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Review: She Said Beauty First Box!


So I'm sure a lot of you know that there has been a lot of talk about a new beauty box over the last month or so and I've got to admit, I signed up because they had a special 25% discount on their first box and I thought "well...why not?" Anyway, the time has finally come and today I received my first She Said Beauty box!

So the outer package is a bright pink box! Love it! The sticker over the rip tab is a nice touch and means that it's got a tiny bit of extra security too....pus I love the two colours together!

Here is the box, which I think is a beautiful colour! It's different to any of the other boxes I've seen or received so that's nice. It's got a magnetic flap that secures it (like the old Boudoir Prive boxes) I really like this and prefer it for storage but I know some people don't so I think this will be a split decision thing. I like the little logo on top of the box too and there's a nice design on the box in opposing diagonal corners. Very cute! My only complaint with this box is that the corners of it weren't stuck together properly. This is a simple thing for me to fix, but still, presentation counts!

Here's the view of the inside of the box as soon as you open it. I really am loving the two colours together! Turquoise and pink just looks so pretty together and just makes a change from the usual "black + another colour" combo. It's quite fitting for the weather we've had today I think! Like other boxes, they've also opted for the simple tissue paper, ribbon and sticker combo.

After ripping open the tissue paper I revealed the lovely turquoise coloured card with the blurb that welcomes you to the box and then, on the other side, tells you a little about the products included in the box (more on that later...)

So after lifting the welcome leaflet off this is what I saw. A postcard for the Faux lashes. It's a nice enough postcard but a little unnecessary I think...but still, I do love a free postcard

I must admit, I like the wooden shavings that are there to protect the products. A) they are different to the normal crinkle stuff you get in other boxes and B) it looks like a proper little nest for my samples! I always have a look at the products before looking at the leaflet...I kind of like to surprise myself I guess! I like how everything is positioned well and it's quite aesthetically pleasing. I immediately spotted the eyelashes...full size item right there! I assumed these were all the products but you can just see another product poking out underneath the Comfort Zone leaflet!

So here is the other side of the leaflet....have you spotted my favourite thing on here?...FULL SIZE PRODUCT PRICES!! Yay!! This is my favourite thing and lots of the boxes don't do it anymore so I have to go hunting for the prices to see how much my box is truly worth. Annoying. So points to She Said Beauty for this! As you can see from this, there are 5 samples and a bonus 6th item - very nice! 3 of the samples are full size too (the nail polish is a full size mini so it counts right?) and the other 2 are still good sized samples. Plus the bonus gift is something I'll use so no complaints here!

First up is a pair of We are Faux Lashes in - Unveiled.
So this is the second box that I've had fake lashes in (the first was my January Carmine Box) but this is a different brand so that's nice. These are the first fake lashes that I've had that have an almost invisible lash line. I'm very excited by that and I love how dramatic these lashes look! I did peel them off the plastic to have a quick look at how they would look and without the thick lash line, these seem to be quite difficult for me to use. I think I just require a bit more practise and think these will look lovely. I do have some concerns about wearing my glasses with these on, pretty sure they'll hit my glasses every time I blink but I still love the look! These lashes are hand-made and feel really soft to the touch. I can't wait to wear them! My only complaint.....they don't include lash glue! This is the first pair of lashes I've ever had that doesn't include glue too. I don't know if this is just because I happened to get a pair without it or what, but this is kind of annoying for anyone who has never tried lashes before and gets these to try. I'm ok because I've got lots of lash glue but still...seems like a big oversight on this companies part though.
Full Size Sample (one pair of lashes) - £9.00

Next up....Orly Nail Polish (mini bottle) in Black Out plus a free Orly branded emery board.
Believe it or not, I've never actually tried this brand of nail polish before! For a girl who has a lot of nail polish, I really don't own a lot of "big brands". I'm always excited to get nail polish to try in my beauty boxes but I've had a few where the colour just hasn't been for me (or in one case loved the colour but it was a shatter polish...not too hyped by them really) From what I can gather there were two colours in the box, this black and a turquoise colour. I would have been happy with either really but am always happy to have another black!

Really quick two coats of the polish. It's really pigmented and super shiny! This picture is without a top coat so I'm really impressed! You can literally see my reflection in it! (Apologies for the messy nails, I'm bad at quick polishes!) I will be using this polish as my go to black from now on I think, just a shame that it's a small pot as I really like the consistency of this one.
Full Size (mini) Sample - £5.00 Now then, there's a little controversy here because the leaflet says 5.4ml and the bottle says 5.3ml. On every website I've looked at the same sort of thing seems to happen with a lot of the mini nail polishes so I'm sticking with the £5.00 mark.

