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Review: She Said Beauty March!


So the March She Said Beauty box was dispatched last Friday and I got mine yesterday (whilst I was at work! Nothing makes a day go slower then wanting to get home to have a look at what's in your lovely shiny box!) I pretty much got home and ripped into the box to see what was in there (I'm very impatient) and I may have let out a tiny squeal of delight at the products! On to the pictures and  review!

Like last month it comes in a lovely blue box with the magnetic flap to secure it. You can see from this picture that I'd already ripped into the box by this point so I haven't put any pictures of the presentation up because, well, once you've ripped into a box it's hard to make it look as pretty as it was again! But it looked lovely when I first opened it I can assure you! I really like the blue and pink theme. It's different to other boxes and I also like the little nest of wood shavings in it. This makes it seem quite environmentally friendly and I'm sure I can find another use for them (we have loads of birds currently making nests in our garden so maybe they'll appreciate the wood stuff? I'll have to double check with my mum first just in case) This month came with the usual card with the product info on it and another bit of paper with information on one of the products on it.

Here's the card with the information on. As last month, it's got a bit of blurb about the products and (my favourite) the price of the full size product! I like that this is the second box in a row with a bonus gift. I'm not expecting it every month but it's always a nice little surprise! Straight away you can see that it's a nice little mix of products too - 2 make-up products, 1 nail product, 1 face product and 1 body set and then the bonus product!

Here's my first view of the box. The bonus item got me quite excited simply for the words "The Hollywood Collection" Also I spied that chocolate the second I opened the box!

Just a really quick side note....much like last month, my box this month isn't exactly well put together. It doesn't seem to matter how much I press the tabs together, they won't stay stuck together. Looks like I might have to add my own double sided tape so I can re-use this box. It's the tiniest of faults but it just kind of annoys me a tiny bit (not enough to really bother me, as it's the contents of the box that I'm really paying for, not the actual box....however it's clearly enough to make me want to mention it in my blog!)

On to the first "sample" I put sample in quotation marks because,'s a full size product! Yay!
It's a 10ml Nail Varnish by a brand called "Filthy Gorgeous" and is in the shade "Valentine" (I love the name simply because my birthday is on Valentine's Day so I like to pretend this was a late birthday present! Haha!) I popped a swatch of it on some tissue because my nails currently look like this:
and I didn't want to take this design off just yet (even though it only took me an hour max to do...mainly because I was watching a film so kept stopping to watch it! I'll do a NOTD on this soon too.) Anyway, Filthy Gorgeous is Toluene and DBP free and claims to be long lasting. I will put this to the test soon I think because I really do love this colour! It's like a bright deep red and I'm always happy to have a new red colour. This does seem like quite a similar colour to the one I got in my last Carmine box (RIP) and having had a look on their website I would've been SO hyped to have had one of the "3D Crystal Effect" ones.....especially if it had been this one. So pretty! But, as I said, I'm always happy to have a new red nail polish and as the formula seems really nice I'm pretty excited to try it out. My only other issue with this is that on the website the bottles all have pretty bottle tops and come with a guitar pleck type thing on it too, whereas these ones don't. I kind of wish this one looked the same as the other ones on display but that's just a cosmetic issue and doesn't effect the actual product! (Clearly I'm just shallow....haha!)
Full Size Sample 10ml - £9.00

Next up is a Bharti Vyas "The Ultimate Therapy Face and Neck Polisher"

This couldn't have come at a better time to be honest! My exfoliator has almost run out and, having not been paid yet, I can't afford to get a new one....and now I don't need to straight away! I used this this morning and holy crap my face felt soft afterwards! It didn't feel tight after my shower either. Sometimes I find that my skin can feel a bit tight after using my other exfoliatorexfoliator beads can be really harsh on my skin I've found.)  The consistency is quite thin but a tiny it goes a really long way, I think this sample size will last me for a good while!

Full Size 125ml - £22.50 Sample Size 10ml - £1.80

Third "sample" is this Mischa Barton Luscious Lips in Pink Pop.
This is a nice little addition as it has an SPF of 15 which is always handy with the nice weather we've been having! Don't want my lips drying and cracking now do I? However, this seems to me to e a pretty standard lip balm to be honest. It feels exactly like my other lip balm with an SPF of 20, except that one smells nicer, is easier to apply (it's in a twist up tube thingy so my fingers don't get sticky) and it smells nicer. The colour of this one was quite exciting to me as I like to have a bit of colour on my lips, however I don't find that it puts any colour on my lips at all. I guess this will be a handy one to put over the top of other lip colours but I'm not hugely impressed by it (considering it claims to be a "luxurious gloss with a hint of flattering colour") I'm happy to have had it in the box but I won't be buying this once it runs out.
Full Size Sample 8g - £12.00
(Not sure if you can really see the colour of this properly in the swatch on my finger or not...)

