Sunday, 8 July 2012

Sunday Roundup


So it's been a week since I last posted anything but I'm doing my pros and cons list so you can find out why I've been a little absent.....

  • I moved out this week!! It was SUPER stressful and tiring but worth it. I went through all my stuff and got rid of so much of it. I have an entire wardrobe and set of shelves of crap to sell, which will probably go to a boot sale to try and get a few extra pennies before eventually heading to a charity shop. I actually managed to unpack quite a few boxes this week and I have a few left which I aim to do today so that I'm fully unpacked for next week. This means that I've been super busy on my two days off so I've not had time to blog at all. I brought all my empties from April/May/June with me in the move in order to blog about them asap so that will be coming up as soon as I find them/finish unpacking!

  •  My new job on Bare Minerals is going well...despite not having any stock still. The lack of stock is getting ridiculous now to be honest, but luckily most people are understanding. However, the lack of stock makes my sales look crap! I've spoken to my Area Manager about it so she's aware of the issue but's pretty annoying. I have training on Tuesday and Thursday next week so I'll be able to have a proper word with her about it then too. The training will be handy and hopefully quite a lot of fun too! I also got a lovely package from Bare Minerals with my t-shirts, counter manager folder and......make-up and brushes!! I'm not going to lie, I'm going to do a little post on them later to show off my brand new brush collection! So many brushes!

  •  I went to see the comedy magicians Barry and Stuart on Friday at my local theatre. They were amazing!! So so funny! If you haven't heard of them I highly recommend checking them out on youtube to see some of their stuff.

  • The lack of stock at work is making my job pretty boring at the moment. It means that I basically spend a lot of my day turning people away because they want to buy the super pretty eyeshadows and I don't have them in stock! It's annoying because I've had people come back just in case I've had stock in this week, and I've had to turn them away again. I can order them via the Debenhams order system but a lot of people would rather just buy the products when they are in store.

  • Stuck record time anyone? Being ignored AGAIN is just boring now. I had an apology and all was fine for a few days and then back to the ignoring? Come on. It's always nice to feel like you're not important to someone. Fair enough if I'm not but have to decency to just say it to my face yeah? I know I'm a total stuck record and probably sound a bit bitchy but I'm just tired of it now. But I'm also a horrendously weak human being so expect more of this bullshit next week right?! Haha!
Right, I'm off to dye my hair, because despite having had a few compliments on my hair colour this week, I really don't like it and want to go a little more brown (rather than a weird red/brown colour) How has your week been? Any news??

Until next time,

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