Third up is the Comfort Zone Renight Recover Cream and Recover Complex.

I have a night cream but I'm pretty useless at remembering to use it. I also don't see it making that much difference to my skin really. However, this feels a lot different to the one that I have at the moment. It's much MUCH thicker (as in, doesn't move at all in the pot) so I'm interested to see how this one fairs compared to my other cream. The Recovery Complex is like an oil I think. There's not really any information on this on the leaflet or on the website, so I'm not 100% sure on how to use this. I'll probably use it as an extra when my skin needs a bit more oomph. Having tried both on my hand, I think they both leave my skin feeling SO soft! And they both smell AMAZING! I'm very excited to try these out tonight.
Full Size Cream 50ml - £52.95 Sample Size 6ml - £6.35
Full Size Complex ? This wasn't on the website so I had to go by a pack of 6 x 4ml samples for sale on a random website... Sample Size 4ml - £8.33.

Fourth sample is...Collection 2000 Cream Puff  Moisturising Lip Cream.
I know some people are going to complain about this being in the box because it's a "highstreet brand" but I'm really happy this is in here. I've read some rave reviews about this product but haven't gotten round to trying it because I don't want to spend money on it only to be disappointed. Unfortunately the shade I got was not for me at all. I'm not a fan of "nude" lips and this one looked a tad orangy on me BUT I really liked the overall finish. It's very matte, which I'm not used to, but I'll definitely be making a bee line to these next time I'm in town. I'd like to see what the other colours are and if there's one that I will be very tempted to invest! I think this is a great inclusion in the box, and am pleased that it's also something that is easy to pick up on the highstreet.

Here is a swatch of the colour on my handy. This shade is called Angel Delight and it's more of a brown colour, which is why it's not for me personally. I really do like the matte finish though! Plus it's another product that smells delicious!

Full Size Sample 5ml - £2.99

Next up, Aveda Smooth Infusion Haircare. This set includes a shampoo, conditioner and a style-prep smoother.
I really like this trio for a few reasons - 1) it's got 3 products in it and it only counts as 1 product! 2) it contains everything for my hair routine, 3) the samples are decent sizes (10ml each) and 4) they aren't sachets!! They are proper tubes that will be easy to use more than once. I'm always interested in using different hair products and this one sounds pretty good. It's suppose to help soften hair, but my hair is already damn soft so I'll be interested to see what this is like. Again, these products smell lovely! Slightly citrus scented without being over powering.
Full Size Shampoo 250ml - £15.50 Sample size 10ml - £0.62
 Full Size Conditioner 200ml - £17.50 Sample Size 10ml - £0.88
Full Size Style-Prep Smoother 100ml - £18.50 Sample Size 10ml - £1.85

The bonus gift - Jing Flowering Dragon Eye Tea.
I love green tea! I have quite a few different variations and love to try new ones. Green tea is known for it's antioxidant properties and has recently been linked to increasing your metabolism (I need all the help I can get with weight loss...I say as I eat some Thornton's chocolate....) and I always feel much healthier if I drink at least one cup per day. This one apparently actually "flowers" when boiling water is poured onto it! I can't wait to try this! It appeals to me in two ways, the whole yummy green tea thing and also the "will unfold like one of those "magic flannels" that I used to get for Christmas as a kid!" basically it appeals to the small child in me. I'll take some pictures when I actually use this and let you all know what it tastes like too!
Full Size 50g - £9.00 Sample Size 6.5g - £1.17

She Said Beauty Box Cost - £9.70 (normally £11.95 including p&p but I got mine with the 25% off code that they had before sending out the boxes) Box Value - £36.19! That's almost 4 times the cost of the box! Insane value for money.

Overall I'm very pleased with this box! The value for money is great and I will use every single one of these products (first box for that!) I may not be too hyped with the colour of my Collection 2000 product but I can either swap that or I'll buy a different colour one (very pleased to have gotten to try this item though!) I'm really pleased with the mix of samples too - make up x 2, nail polish, face, hair and the bonus item for you insides (truly beauty from the inside out!) I will definitely be staying subbed to this box for the time being and am very pleased with the box. I know that a lot of boxes start off with a great first box and then flounder after that so I'm interested to see how the next box compares. I would say that this box is quite similar to Carmine but I will keep both subscriptions for the time being.

What do you guys think of the box? Any stand out products for you guys? Have any of you got a subscription to this box/did any of you get anything different?  If you do want to sign up for the box then head on over to the She Said Beauty site to sign up for the next box!

Until next time,

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