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Review: Men Are Useless - Quarterly Discovery Box


So I won this box in a blog competition over on The Chap's blog a while back and now Will has had time to review the products properly. Over to you Will.....(Notes from me are in italics....because I like to butt in and add a few points from a woman's point of view!)

All prices are from the Men Are Useless Website.

Hey everyone. So first up is a picture of the box. This is the Quarterly Discovery Box from Men Are Useless which retails for £10 including P&P (or £15 including P&P for international delivery) So my first thoughts when Robyn gave me the box to review were that I wasn't really sure what to expect. She's talked (a lot!) about her boxes before and obviously this one was going to be somewhat different but I still wasn't 100% sure what to expect. Once I got into the box (after she'd already stolen some of the sweets...) I was quite pleased to see that it was all easy to recycle (I like that woman's beauty boxes come in nice little separate boxes for storage but even I'm running out of things to put in them! Recyclable packaging seems like a really nice way forward.) Upon opening the box I had a look at the contents and was a little dismayed to see that 3 out of the 5 products were shaving related. Now then, I know that there is a limit on how many different things you can really put in there but over half on shaving was a little disappointing. I was still willing to give them a try as they were all for different portions of the shaving process but you get my point. (I think all beauty box girls can understand this....what's that? 4 products for my face this month and 1 hair mask?.....awesome.) The sweets where a nice bonus though and I believe Robyn is still quite jealous of these... (Yes! Very!)

So the first product in the box is the Billy Jealousy Illicit Body Wash. I've got to say that I wasn't exactly super hyped about having a body wash to try out. Body washes are pretty much all the same and I don't think anyone can really get that excited about body wash can they? It smelt ok, didn't really smell like much to me (It smelt very manly to me....I would totally buy this for a guy so I could creepily sniff him after. Too weird?) It felt nice to use but nothing super special really. According to the website the wash has "all day moisturising technology" I've gotta say, I didn't really notice this to be honest. It was nice but I'm probably not going to splash out £19.95 on the full size one.

Full Size 235ml - £19.95 Sample Size 60ml - £5.09.

Next up is the first product related to shaving. It's the John Allan's Slick Water pre-shave solution. This is suppose to create a slick surface for the blade to glide over to reduce razor drag and prevent cuts. I was incredibly sceptical about this product to be honest, I thought it wouldn't really do anything really. However, I would say this is my second favourite product in the box! I let my beard grow quite a bit before using it so I could really give it a good challenge and it was really impressive. I put it on and left it whilst getting all the other bits ready for my shave and when I went to actually shave, my beard already felt a lot softer and I felt good about attacking my face with a razor!

Full Size 59ml - £19.00 Sample Size 7ml - £2.25

Third up is the Organic Homme Wash and Shave. Combined with the Slick Water this product really helped cut through the hair easily. It's always really easy to tell if a shaving gel is half decent or not and this one was really good. It didn't feel like it was soaking into the skin and you didn't need much to get a good lather going. It wasn't super scented either, which was nice. (I thought it smelt really nice!) It's SLS, paraben, alcohol, perfume and colourant free (according to the website) which is a bonus to this product. To be honest though, I probably wouldn't buy the full size of this as you can get cheaper ones that are just as good in my opinion.

Full Size 125ml - £12.20 Sample Size 30ml - £2.93

The final shaving product is The Cool Fix Targeted Gel Lotion (This isn't on the Men Are Useless website so I've linked to The Beauty Bay instead. This is where the price for this one will come from) This is a really nice aftershave that didn't dry out my skin at all. It was quite painful to put on but it didn't irritate at all and I didn't have any redness the next day. It smells quite nice and did exactly what you'd want an aftershave to do but it didn't blow me away. Not sure I'd pay that much for an aftershave... (Having read a bit about it on The Beauty Bay, this can also be used by girls on the bikini area, legs and underarms too.....I'd be pretty interested in trying something like this to see if it really works. Take note female beauty boxes!)