Fourth "sample" is a Bellapierre Shimmer powder in Champagne.
I'm not going to soon as I saw the words "Shimmer Powder" my heart sank. I hate shimmer powders! I find that I'm always too heavy handed or, even when I remember to control my heavy handed-ness, they're just WAY too shimmery and therefore I steer clear of them. However, I decided to give this a quick swatch anyway (before I tossed it into my eBay pile) and I'm so glad I did! I totally fell in love with the colour and am already planning to wear it tomorrow when I fulfil a childhood dream (I'm going to see "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" so excited!) I'm thinking I could put it over the top of some matte brown eyeshadows that I love but can sometimes seem a bit too dull for daytime. I can also see myself wearing this on nights out for a full on ridiculous bling look! Can't wait!! This product is made of 100% pure Mica powder so it's really fine but the colour payoff is really good (and fairly subtle too) It also seems that a little bit goes a REALLY long way so this pot will last AGES! Overall I'm super excited about this product and am so glad I didn't just completely dismiss it!
Full Size Sample 2.35g - £12.99

Fifth sample is Comfort Zone Body Expert Kit.
Ok, so again I was a little bit "oh....." when I saw this because She Said Beauty featured Comfort Zone last month. We had a little night moisturiser and oil in a kit, which was nice but I've not really used it because I'm bad at remembering to moisturiser on my face at night! However when I opened this little kit I found 6 sachets in there! 6!! Awesome! (I quite liked the cute little handbag design of the packaging too!) The sachets are 10ml each (even though on the back it say 10x6ml....) 
(Read below for what's in the pack - I thought it'd be easier to do the pricing of them this way.)
 I wanted to use some of them today, but I always think "but these would be so handy for travel!" Urm...Robyn, when are you ever going to travel?! Also...if you do, you know how much you love hotel miniatures! Haha! I decided to give the Body Stategist + Remodeller mainly because it had the word "Cellulite" on it and I figured that I could give it a shot and try to remodel my cellulite! Haha! I put it on after my shower (it says on the back of the pack that a hot shower can help with this cream) and it has a slightly menthol smell to it. Now then, when you first put this on it has a slightly cooling feel to it.....then 5 minutes later my legs and stomach (problem areas anyone?!) were starting to heat up and went quite red. I was a tad worried but it says on the back that it has a hot-cold sensation.....however m legs were very warm for quite a while! The ares I put the cream went quite red too, which felt a little worrying. However after about half an hour it stopped being quite so warm and red and my skin was left feeling very smooth and quite soft too. I think my cellulite looked a little less extreme too so there's that! Now then, this 10ml sample went a really really long way. As in, I used a pea sized amount and it pretty much covered both my thighs and my stomach too (and I'm not exactly small in those areas!) I currently have this propped up in a basket in my bathroom to be used again and again it seems! Handy that a little goes a long way but this means sachets are a pain for this type of product (I will say that I'm very glad that I only went with a pea sized amount to start off with. If I'd bunged the whole sachet on myself I feel like I may have felt like I'd travelled to Hell for the day!) I'm looking forward to trying the other bits though and will review them once I've finished the samples.

Samples in pack are:
Fruity Peel Exfoliator - This sounds really nice and I can't wait to try it out! I love body exfoliators and I hope this one has a really nice smell to it too.
Full Size 150ml - £24.50 Sample Size 10ml - £1.64
Aromasoul Shower Gel -'s a shower gel. I can't get hyped about yet another shower gel to be honest! But this will be handy to have around for the inevitable day when my shower gel runs out ad I've forgotten to buy a new one! I am interested to see what this smells like though...aromatherapy shower gel sounds fancy!
Full Size 200ml - £19.95 Sample Size 10ml - £0.98
D-Age Body Cream - Apparently this is "visibly firming" and God knows I need all the help I can get in the firming department. This feels quite thick in the sachet so I think this might go quite a long way too.
Full Size 200ml - £48.00 Sample Size 10ml - £2.40
Body Strategist + Remodeller - This is the one I used. I'm definitely thinking about using it again but probably not when I have places to rush to (work/days out) as I don't want to be experiencing burning thighs when trying to show customers make-up!
Full Size 150ml - £40.95 Sample Size 10ml - £2.73
Vital Leg Cream - This is a "tonifying relieving leg care" cream. I think this might come in very handy after I start up the 30 day shred again (ouchies!!)
Full Size 200ml - £32.75 Sample Size 10ml - £1.64
Tranquillity Cream - Doesn't this sound super calming?? This is an "extra-nourishing aromatic body cream" so from what it says I think this would be a nice rich cream for days when my skin is feeling extra dry. Maybe after I've been out in the sun?? (fingers crossed those few nice days weren't our only taste of Summer...)
Full Size Sample 200ml - £58.25 Sample Size 10ml - £2.91
Full Sample Set - £12.30

