Sunday, 15 July 2012

Sunday Roundup


I feel like I've been unbelievably lax with blogging recently. I really have been so busy and have just been really too tired to blog properly. I have a day off tomorrow so I promise to actually finish off my "products I shouldn't have brought" series (hopefully you're all enjoying those posts and not feeling like I'm being mean at all!) Right, on with the pros and cons..

  • I finally got my stock in at work! My sales have been pretty damn good for the first two days of having stock, however I've been so busy over the weekend that I just haven't had time to get all the stock out! Agh!! It's like a catch-22! I'm not back in again until Tuesday so hopefully there won't be too many people wanting to buy bits tomorrow... (not a phrase you'll hear from most cosmetics counter girls!) I just don't want the other girls having to bother going through the boxes out the back for my stock. It's a hassle for them and I don't want them missing sales because I was too busy with customers to put all my stock out! I really think that I might be able to start competing with the other counters as I managed to make just over £500 this week (The counter made £92 whilst I was on training (ie it was unmanned) and I made £72 on Weds when I popped in on my day off to get some paperwork and the rest was made on Saturday!) and a lot of the counters make anywhere from £600 - £3000 per week. I also made almost £200 today too which was nice considering how quiet it was! Basically my new job is just really exciting for me right now and I love the challenge!

  • Speaking of my new job (see what I did there? Nice segue right??)...I went on some training this week. It was really good to have paperwork training and on counter training but to also find out about new products and stuff too. The second bit of training I went on was the one about new products etc and I found out about some lovely new Bare Minerals products that are coming out over the next few months. If you're looking for a waterproof eyeliner pencil then you might want to keep an eye out....(these aren't out until September apparently but I found out today that you can already get them on the website....and I've already had stock in so I really need to double check that!) I've still got to find out if it's ok to blog about these things yet so I will let you know when I find out. I hope I am allowed to because I think it would be really nice to let you guys know about the new products before most people might find out. Also I know that I'm suppose to hold one event per month and I was thinking of maybe putting together some kind of Blogger event at some point (when I've had hardcore product training so I don't look like a fool to you guys!) What do you think about that? Obviously I know it would be difficult for a lot of you to get to my home town but is it something that you would be interested in if you could make it?

  • I've done a crap load of walking this week. What with training in two different cities and with my new house being in town, I've barely been in a car this week! I'm hoping to start up the 30 Day Shred again tomorrow but I think the walking has helped a little bit (also the fact that I'm too poor to buy any crap food has helped too! Haha!) I'm hoping to lose a little bit of weight but I'm more interested in firming up mainly. I mean, if I lose more than a little bit of weight I'm not going to complain or anything, but I really would like to feel a bit more comfortable in my own skin if you know what I mean? Anyway, I'm going to do that horrible thing of measuring myself tomorrow and jotting down some figures before crying and then starting the shred again! Wish me luck! (my will power is shocking so I'll be impressed if I actually get to stage 2 to be honest...)

  • I've had an incredibly busy week this week but it's not been all bad (not that training was bad but you know what I mean) On Wednesday the Olympic torch came through my home town (bit of a yawn to be honest...) but then my Mum picked me up to go home to see the new chicks!! I can't believe that I missed them hatching, but they are so damn cute!! And fluffy too! I was pretty luck to see them at the "learning" stage actually. Mummy hen (Mildred) was showing them how to dig for grubs and also how to dust bath too. It was SO cute watching them! Mildred would find a work and then do this cute little clucking noise to make the chicks rush over so that they could try and dig for a worm too. Although she was a little hap hazard when it came to digging..she may have kicked a few of her chicks when they were behind her! I could've watched them for hours! I really should have taken a video but for some reason I always forget that I can do that with my phone!

Mildred and her 6 chicks!

Bonus crazy cat lady picture! I miss my Mollie cat very much now that I'm not at home anymore.

