives you: A picture of the product (easy to spot which one it is in the box), a bit of blurb about the product, how to use the product (unless it's pretty self shower gel) and how much the full price one is. My only issue with this is that, despite there being a full price (love that! You may know that it's one of my issues with a lot of the female beauty boxes at the moment!), there's not a size next to the full price. So in order to work out the cost of the samples I will still have to have a little look round on their site for the full sizes. I guess this is a good way to get people to have a look on their site though!

So this is what is in the actual box. My first thought was "Sweets!!" They don't do that in female beauty boxes....I guess because a lot of people would probably complain and say about diets or whatever....I will definitely be stealing some of these before the review process starts and I lose the box! You may have noticed that this doesn't come in a box within a box, I quite like that as it means that there isn't wasted packaging. I know women's beauty boxes all come in pretty boxes, which is obviously right for that particular market but I love how this is so clearly aimed at men - I mean, what are they going to do with a nice pretty box? Not much I'm guessing (I don't want to sound sexist when I say that men probably wouldn't use the boxes we get with our beauty subscriptions but I just don't think they'd be as excited by them.)  I like the fact that it's been kept quite simple, which helps cut down on costs too I imagine. I would happily pay £2.95 less for my subscriptions if it meant giving up on a pretty extra box to be honest. I got my Dad to give it a quick look over and to give me his thoughts on it (I would get him to review it but I've only just gotten him to stop using soap when shaving, so he would just get confused with all these products!) and he was quite impressed. His main thought was "I like how everything is easy to identify, so you won't get them mixed up!" Also he liked the inclusion of the sweets...

In the box you get: a foot recovery gel, a shower gel, a wash and shave gel, an after shave balm and a pre

My overall impression of this box is that it looks like good value for money for the 5 samples. At £10 per quarter, I would definitely be interested in getting this as a gift for a guy and from what I gathered when I took the box over to the boy yesterday, he was quite excited to try the box out (also I totally over heard one of his friends asking about the box he'd clearly already mentioned it!) I had a sneaky look on the site yesterday to have a look at other boxes on there and if you sign up to their site you get a code for 10% off for life - this means you could get this box for just £9 per quarter! They also do this box with international delivery for £15 and they also do a gift subscription of it for £36 (so you get 10% off anyway if you go for this option)

Also, on a complete side note, I saw a box on the site called the "Bi-Monthly Dental Scheme" and I'm not going to lie, I would probably get this for myself! It's a £5 box every 2 months filled with a toothbrush, a 50ml toothpaste, 500ml mouthwash and a pack of dental floss. This is cheaper than going and buying all that stuff separately plus you get freebies if they get any sent to them! I love freebies! I think I would totally order this for the boy as he is a little bit rubbish at remembering to buy a new toothbrush and toothpaste! It arrives every two months and you don't have to worry about popping into town and then getting home only to realise you forgot to get a new toothbrush AGAIN (<< This happens to me a lot!) So handy. (Also would've been SO much easier if this had been around when I was at uni. Mouthwash can be expensive you know!)

So, all in all, the arrival of this box has made me jealous and made my list of "reason I wish I was a man sometimes" a little longer! Haha! I really like the concept and cost of the I'm dead jealous of the sweets! I've given the box over to the boy now and so, as he's got a stag do this weekend (how handy that he's got these products to try the night before he heads away...), I'll be getting the full review up next week sometime hopefully. I'm interested to see what he has to say on the items as I have literally just gone by my first impressions.

What do you guys think of this box so far? Think it's a good box for any man in your life?

Until next time,

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