Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sunday Roundup


It's that time of week again (really?! So quickly?? Ridiculous!)  Anyway, here are my pros and cons for the week...

  • My phone was due for an upgrade this week.....and as son as Wednesday came round I had a good old hunt on the O2 website at my options. After a (very) brief look I settled on the iPhone 4S. It was £59.99 flat out and its got a £36 monthly fee with unlimited calls and texts plus 1GB of data. Now then, I was a little worried about going up to a £36 contract (mine was £20 but usually went up to around £23/24 a month instead) but I just couldn't pass up the chance to actually have a brand new shiny phone that is top of the range! I know it sounds ridiculous but I've never had a top of the range phone and I just got super excited about it!(it's the little things right? Haha!) I "suspended" (aka cancelled) my Joliebox this month (I'll do a review of the last box tomorrow hopefully) so I have an extra £10 a month so really I'll only be paying out an extra £2/3 a month! Win all round! I did have a iPhone 3 with a lovely broken screen so upgrading to the 4S is insane! The HD/fastness of the phone is still highly entertaining for me.... I also brought a shiny new case for my phone today. It's a really nice blue colour and I love it! Ok so I'll stop waffling about my phone now (I was just super excited to have a new phone finally!)

  • Work has been ok this week. I've shared my blog link with a few of the girls at work and although it felt a bit weird to start off with, it's a little bit nice when one of them mentions my blog! I feel a little famous! Haha! (I feel like I should say hi to Becki....she's my own personal stalker now! Haha!) Today was a pretty good day for a Sunday and I gave a fair few samples out for people so they can come back and buy the full size next week after pay day (hopefully!)

  • I've totally been re-watching one of my favourite shows and have remembered why I love it so much! That show is Psych and I highly recommend it, it's just so good! I know this is a weird Pro but I just love it so much that I figured it's always nice to share!

  • I've been pretty good at remembering to exercise this week but I feel like I need to properly get back on to the 30 Day Shred. Last time I managed about 9 days before I got really sick (not helped with all the commuting during very cold weather) and I really did notice the difference. I've also been using my body brush everyday before showering and I really have noticed the difference. My skin feels softer and my cellulite (ugh) looks a lot better then it did. I've also been drinking at least one cup of green tea per day (pineapple and grapefruit flavour is my favourite!) to try and help combat any bad skin and general sluggishness. Basically I've been trying to be healthier. I've been actively cutting down my eating too, which I can tell you is quite difficult for someone who just to comfort eat. When I'm feeling bored or down I tend to snack on everything. Instead I've either been having a green tea or a bit of chewing gum. This is great for weight loss but pretty bad for always needing to pee/possibly giving myself an ulcer.....but at least I'll lose a bit of weight right?! Haha! I need to find some other techniques for distracting myself from snacking so if anyone has any tips I'll be happy to hear them! (I'm already on the celery sticks for snacks too!)

  • Turns out I am an utter coward when it comes to generally sorting out anything of any vague importance. This not only applies to any personal issues but also to jobs and my over draft. All in all it felt like a bit of an epic fail this week.

  • With the epic fail going on I've (yet again) been pretty depressed this week. Unfortunately this means that self harm has been in play again but I'm hoping that the exercise will help with this (it releases endorphins or dopamine or something into the system thus making you feel happier right??)

Ok so aside from the epic downers at the end there, my week hasn't been too bad really. I did hit a pretty bad low on Thursday evening but I had two days off work to cheer myself up (plus...did I mention the brand new shiny phone??) How have you all been? I hope your week has been good!

Until next time,

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