  • On Friday I also went to an Author talk and signing for the great Jasper Fforde. I absolutely LOVE his books and I can't recommend them enough. My favourite is called Shades of Grey so when 50 shades of grey came out I kept thinking that everyone was talking about Jasper Fforde's book and would go to join in the conversation only to realise that they were talking about a porn book. Now then, as I used to work in Ann Summers (and would again given the chance) I have no issue with porn (as long as it's safe, legal and no one is hurt) but I just can't help but get really angry about this set of books. I know that some of you might be annoyed buy this but I also hate Twilight too so we can all get angry at me for that! Haha! I just get really annoyed when great books get ignored but poorly written books get read by millions.....also like I told my manager at work "if you're going to read porn, at least read some proper stuff!" Anyway, I'm getting off topic....the talk was witty and interesting and not at all boring (even if you hadn't read his books like my Mum!) and the signing was good too. He's such a nice guy and is always happy to answer any questions. He also gave my sister's friend Debs extra free postcards because it was her birthday! What a nice guy! She was so pleased and proclaimed that it was the best birthday present because it was from someone famous! Haha! All in all a great evening out....and it also convinced my Mum to borrow some of my Jasper Fforde books too (after about 10 years of me telling her that she would love them!) Pretty sure I'm going to spend my day off reading the book, which will be a nice chilled out way to spend a day!

  • I've not really had a proper day off in two weeks now and I'm just so freaking tired! I've not been sleeping well either as a) a new house comes with new lights and sounds etc to keep me awake/wake me up early and b) I do that thing where when I need to be up at a certain time I tend to wake up every hour to check the clock to make sure I haven't overslept! Basically I worry way too much! So now I'm really looking forward to tomorrow as my day off! Although I still need to pop into work but it's literally 2 minutes from my house so I won't complain about that too much....

  • Blah blah blah, being ignored makes me angry, blah blah, don't give me crap excuses just be honest.....blah blah, it's sad that I expect this treatment....blah blah blah, I'm a horrendously weak human being etc etc etc. God, even I'm bored of this waffling nonsense now. I can't imagine how any of you who read this regularly must feel (probably annoyed that don't do something about it right?? One of my friends asked me the other day why I didn't find someone new and I replied that I have no interest in a relationship because I find them annoying and stressful. Also I'm bad at first impressions and I hate most people.....Haha! Why do I work in retail again?!) Anyway, I apologise for being a dull ady again with the waffling crap that I spew out with this situation (that isn't really a situation at all, just a mild annoyance most of the time)
  • My depression hasn't been too bad recently, but I have noticed that I did a bit of comfort eating when I first moved house. I've been really careful to think about what I eat now and I think I'm getting better, but I really need to cut down my portion sizes because I do that thing where I have a mental block about leaving food on my plate. I used to comfort eat a lot from the age of about 10 upwards but on the flip side, I also control my eating by not eating at all sometimes. It's a really really stupid thing to do because it's incredibly unhealthy for me and also quite mentally damaging too, which then leads to the mother of all stupid things I do, which is the lovely self-harm. I actually had a really horrendous urge to self-harm this week and so I spoke to my housemate about it (pretty big step for me I think) and she was actually quite interested in my motivation behind it and also my methods (which sounds odd I know....I felt like I was giving her tips! Haha!) Anyway, I found that talking about it actually kind of made me stop wanting to do it so that was good. It also made me think about my reasoning and thought behind the act too. I've only really been open and honest about my self-harm/depression in the last few years (probably the same amount of time that I've been ridiculously open about sex too....the perks of working for Ann Summers!) and I have no problem with people asking questions, as I'd rather they asked then just wondered (if that makes sense?!) This is also my attitude for anything Ann Summers related, which I think most of my friends find quite handy! Haha! Right, "oh woes me" section over with for a week or two!
So that's my fairly lengthy pros and cons list for the week. I can't believe it's only 9pm and I feel completely ready for bed! I think the busy busy week has just caught up with me in one fell swoop. So how has your week been? Good? Bad? Indifferent??

Until next time,

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