Sunday, 1 April 2012

Sunday Roundup


So blogger has been a bit lame this week for me (it's been taking FOREVER to upload photos - maybe I need to be less "photo heavy" with my posts??) so I've been a tad slack on blogging (when am I not??) So I apologise that this is another Sunday Roundup in a row without anything in between (FYI I've got a National Cleavage day post that should be up soon (not as rude as it sounds, promise!) and some reviews of things too, but photos are kind of needed for these things and I'm not sure why it seems to be taking years to upload photos/why I have to keep refreshing the page and starting again! Grr!) Anyway, enough with the excuses and on with the roundup...

  • So unless you've been hibernating still, you may well have noticed that the sun has been out this week! Although I was at work I still managed to have my lunch in the park near my work a few times, which was lovely! I'm hoping that this is a sign of a lovely time to come and not just our one week of Summer to play with. This does mean that I need some new tops to enjoy the sun and maybe...tan? I never normally tan at all (hermit crab who hides in hoodies all year round right here) but this year I've decided to try and tan gradually maybe (unlike last day without my hoody and I was burnt to a crisp - even with sun tan! That tan line on my boobs took about 6 months to fade!) Any ideas of what sort of tops to invest in for Summer?

  • The new foundation launch was a pretty good success at work. People seem to be loving it, which is always handy (and easier to sell for me!) The main good point of the launch is that I got a new t-shirt to wear at work! Not only does this mean it's easier to be spotted as someone who actually works for Benefit (I didn't have a t-shirt or name tag before, just an apron which most people didn't notice for some reason!) but it's an amazing bright pink! It makes me look like I have a tiny bit of colour to me. Love it! I also did my nails for the launch to match my t-shirt.....

NOTD post on these plus a few others coming soon!

  • I have been really getting into Childish Gambino's album Camp this week. I've been a fan for quite a while but haven't ever had one of his albums. Odd. If you don't know who I'm talking about then let me introduce you to him! Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino is multi-talented (I hate people like this. So jealous!) He writes (30 Rock in the beginning), acts (you should totally check out Community! Love it!), does stand-up (definitely check out his stand-up. Here's my favourite sketch) and raps (check out Freaks and Geeks and Bonfire they are my two favourites because I'm in love with the background music for some reason....) Fair warning to you all though, he does use profanities and there's a lot of laughable references to getting ladies....he basically mocks other rappers quite a bit but in a good way not in a "hey check out my comedy rap!" way, if that makes sense? Anyway I highly recommend giving him a listen...even if it's just to look at his pretty face! Haha!

  • I went round to Who Knows the other night and he brought me pizza. I know this is an odd one to have on my pros list but a) it was damn good pizza (I've not had takeaway pizza in ages!) and b) I had a really nice time. It was a really nice way to be cheered up during an otherwise pretty crappy week. Although my stomach made some really weird noises after having pizza! We ended up watching Smokin' Aces (one of my favourite crap action films!) and I had to keep apologising for the noises! Clearly it was just appreciating the pizza! Haha!


  • I'm having issues at work again. The launch has been pretty stressful and there's been a lot going on but not a lot of customers due to the gorgeous weather. People don't want to come into a big department store when it's so freaking sunny outside!! Plus the training that I went on a few weeks back....well on it one of the girls used the Refined Finish face scrub on my hand and then put foundation on my hand straight after. I have super sensitive skin and because my job involves me using my hand like an artist's palette but for make-up, I now have a hand that looks like I've got some weird disease (affectionately dubbed "Herpes Hand" at work!)

Pretty damn gross right?! When I'm showing people make-up at work I still automatically put it on my hand (unless it's going on to their face after, in which case I've been able to remember to put it on my forearm....which is a super awkward place to put runny foundation btw

  • Here's a MAJOR con for this week......I HAVEN'T BEEN PAID AGAIN!!!! Second month in a row that this has happened. I could forgive the first month because I may have missed the cut off date and for some reason they needed my full birth certificate because my short one wasn't good enough (not only is this weird to me but I had to pay out to have it I didn't really have to spare!) But a second month?! Not ok. I spoke to the store manager yesterday and he's going to "see what he can do" and hopefully I'll have pay by the end of this week. BUT it'll be a cash I'll only get 60% of what I'm owed (for tax reasons) and they can't be sure I'll actually get it because if I'm not on the system I probably won't. Not sure how exactly they think I'm going to get to work for the next month if they don't sort something out for me but there we go. Rant over! (Although I will still be majorly mad about this tomorrow if it doesn't get sorted...)

  • My favourite band ever, Motion City Soundtrack, are doing 2 amazing gigs in London in April. I haven't seen them in over 2 years now and the 2 gigs are them performing all 4 of their albums in full over 2 nights. Amazing right?? And why is this in my cons bit?? Well....who do you think missed the announcement (damn work!) and now doesn't have tickets? This girl! SO annoyed it's not even funny. I even had a look on eBay just in case but there's no way I'm paying £60 fr 2 tickets for only one night when the price of the tickets is actually £15 each. Damn eBay! If you didn't want to go then why buy the damn tickets?! Makes me so angry!

So that's my week in pros and con really. Sorry again for lack of posting...maybe blogger doesn't like my herpes hand either??? I shall try to get some posts up next week hopefully, still need to do a birthday one and that was almost 2 months ago (doesn't time fly when you' work?)

Hope everyone has had a fab week and has enjoyed the sunshine too!

Until next time,

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