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Review: She Said Beauty June Box!

So, as most of you have seen, June's She Said Beauty box started to arrive for subscribers yesterday and I was very pleased to see that mine was one of the early ones! Yay!! I've liked every box from them so far. I know I didn't do a review of last months box but I was so ill and then on training that I just didn't get round to doing it...and it seems a little silly to do one now considering my June box has arrived! I'm not going to lie, last months left me feeling a little "eh" really. I'm not a soap fan, didn't really like the perfume etc but I have been using the suncream with tan accelerator the face creams were nice so it was a mixed bag last month and I wasn't sure it was worth the money. However I'm so very glad that I always do the "I'll see how it goes for a few months before totally making my mind up. It could just be a blah month for me personally!" justification of keeping a little monthly present (of the good kind!) going! So, on with the review...

As always it comes in this beautiful bright pink box, which is always nice to see peeking up at me from our postbox! My one this month again came unstuck at the edge so I didn't need to use the seal to open it. This always worries me and I do a little panic "I hope no ones stolen any items" thing. I'm apparently very un-trusting of people...(Luckily this has never happened but if it did I have a lot of confidence in the She Said Beauty customer care team and I'm sure they would sort it for me)

The usual light blue box. I actually really love this colour and my box this month was fully stuck together (no falling apart in my hands this month Mr. Box!) I really like the subtle white design on top too, it just kind of makes the box for me.

The usual lovely pink ribbon and tissue paper. I like to think that whoever ties those bows knows how pretty and professional looking I think they are (even if it's a machine who does them....I hope it know I appreciate the effort! Haha!)

The card with the item info on it. There were also a few cards for some of the items inside the box with some in depth blurb on them.

My first view of the box. For some reason all the wood stuff had decided to migrate over to one side making it look a little lopsided! I did get super hyped about the St. Tropez can that I could see though!

First up, my least favourite thing to receive as a proper sample in a beauty box....a perfume sample! I really don't mind getting these as extras because I love trying different/new perfumes but a) I work next to a perfume counter at work so I can get these anytime if I bothered to ask for them and b) they always seem to be floral scents which I dislike so very much! So this is the Yardly perfume to celebrate the Jubilee....and surprise's a floral based scent!! Now then, firstly I'd like to say this isn't THAT bad for a floral scented perfume. Still a too much for me to want to wear this but not overwhelming. It probably helps that it has top notes of pear and a touch of honey to it (according to the card...) but it still has bergamot, rose, peony and lily of the valley with bottom notes of woody and vanilla scents. So whilst I don't exactly love it, I don't hate it either. My one absolute pet hate with this though is the bloomin' packaging!! I literally had to use my teeth to open this which runs the horrible risk of perfume mouth. BLEUGH! Why not just use a spray bottle? I'm sure there is a logical reason for this, answers on a postcard please.

Yardly Royal Diamond Eau De Toilette 
Full Size 50ml - £9.99 Sample Size 1ml - £0.20

Next up, possibly my favourite "sample" in the box! A full size St. Tropez Self Tan Perfect legs. I've been banging on to anyone who will listen over the last few weeks that I've been wanting to try fake tan for a while but never had the courage to just go for it. So really this can't have come at a better time! I wasn't too sure about attempting fake tan with a spray to start with and after some frantic "how the hell should I use this?!" emailing to Leanne....I just decided to go for it! I don't have a tanning mitt so blended with my hands (whilst having lemon juice on hand for instant removal of any tan on my palms! I don't need that look in my life!) but I was super impressed with how this turned out. Despite me using my hand to blend, it still didn't end up streaky or all on my hand but I will be investing in a mitt soon (look out for me looking SUPER confused in my local Boots soon...) It's really easy to apply and sprays when upside down too (always a bonus) when it came out I though "Oh shit...that's really dark...only black tights for work for a while then) but it seems to have dried a really nice golden brown with a slight pinky tinge almost. It doesn't really smell of anything either which I know is a thing a lot of people complain about with fake tan. I'm really happy with this but would probably think about getting a non-spray one for a full body application. Any suggestions??