Full Size 156ml - £19.25 Sample Size 29ml - £3.58

Last up is the Vitaman Sports Foot Recovery Gel. Again, I was quite sceptical about this but it ended up being my favourite product in the box! I really put this to the test as I play football every week so I tend to really work my feet/legs. I'd played football the day before and my feet were just mashed - they were sore, blistered and had some hard skin on the hell (lovely image for you there ladies!) I put the gel on before bed as it's quite sticky so I didn't want to put it on before work in case it left my feet complete stuck to my socks (another lovely image....) In the morning my hard skin felt a lot softer, the blisters seemed better and my feet just felt complete soothed. It also helps with athletes foot apparently but luckily I don't suffer with that (although it did mean that I made sure to put it between my toes anyway!) I really did like this product and would probably buy the full size. I would've normally just walked straight past this kind of thing in a shop but I was really impressed with it and was glad I tried it.

Full Size 150ml - £28.50 Sample Size 50ml - £9.50

Overall, I was pretty impressed with this box and would probably sign up to it as it was nice to try new products. I find it quite hard to want to buy new products and this has put me onto some products I really would've just walked straight past before - I honestly wouldn't have even considered the foot gel before but now I'm seriously thinking about dropping £28.50 on the full size! It's really nice to try things that I wouldn't normally pick up - I'm not the kind of guy who is going to spend £30 on shaving stuff if I don't know much about it. I was a little disappointed that over half the box was shaving products but it was nice to try new brands and the fact that it was basically a 3 step programme was quite nice. From a brand point of view I think this is a really good box to put their products in as I don't mind spending £10 to try things and will probably end up buying a couple of the items now. I've been using the products for a few weeks now and there's still quite a bit left in them so it's really good value for money! I would give this box a 9 out of 10 because I thought it was good value for money, I liked the products, I liked that it was completely recyclable and there were free sweets in it!

Box Cost - £10.00 (inc free delivery) Box Value - £23.35

Robyn also made me have a little look on the Men Are Useless website to see if there was anything else that I would be interested in (because I'm an enabler and like to help people use their money in fun ways....) and I was quite interested in the new Just a Few Quid Shaving Club boxes. There are a few to choose from (varying in price) but I quite liked the look of the £5 a month one (again, including delivery) as it would mean I wouldn't need to worry about remembering to buy blades. Plus they can be quite expensive so £5 a month seems to be quite a good deal....however, as I don't NEED to shave every day (I could but I'm lazy and my beard doesn't look terrible if I let it grow for a few days) I don't know if I'd really need 4 blades a month or not. I'd probably try it for a month and see how it goes. I also quite liked the look of the Blade Shunner box (as a film nerd I LOVE the name of this box! Made me laugh!) which is £12 a month and includes a body wash, a face balm, a toothpaste and an extra luxury item that is rotated every month (a face scrub, face wash, moisturiser or a face pack and deodorant) which seems like quite a nice easy box to receive. It seems to have everything that I'd need to get in a month for essentials without me actually having to remember to shop for it. I like that it's radox and colgate as well as it means I know I'll like the brands already so I don't need to worry about receiving a generic toothpaste brand that tastes gross! There are loads of other boxes on there (I still think the New Dad Survival Box is awesome and I like the sound of the Fresh Start Gift Box too. I think I might be jealous of men right now...) so I would suggest having a little look if you need a gift for any man in your life. I will definitely be having a look next pay day to see if there's anything I fancy trying, and will most likely sign up to the Quarterly Discovery box so I can try more new things (although I hope there won't be quite as many shaving products, but I do appreciate there is only so much you can put in a box for men!) Back to you Robyn....

So it seems that the male beauty box was a hit really. From a woman's point of view, I was quite impressed with it but I can see Will's point of view with regards to the shaving products. However at least they were for different stages and not like when we get our boxes and they contain 3 moisturisers right?? I would definitely consider these boxes for the men in my life (especially around Christmas) and if any of my male friends have kids soon then they are all getting that New Dad's box! (I don't know what my obsession is with that box....maybe I'm just a really lazy gift giver for new parents and this seems like a thoughtful gift that I don't have to put too much effort into?? Haha!) What do you guys think? Do you think any of the men in your life would be interested in any of these boxes or do you think they'd have the man reaction of "beauty box for guys?? No thanks!"? Let me know what you think!

Until next time,

Disclaimer - Although I got this box for free from a giveaway from The Chap, neither myself or Will has been paid for our opinions. All opinions are 100% honest and we haven't been told what to say at all (although the sweets may have swayed my opinion slightly! Haha!) Thanks to Will for trying the box for me and contributing to my blog!

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