Bonus item! Erno Laszo - The Hollywood Collection.
I had never heard of this brand before but this was a little bit exciting for me to be honest. I love films so the word Hollywood coupled with this sleek packaging had me thinking about old Hollywood with all the glitz and glamour and beauty. When I opened the outer packaging I found another set of samples (it's like Christmas!) These ones are a lot smaller than the Comfort Zone ones s are a one use only kind of deal.According to the blurb these are a "Limited Edition collection of custom blend skincare formulations inspired by our most famous and iconic devotees: Marilyn Monroe, Katherine Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Greta Garbo and Ava Gardner." So basically a lovely 85th anniversary of a brand that is celebrating some of the most beautiful ladies Hollywood has ever seen.  
Samples in the pack are: (reviews of all of these will follow. Also The sample size price may be wrong as I'm very tired and maths is not my thing late at night! So sorry if any of these are off, feel free to let me know so I can change it!)
Morning Beauty Rescue - This is the Marilyn Monroe one. It's a whipped gel that brightens and rejuvenates the complexion. I'm quite excited to start my day off with this! It sounds lovely!
Full Size 1.7oz - £95 Sample Size 0.1oz (all sample sizes are from what I weighed them as - I genuinely couldn't see an actual weight on the packaging anywhere!) - £5.39
Refresh Moisture Infusion - The Grace Kelly one. This is a "moisture drenching elixir" apparently.....not quite sure what that means but I'm guessing it's just a really nice extra moisturising cream. Will be nice to try on my dry skin.
Full Size 1.7oz - £125 Sample Size 0.1oz - £7.35
Instant Eye Repair - The Ava Gardner one. This eye cream also has firming properties, which might be handy for the bags under my eyes at the moment! I don't really use eye cream because of my sensitive skin but I'll give this one a go to see what it's like I guess.
Full Size 0.5oz Sample Size 0.1oz - £4.25
Intensive Porcelain Veil - This is the Katherine Hepburn one. Out of all of the Hollywood stars on this list, Katherine Hepburn has to be my favourite and this is my favourite sounding sample of the lot too! It seems to be a cream that is anti-ageing and one that will help you achieve Katherine Hepburn's flawless skin (I wish!) I'm definitely excited to try this one!
Full Size 1.7oz - £140 Sample Size 0.1oz - £8.24
Velvet night Cream - This is the Greta Garbo one. Just the word velvet makes me want to try this! That such a nice word to use to describe something. Again, this night cream is a rejuvenating one and apparently absorbs instantly into the skin. I will be putting this to the test soon!
Full Size 1.7oz - £175 (!!) Sample Size - £10.29
Full Sample Set - £35.52

A little extra treat for Easter!
(Obviously mine has already been eaten...I have no self control with chocolate!)

She Said Beauty box cost - £11.95 (including p&p)
Box Value (from what I've worked out anyway) - £83.31 (almost 7x the cost!!)
So overall.....I'm in LOVE with this box! It's the second box in a row from She Said Beauty that has really made me very happy and I will be staying subbed for the foreseeable future (I even looked into taking out a 12 month subscription to be honest!.....not that I have that kind of money at the moment but still...) I'm really pleased with everything in the box. Even the one item that made me go "meh..." after I'd tried it will still get some use, and even then that's what these boxes are about! I now know that I won't ever waste £12.00 on a Mischa Barton Lip Balm thingy. The value for money for this box (and the previous one) makes me very very happy and I will be using everything in this box so in my mind it's very much worth it! I can't wait to see what April's box is like (I'm hoping it won't start going downhill from here....I know some boxes start off amazingly and then go downhill but I think with the demise of Carmine and one of the main people heading over to SSB instead, I'm hoping that this box will stay as good as it has been over the first two boxes)
So this box obviously gets my thumbs up but what do you guys think of it? Any products that you would love to try or any that you would hate to get in a box? Let me know your thoughts :)

Also really quickly, here are some codes for money off boxes!
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If you do decide to subscribe to She Said Beauty I would love you forever if you used my referral link :) And don't forget to use one of the codes!
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  1. I think I have to subscribe to this...last month's box looked amazing, and so does this... & what with Carmine disappearing, I have some excuse, right?

    & your nails at the moment look AMAZING. Don't ever take it off!

    1. Well...consdering you can get 25% off yur first box, I don't see why you woud possibly not subscribe to it! Haha! I'm really pleased with this box and have totally fallen in love with the shimmer powder! (I would love you forever if you fancy subbing through my referral link too!)

      Thanks for the nail compliment :) I'm not going to lie, I was pretty damn impressed by how they came out! I did change them to rainbow patterned in honour of seeing Joseph live though....but I will be using that blue pattern as a new awesome back up when I have no new ideas!

  2. Love that there's an easter egg in there!

    1. Yeah I must admit I was pretty pleased to find that nestled in there! It was super yummy too! Such a nice little extra treat.


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