Full Size Sample 75ml - £10

Up next, Elemis Tranquil Touch Indulgent Bath Elixer.

Now then, I know some people would like this but we have a shiny new bath that can fit both my feet, knees and boobs under the water without me having to compromise on shoulder warmth either (if the bath is full of course...) so I've been more hyped about taking baths recently. This smells like it'll be SO relaxing and I'll end up feeling like I've just had some sort of spa treatment. According to the blurb, it's got "cocoa butter combined with patchouli, cedarwood and vetivert which leaves your body soft and mind soothed" Just a small whiff of this makes me feel pretty relaxed and as I've had a really bad back for a while, maybe I should give this a go this evening....

Full Size 300ml - £19.00 Sample Size 50ml - £3.17

Mischa Barton Whipped Shea Body Butter in Lemon Zest is up next.

She Said Beauty have had a Mischa Barton lip balm thingy in a previous box and I wasn't too impressed with it to be honest. So seeing something else from her brand in the box didn't fill me with excitement but I'm always willing to give things a go. However, this body butter hasn't exactly done anything to convince me to shop around for her range really. It's a nice texture (quite thick) and does smell very lemony but once the lemon smell has gone it leaves, what I think, is a really odd smell. I wouldn't mind using this on my legs but I wouldn't use this on my arms again. I kept getting a whiff of the odd smell throughout the day and it was just quite off-putting really. This may have just been the way it settled on me but I wasn't overly impressed. As I said, I'll still use it on my legs so not a total waste of a product!

Full Size Sample 65g - £10.00

The Ginvera Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream is up next.

I've been on a bit of a BB cream hit recently. I brought the Maybelline BB Cream and have been loving the light coverage it gives me and the way it feels on my skin (review coming soon) so I was quite excited to try this out. I like the fact that it's got such a high SPF and claims to do a whole bunch of different stuff (I like being able to put these claims to the test!)

Inside there are instructions on how to use it and also the sachet of product. Now then, I hate getting sachets because they can a) be difficult to use and b) you can never really tell what the product is like when it's one use only. This one I barely had to use anything but the product is so runny that I'm a little worried that it's going to spill as the sachet is currently sat open on my bedside table...

So this is my wonderful face after just having had a shower. Look at those under eye dark! At least those will help test out the "uneven skintone" and "brightening" claims!

So as you can see, the consistency is very runny. I barely tipped the sachet and this came out! I had to try and stop it with the palm of my hand but yet more came out! Agh! It's a sort of beige colour and on first look I thought it was probably a little too dark for me really. Ah well, I wasn't going anywhere special that day so I decided to risk it.

So this is my face afterwards (with no other make-up on - bonus points for spotting my fat arm there! 30 Shred here we come again!) I followed the instructions and "tapped it on for even coverage" I wasn't super hyped about the overall finish really. It claims to be a matte finish but I still found it quite dewy so applied a powder on top (not pictured) to really mattify it down (I really don't like the dewy look on me) My mum commented that it made my skin look like porcelain which I think is a good thing....but you can see that it didn't do much for my dark circles! I think it definitely evened my skin tone and has almost covered my mole on my chin so the coverage is great for a BB cream! However, I found that I could feel it on my skin and that it almost made me feel like I had a sweaty face. I know it's hot but I'm not that kind of girl who gets sweaty when they are just putting make-up on you know?? I was quite paranoid that I had sweat on my upper lip but it felt dry to the touch...which was weird. All in all, this won't be replacing my Maybelline one anytime soon.

Full Size 25ml - £20.00 Sample Size - 3g (3ml) - £2.40

Last up are a set of false lashes by Let's Go in Temptress No4

I'd never heard of this brand before but She Said Beauty are fairly well known for having lashes in almost every single box. I've really liked some of them but not others. So far it's been a 50/50 split (last months, for instance, I did not get on with at all!) I'm going to say that I really don't own another pair of lashes that look quite like this so that's nice. Also I really quite like the packaging....I know that has nothing to do with the product but still...I like it!

