Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sunday Roundup


It's Sunday ( soon??) so it's time for my little roundup. I've started to think of this of some kind of diary almost, so sorry if I ramble on a lot ( there any other way for me to talk?!)

  • I think I may have sorted my contract out at work....which means I might actually get paid this month! How exciting!! This means I'm definitely going out this Saturday night (day off work the next day!) and I'm so hyped about it!! Might even invest in a new dress for it.....fancy pay day purchases! (Not too much though as I need to save save save!)

  • Spent my £10 Boots voucher this week and I'm really pleased with all my purchases! I know it might be a weird thing to be so hyped about but I love it when you pick things up on a whim and they turn out to be AMAZING! (Post here)

  • I saw the lovely Leanne this week. It's been a while since we caught up and we went for dinner in our local Weatherspoons....we both had the same thing....sausage, chips and beans!! and it was delicious!! We also had chats about everything and stopped off on the way back to hers in a OneStop where I gt some Mint Matchmakers for 59p! Win! She also gave me a lovely Konad stamping kit for my birthday (exciting!) and also gave me my save the date for her wedding!!

  • Work has been ridiculously stressful this week. I think it's because it's not been busy and I always find it really annoying to just be stood around with nothing to do. I also had some till training this week, which took 5 hours!! I've worked in retail for ages and I'm pretty sure I've never had such intense till training! Ridiculous!!

  • My depression is still in full swing at the moment and it's starting to really wear me down to be honest. I need to really get some motivation back in order to help stave it off for a little while. I'm pretty happy that I managed to go through the week without resorting to my old tactics of self harm though. Robyn - 1 Depression - 0. Suck it depression! Haha!

How's your week been? Any big highs (or (hopefully not) lows?) Any tips for keeping entertained at work instead of dying of boredom on shopfloor??

Until next time,

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