Sunday, 1 July 2012

Sunday Roundup


So, another week has gone by and tha tmeans it's time for another roundup. I know some people find these kinds of posts boring but I really like reading other peoples to see what everyones up to, so I think I'm going to continue with these for now. I also like that it almost acts as a tiny therapy session for me (which I know some of you might hate!) which I find quite helpful sometimes! Anyway....on with this weeks list...

  • I started my new job as the Bare Minerals Counter Manager this week! I'm really excited because it's a promotion of sorts and I'll be earning more money too! It's still only part-time but I feel that it's going to go well and may well end up as a full-time job (hopefully anyway!) However, all my stock still hasn't that's annoying. I made £91 yesterday....having written down everything I could've sold, I know that I actually could've made over £400 instead. NIGHTMARE!!! Luckily most customers are understanding and are happy to come back next week/come back when I phone them or order online (lost sales right there!) I did do an order for £44 yesterday as well but they don't show on my figures, which is annoying! Other than not having the stock in, it's going well though. I am incredibly nervous about faxing off my figures incase they are epically wrong but, as it's my first week and I've only had an hour's training on paper work, I know that my area manager doesn't expect miracles!
  • That art of packing has really helped me have a good old clear out, which has left my room loking a little bare. It's been really nice to get rid of stuff that I really just don't need anymore though. I've still got a few things that I don't really need to keep purely for the sentimental factor, but these all fit nicely in one box so that's good! However, I still feel like I've got loads to pack/sort out which is frustrating. I'm pretty sure I'm moving on Tuesday so wish me luck for that!
  • I've been actively making myself use up items so that I have more space too. I've used up a fair few over the last few months and I think I might do an empties post (again, I love reading these kinds of posts!) to show how good I've been! Haha! It makes me feel good to actually use up items rather than just buying more of the same sort of stuff. I generally have a look at my make-up etc once a month and feel a little bad about how much I spend on unnecessary items, so using stuff up really does make me feel good!
  • An odd pro I know but this week I discovered Chocolate Covered Pretzels. I love savory and sweet together and these are amazing! I'm not sure how I avoided them for so long! So good!!

  • It was payday on Friday. Why is this a con you ask?...Well, in true Debenhams spirit...I wasn't paid correctly again! I phoned HR and they seem to think everything is fine and dandy but I'm fairly sure it isn't so I now have to go through all my wage slips and hours and work it out. Good times.
  • I hate when people don't text back to specific questions and that's happened a lot this week with a certain someone. Pretty sure he's doing an ignoring thing, which is both pathetic and highly immature (I know, I know.....isn't writing about this on my blog both pathetic and immature??....Well...yes, it is. But I'd happily say this to his face if he'd answer my damn texts!!) Anyway, after the arguement a month ago, which I vaguely apologised for, there's been this whole "we should hang out.....oh I'm ill/tired/working" etc etc so I haven't seen him in over a month now. If you don't want to be friends, then fine. I'm a grown up and can handle people not wanting to be friends. It'll suck because we have history (ugh! I HATE that phrase!) but I can deal with it. I can also deal with people bitching to my face about me. What I can't deal with, is having an incredibly nice/vaguely filthy message from him and then being ignored for a week. It's weird, unfair and (most importantly to me) incredibly rude. I've informed him that I need him to pick up his stuff and that I'd like mine back so we'll see if he bothers to answer that one. If not his crap is going in the bin. (Ok I'm joking about that. I'd never be that mean......well.....maybe....haha!) Anyway, I know this is a ridiculous drama and I'm not really sure when my life turned into a teenage MTV show but I'm not a fan and I'm over it because it makes me feel worthless and depressed and then the self-harm wants to raise it's head and I have to struggle to keep it in check. That's not ok for someone to make me feel like that. If he wants to stay friends and you know, actually hang out like friends are suppose to then we'll have to chat and maybe work it out. If he wants nothing to do with me then, franky, his loss because I'm awesome! (Ahahahaha!! I in no way think this. I say it a lot but I have to remind people that I'm joking and am not at all this arrogant!.....although I am a tiny bit awesome......)
Anyway, there is my pros and cons list from this week. It's a little brief compared to my normal waffling, but I have work in a bit so I need to go get ready! How has your week been? Any big pros or cons? Any advice on my teenage drama?! Any tried chocolate covered pretzels???

Until next time,

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