I only really tend to wear lashes on nights out so these ones are quite nice looking for a slightly flirty but also a little bit subtle look (if that makes sense??) I was a little bit worried because they have a clear lash line and I thought that it might look a bit  weird, but I guess with eyeliner on it would be fine.

So here I am again (with dried hair and a creepily intense look. Man I fail so badly at taking self portraits!) with one eye with the eyelash on and one without so you can see how it looks. Again, I've not put any other make-up on except the BB Cream from before (plus a powder over the top to try and stop me feeling sweaty...) Ignoring the bad application (the glue included in this pack was a bit crap really and I couldn't find my trusting Eylure glue - I'm thinking of investing in a proper lash glue...any suggestions?) I was quite pleased with these. They aren't too over the top but just give a nice extra something to my eyes. Plus when I put my glasses on to test them, they didn't hit them when I blinked. Always a bonus!

Here's a lovely close up shot of a badly applied lash. Obviously I would curl my own lashes and pop a bit of mascara on afterwards to blend my own in but I like the way these frame my eyes nicely.

You can see here that the clear lash line won't be a huge problem if you have eyeliner on too. The only downside to this was how long it actually took me to get them on with the glue included. For some reason I just couldn't work with it! (also please ignore the dodgy eyebrow.....this is way I fill them in for work!)

Full Size Sample - £8.95

Box cost - £11.95 (including P&P) Box value - £34.72 (almost 3 times the box cost!)

So there is my She Said Beauty June review. All in all I really liked 3 of the products and will use 2 of the others. The only I don't like is the perfume sample and that's because I don't like floral scents. I was incredibly pleased with the fake tan and as I would've brought that anyway (well...a similar one) for probably the cost of this box or more, I'm very pleased with this month's box! I recently went all out and got a BuyaPowa deal for a 6 month subscription for a fraction of the normal price, as I know I'll subscribe for the next few months anyway so it's nice to a) get a bargain and b) not have to worry about a monthly cost anymore.

If you are thinking about subbing to this box then you are in for a treat! She Said Beauty are currently doing a deal until the 6th of June where you can get 60% off a 6 month subscription!! That brings it to just under £40 with postage and packaging!! BARGAIN! If you fancy grabbing this deal before it goes then click here and when you get to the end of the subscription sign up enter the code: JUBILEE60

So what do you think? Do you like the box? Did you get anything different in yours if you get She Said Beauty?? Let me know in the comments :) I'd also just like to give a really quick thanks to the customer care team member (Aisha) who not only answered my BuyaPowa question but also was kind enough to send a follow up email out of the blue to make sure I was ok with changing my subscription over. Very good customer service! (also nice to know that they would make a note on my account to make sure one of my months wasn't wasted by sending me 2 June boxes!)

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  1. I have the exact same beauty box hatred! Perfume samples are not a beauty box item, only as an extra treat! I've never heard of She Said I might have to check them out!


    1. Yeah an extra treat is ok but not as a proper sample! PLus put some non-floral ones in sometime please! She Said Beauty is my favourite beauty box on the market at the moment, although I've also heard good things about Lux box too....but I really should just stick to one and I've liked every box so far!

  2. This was my first SheSaidBeauty box, and I was impressed! I get some other boxes too, but I have to say the reviews on this one seem continually good as opposed to hit and miss eg Glossybox.

    I loved the St Tropez product and the BB cream smelt lovely and felt cooling and refreshing on my skin.

    If you want to have a look at my review its here:

    Kate xx

    1. I've been subbed since the beginning which was a bit of a risk but I've gone for the 6 month option because of how much I've loved each box now! I hope you continue to enjoy your boxes :) (just read your review, loved it!) xxx


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