Sunday, 8 April 2012

Sunday Roundup


So yet another week has gone by and we're in April already! Here's my Sunday roundup for this week....

  • I FINALLY got paid this week! I was messed about quite a bit and then told that they didn't have enough money in the safe to do a cash advance on Thursday so I had to go in on Friday in order to get the money. Friday was my day off so I was kind of annoyed by the banks were closed so I had to go back in again on Saturday to put it in the bank. Effort!! But at least I've finally been paid right?

  • On Friday (after I got paid) I went to Frankie and Bennys with my friend Laura for a super yummy meal! We had two 3 course meals and 2 drinks each and it came to £23!! Bargain! I wish we had one closer but at the same time it's probably a good thing because I would be so much bigger if it was easier to get too! Haha!

  • Another pay related pro.....I popped into Boots to grab another 17 lip stain and had a little spree (under £20 with offers!) I will be doing a post on my little haul as soon as I can. I love doing haul posts!

  • This week I hit 40 followers on GFC and as I have recently joined Hellocotton and Bloglovin' I've got a few more on there too! Hello to all my new followers :) Having hit to big 4-0 I have decided to do a little giveaway to say thanks for reading and any comments that I've received. They are greatly appreciated and I really do enjoy reading every single one of them. The giveaway will be up soon and I will do a shout out on twitter to announce it along with a blog post to show what you can win (it won't be grand but hopefully you'll like it!)

  • On Wednesday I fulfilled a childhood dream of mine and went to see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. My Mum brought the soundtrack when I was about 4/5 I think and I always wanted to see 20 years later and I was finally able to fulfil that dream! My Mum and Dad drove to Milton Keynes and we had a lovely time watching the show and then having a yummy meal in the Slug and Lettuce there. I'm not going to lie, as soon as the show started I had major goosebumps going on and about halfway through the first song I thought I was going to burst into tears because I was so damn happy to be there! It was different to how I had imagined it but I thoroughly enjoyed it and would go and see it again if I got the chance! I love that my Mum was willing to pay for the ticket for me as she knows how long I've been wanting to see it. My Mum's a real star!

  • I went out last night for one of my old work friend's leaving party and, even though I wasn't out too late, I had a really good time! It was so nice to see everyone from my HMV days and catch up with them, plus I got to see one of my other friends for a bit of a catch up too. Only problem was...well...Jagerbombs and cocktails were had and I've gotta say, I wasn't feeling super hyped about the car journey to my sister's place today! But seeing as she was doing us an Easter feast in her new house I wasn't about to turn down great food and a chance to see my sister for the first time in ages! And man am I glad I didn't!! She made some AMAZING food and I felt much better after the buffet/picnic food was in me (she did the most amazing potato salad with capers and dill and mustard...oh my god!! Heaven!)

  • So having been paid on Friday, by Saturday morning I had about half of that left. Now then you may be thinking "wow! That was some spree in Boots!" but alas, it was two months worth of (very cheap!) rent plus money owed plus petrol money owed all paid back to my parents. This is why I was so angry about not getting paid for so long. Luckily my parents are super understanding but I get quite frustrated when I owe them money and it's not fair for them to have to pay out for me to get to work, everyone knows that petrol is damn expensive now! I'm utterly disgusted with the way this was all handled by Debenhams and if it happens again next month I will not be so calm about it.

  • I've had quite a tough week this week, you know, mental health wise. With the added stress of non-pay plus all the usual emotional crap I have felt a little worse than normal. I think the worst part is feeling like you can't really talk to anyone without feeling like a burden (which, I know, is not how it comes across as. I'm so willing to let me friends just talk at me so they can feel better but I'm horribly incapable of doing it myself!) I had a tiny meltdown at "Who Knows?" and even then I couldn't really say how I felt, and that guy has listened to a lot of crap from me before! This does mean that I have let it get on top of me and unfortunately I have succumbed to the devil of self-harm. I'm the first to admit that it's a terrible coping mechanism and I am feeling like a complete idiot/ashamed as I actually admit this to the blogginginternet! I'm aware that probably makes no sense but I'm basically trying to shame my future self into not doing it so I don't end up writing this kind of thing on my beauty blog again! Haha! (Inappropriate jokes are also one of my bad coping mechanisms for emotional stress. I'm the girl who laughs during's a terrible curse!)

So that's pretty much my week. I guess one last pro is that I had THE most amazing power nap on Saturday before going out and then managed to make a Mississippi mud pie for today before heading out. Skills! (Well.....the skill of time management really and trust me when I tell you that that skill does not come naturally to me! Pics of the mud pie will be up soon!)

So how has everyone else's week been? Hope you're all well!

Until next time,


  1. Love the nail polish color! I use eco tools too and I just them!

    found your blog through hellocotton and decided to follow.

    1. Any recommendations for my next eco tools brush? I'm really loving the foundation one! Thanks for the follow :) I checked out your blog too and I love it! Followed on Hellocotton :)


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