Sunday, 15 April 2012

Sunday Roundup


So another week has gone by and I've not done a huge amount of blogging again. I feel bad about this because I have so many ideas for posts (and that giveaway to put up too!) but I've had a bit of a blah week but also a very busy one too. Anyway, on with the lovely list...

  • I've had a couple of meals with friends this week, which has been really lovely. One was a night out to Curry Night at our local Weatherspoons (...I had a tuna sandwich.....) and one was at my friends house where he brother taught us to make sushi! I'd never had sushi so this was a bit nerve wracking for me (raw fish?!) but it was really yummy! We each took turns having a go at making rolls and cutting them up and they were all super tasty! I'll have to do a post on it soon as I took lots of pictures but as I can't find my cable for my camera, I can't post the pictures with this pro right now.

  • I had two lovely ladies in for makeup appointments first thing this morning and they were both so freaking lovely that I've been in a good mood all day! Even when I had an utterly crappy customer after I was still in a good mood! Always nice!

  • The girls on the other counters absolute troopers this week. I love how the cosmetics department all seem to be really friendly and not like an exclusive clique like I thought it might be when I first started there. Just lovely girls!

  • Pretty sure I'm booking tickets for Kapow Comic Con this year! I desperately wanted to go last year but I was unemployed and let down so I didn't go. This year has both DC and Marvel there and as an uber nerd I'm SUPER hyped as it'll be the first time in 25 years that both will be at a UK convention! Plus with the new Avengers movies plus new Batman and Superman I'm so excited with how the lineup could be. Official film and tv lineup is out on the 3rd of May so I'll look into booking tickets then! Super nerd alert right here! Haha!

  • I spoke to my supervisor at work and he informed me that my hours will son settle down into 3 regular days which means that I can hopefully get another part-time job if possible! (in lieu of a full time job...) I would very much appreciate the extra money as I really want to move out of my parents and feel like a real grown up! who doesn't want more money to buy pretty things?? Haha!
  • I've had a pretty good week with only one con in it really, but as it's still a little unresolved I'm not sure it's something I want to talk about on my blog right now (odd right?! I'm always waffling about personal crap! Haha!)

So that's pretty much my week, not much going on but I'm pretty pleased that I've only got one con in it this week! How are all of you? Hope your week has been good!

Until next time,

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